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Prefab House Nepal Brochure

Prefab House Nepal is exclusively focused in building home and school in Nepal . We want to rebuild nepal with our technology and design so Connect with us if you want to make best home in Nepal.

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Prefab House Nepal Brochure

  1. 1. Prefab House Nepal Pvt. LTd. Contact : +977-1- 5151 186 , 55 71213 : Web: Prefab House Nepal Pvt. Ltd. Ramailotar,Near Nakhipot Buspark, Lalitpur-15,Nepal
  2. 2. Light Gauge Steel House Specification This system house can with one storey bungalow,two or three stories villa,four or five,even six or seven stories apartment area and quantity of bedrooms,bathrooms can based on your requirements. Compared with brick-concrete structure, this system house is more dynamic, and with better thermal insulation. With different wall materials can create different architectural styles. Compared with wooden structure, this system house is more cost-effective and most materials for this house are environmentally friendly. In addition, because of small wall section size, the space of this house can increase 5~8% compared with traditional structure. Ⅱ. Technical advantages 1. Anti-seismic: Most villas use slope roofing with truss system. The roofing system will be very strong after the truss was sealed with panels,it can against 8-degree earthquake, and has high strength of loading capability. 2. Good Performance for against wind: light weight, high strength, good integrity, not easy to deform, all these advantages make light gauge steel building good performance for against wind. It can resist the cyclone at the speed of 60m/s, thus protecting the building and people’s life. 3. Durability: light gauge steel building uses cold-formed galvanized steel, thus avoiding rust in the course of construction and use, and makes the life span of the structure 100 years. 4. Heat Preservation Performance: Heat preservation: we use glass wool as insulation and effectively avoid the phenomenon of cold bridge of the wall body. The heat preservation effect of 100mm glass wool is equivalent to 1m-thick brick wall. Prefab House Nepal Pvt. Ltd. , tel: 9851064847 materials with the characteristics of light weight, high strength;use all kinds of new Building plate material to decorate it,some are good insulation and fire resistance for roof,for wall and for floors.Make the whole house are good earthquake proof, fast and easy to assemble on site,green,and energy save,comfortable for living. Ⅰ. Introduction Prefab House Nepal House,use light gauge metal as house structure,this
  3. 3. 5. Fire Resistance: As the experiment data shows,use good fire proof decorate material, light steel system can resist fire for four hours and can effectively slow down the fire spreading. 6. Sound-proof Performance: Sound-proof performance is an important item for evaluating the accommodation. Light steel system adopt hollow glass for windows, which can soundproof for 40 db. The light steel wall system can soundproof for 60 db. 7. Healthiness: dry construction, minimum waste to the environment, and 100% recyclable of the materials, all these advantages are conform to the consciousness of environmental protection. What’s more, the materials we use are all green materials, which are good for people’s health. 8. Comfort: Light steel wall system adopts highly efficient energy-saving system with respiration function to adjust the humidity of the room; with ventilation function in the roof, ensuring the ventilation and hot scattering of the room, thus make the room more comfortable. 9. Termite resistant: The light steel buildings can completely resist termite invasion, thus extending the life span of the house and decrease the repair cost. 10. Fast To Assemble: Dry construction and without the influence of season. A 300m2 -building only need 10 workers for 30 days from the foundation to everything finished. 11. Environmental friendly: Materials are 100% recyclable, and no pollute to the environment. 12. Energy-Saving: Efficient and energy-saving wall has good performance on heat keeping and sound proofing, and can achieve the energy-saving standard for 85%. Ⅲ. Frame Construction Material 550Mpa,0.75mm/1.00mm/1.20mm thickness steel frame with Z275 zinc coating,for roof truss,wall and joist.even chassis. Steel section bar constructional element Steel roof truss Prefab House Nepal Pvt. Ltd. , This steel element as chassis
