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air logistics


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air logistics

  1. 1. Air logistics By – ARIF XESS (MT14IND006) INDUSTRIAL ENGG MECHANICAL DEPARTMENT VNIT NAGPUR 18-Apr-15 1Air logistics
  2. 2. Transportation  Transportation is the physical movement of goods and people between two points.  Each of the modes of transportation exists because of certain attributes that provide one or more advantages over the other modes of transportation.  The attractiveness of a particular mode depends on the following attributes: cost, speed, reliability, capability, capacity, and flexibility. 18-Apr-15 2Air logistics
  3. 3. Transportation Modes  Airfreight  Pipeline  Ropeway  Motor Carrier  Ocean Transportation  Railroad 18-Apr-15 3Air logistics
  4. 4. Airfreight  Air is generally the fastest mode of transportation for shipments exceeding 600 miles.  Air Cargo comprises a large number of daily flights in the United States and are operated by private parcel companies such as FedEx and UPS. 18-Apr-15 4Air logistics
  5. 5. 18-Apr-15 5Air logistics
  6. 6. Air Freight Capabilities  Wearing apparel  Electronics  Printed matter  Machinery and parts  Cut flowers and nursery stock  Auto parts and accessories  Fruits and vegetables  Metal products  Photographic equipment  Live product  Emergency product 18-Apr-15 6Air logistics
  7. 7. Role of IATA  The majority of airlines operating scheduled cargo services are members of International Air Transport Association (IATA).  IATA is best known as the medium through which airlines fix a common tariff.  The cargo service conference and the cargo agency conference are two decision making committees of IATA. 18-Apr-15 7Air logistics
  8. 8. IATA Cargo Service Conference Cargo Agency Conference  Perform standard operation  Air way bills  Inter change of pallet  Agreements  It is responsible for appointing cargo agents.  Ensuring that standard are maintained.  Through cargo investigation panels .  Cargo registration and review board. 18-Apr-15 8Air logistics
  9. 9. Air cargo tariff structure  As far as the domestic tariffs are concerned ,these are based on the capacity available market demand operational economic ,they are generally approved by government.  The rating in international tariff exhibits a number of complexities.  There are different pricing concepts within the tariff structure and any rationalization new concept changing in rates etc are normally negotiated through IATA machinery. 18-Apr-15 9Air logistics
  10. 10. IATA rate structure 18-Apr-15 10Air logistics
  11. 11. Airfreight Advantages  Make up lost time  Perishable products  Urgent deliveries  No physical barrier  Easy access  Natural route  National defense  No infrastructure investment  High speed 18-Apr-15 11Air logistics
  12. 12. Airfreight Disadvantages  Expensive  Line-haul cost of airfreight service  Transportation cost  Transit time  Increasing handling costs  Increasing loss and damage  Belly freight  Small carrying capacity  Risky  Unreliable  Huge investment 18-Apr-15 12Air logistics
  13. 13. 18-Apr-15 13Air logistics
  14. 14. 18-Apr-15 14Air logistics
  15. 15. Pipelines  One of the advancements humans have made in recent history is the ability to transport liquids and gases via the use of pipelines.  Pipelines decrease both the amount of time and labor it would take to displace a liquid or gas from one destination to another. 18-Apr-15 15Air logistics
  16. 16. Basic Facts  Roughly 200,000 miles of liquid pipeline in the United States.  Size from 3 to 48 inch, Lengths 1 to 2000 miles.  Constructed mainly of carbon steel  India has about 20,000 km of major crude oil and product pipelines. 18-Apr-15 16Air logistics
  17. 17. 18-Apr-15 17Air logistics
  18. 18. 18-Apr-15 18Air logistics
  19. 19. 18-Apr-15 19Air logistics
  20. 20. What Pipelines Move  Crude Oil as raw materials (onshore and offshore)  Intermediates/ Chemicals from one location to another in manufacturing  CO2 for Enhanced Oil Recovery  Finished products- gasoline, diesel, jut fuel, etc. 18-Apr-15 20Air logistics
  21. 21. Advantage of pipelines  Total cost is very low energy consume.  The maintenance and operating cost is very low.  It can traverse difficult terrain.  Transit losses are also minimal .  Its operation is round the clock .  It provide reliable continuous all weather means of transport. 18-Apr-15 21Air logistics
  22. 22. Disadvantages of pipelines  Initial cost is high.  The most obvious disadvantage lies in the fact that this means cannot be used for transportation of all solidus heavy equipment. 18-Apr-15 22Air logistics
  23. 23. ROPEWAY 18-Apr-15 23Air logistics
  24. 24. Ropeway 18-Apr-15 24Air logistics
  25. 25. ROPEWAY  Ropeway is al lifting equipment which are for crossing one end to another end at the river hills, major, construction sides.  Now a day most of the cities which are in hills or at the height using ropeway as a transport medium 18-Apr-15 25Air logistics
  26. 26. Basic model of ropeway 18-Apr-15 26Air logistics
  27. 27. Ropeway in INDIA  Dhuandhaar is the famous waterfalls located at the marble city of Jabalpur in Madhya Pradesh. 18-Apr-15 27Air logistics
  28. 28. Rope way in INDIA  Srisailam ropeway  Manali ropeway  Raigada ropeway  Dargling ropeway  Rajgir ropeway  Gangtok ropeway 18-Apr-15 28Air logistics
  29. 29. Advantage of ropeway  It is efficient way in hills crossing one end to another end.  It is pollution free.  It is solve traffic problem in critical places.  It is very good source in urban transport. 18-Apr-15 29Air logistics
  30. 30. Disadvantage of ropeway  Heavy initial investment  Limitation as the size and quantity of haul.  Limited load carry . 18-Apr-15 30Air logistics
  31. 31. References  Paper 6, Part 1 (Logistics)Indian Institute of Materials Management , NHQ Education Wing Bangalore [October 1996]  MDg5N/Desk_Cable_Management_- _To_organize_messy_cables_reduce_tripping_hazards_powerpoint_pp t_presentation  and-cablecar-systems-across-the-country/  eline+is+cover&oq=roughly+in+india++how+much+pipeline+is+cover &aqs=chrome..6 18-Apr-15 31Air logistics
  32. 32. 18-Apr-15 32Air logistics
  33. 33. Question  What is IATA ? And its rate structure.  What is transport and types of transport modes?  What is air logistics ? Advantage and disadvantages .  What is pipeline and what pipeline moves.  Advantage and disadvantages of pipeline.  What is ropeway ?  Advantage and disadvantage of ropeway. 18-Apr-15 Air logistics 33