  4. 4. If you want,also can use H-section steel for beam H-section steel for beam(one floor) H-section steel for beam(two floors) Ⅳ.Decorate material for roofing Option-1.Asphalt roofing shingle tile:against wind,soundproof, and corrosion resistance Option-2. EPS sandwich panel roofing: Waterproof, light weight,heat preservation, soundproof. Option-3. Colorbond sheet roofing: Waterproof, light weight,simple,cheap. Option-4. Ceramic tile: Waterproof, against wind, heat preservation, soundproof, and corrosion resistance, and the maximum temperature can be 1700℃, but it is very heavy weight itself. asphalt roofing shingle tile EPS sandwich panel roofing tile colorbond sheet roofing Ceramic tile
  5. 5. Ⅳ-2.Assist material for roof 1. Waterproof asphalt felt: Waterproof, tensile, anti-aging, and the temperature of the surface can reach 60 ℃ 2 .OSB board(oriented strand board): Thermal conductivity is 0.35w/mk. 3. Ceiling of eave: 8mm PVC panel:waterproof、damp-proof、termite-proof . Containing flame-retardant materials,and safe to use. 4. Drainage for the roof: PVC rainspout、interface、elbow、pipe bracket、rainwater hopper、 gutter(option:Alu. Gutter with pvc downpipe or steel gutter with pvc down pipe) Waterproof asphalt felt OSB board(oriented strand board) 8mm PVC panel Drainage for the roof Ⅴ. Decorate material for exterior wall Option-1.ALC panel(50mm or 75mm or 100mm thick): high strength, waterproof, fireproof, soundproof, insulation, corrosion resistance, and durable. Option-2.14mm Pre-painted decorated fiber cement cladding: high strength, waterproof, fireproof, soundproof, insulation, corrosion resistance, and durable. Option-3. CFC sheet(6mm or 15mm or 18mm thick) with stucco
  6. 6. ALC panel 14mm fiber cement cladding CFC sheet CFC sheet with stucco Ⅴ-2. Decorate material for interior wall & ceiling Option-1.8mm PVC panel: waterproof, insulation, beautiful to look at. Option-2.Wall ceramic tile: 134℃, firm texture, rich color, water-resistant, easy to clean. Option-3. Gypsum board(9mm or 12mm thick) with paint:fireproof, soundproof. Option-4. Magnesium Oxide board (6mm or 9mm or 12mm thick) with paint: waterproof,fireproof, soundproof, heat preservation, Option-5. CFC sheet(6mm or 15mm or 18mm thick) with paint: waterproof,fireproof, soundproof, heat preservation, Ceramic tile Magnesium Oxide board Gypsum board
  7. 7. Ⅴ-3. Assist material for wall 1. Vapor barrier: moisture proof ,waterproof, Ventilation, thermal insulation 2. Glass wool insulation layer:Vibration, sound absorption, heat insulation, thermal insulation, noise reduction. 3. Skirting: MDF skirting,wooden skirting, ceramic skirting, PVC skirting, alum Skirting. 4. Top angle line: Gypsum line,PVC line. moisture proof paper glass wool MDF skirting PVC skirting Aluminium skirting PVC skirting Top angle Gypsum line Top angle PVC line Ⅵ. Decorate material for flooring Option 1-Floor tile:134℃,firm texture, rich color, water-resistant, wear-resistant, easy to clean. Option 2-Composite flooring:Brilliant color, beautiful, flexible, elegant.
  8. 8. Option 3-bamboo flooring: anti-corrosion, durable.small contractility.easy to clean. Option 4- PVC carpet:Heat Insulation, sound-absorbing, security. Ceramic tile Bamboo flooring Composite flooring PVC carpet Ⅶ. Door and Window 1.door:Aluminum door、Steel door、 rolling shutter door、 wooden door、WPC door. Steel door wooden door wooden interior door
  9. 9. sliding exterior door 2.Window: PVC window,Plastic-steel windows, aluminum windows Sliding window Casement Window
  10. 10. Ⅷ. Fitting for Kitchen and Bathroom 1. Kitchen:Stainless steel sink, ventilator, food disintegrator, dishwasher, gas stove oven, microwave oven, and cabinet 2. Bathroom:Standard bath tub(the main bathroom), single shower, faucets, nightstool, Basin, marble countertops, soap racks, hangers, bathtub handrails, water heater, mirrors, ventilator Shower washbasin toilet
  11. 11. Ⅸ. Electrical and plumbing system Water supply and drainage systems: hot and cold water pipes,sewer pipe, plug-disposal sites, valves, etc.Strong power systems;Electric wires and tubes, electrical boxes, switches and so on;weak power systems;Telephone wire, TV wire , net wire ,etc.
  12. 12. Prefab House Nepal Pvt. LTd. Contact : +977-1- 5151 186 , 55 71213 : Web: