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Our Activities under the Light of Ancient Indian Wisdom


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Our Activities under the Light of Ancient Indian Wisdom

  1. 1. A corporate Teacher Teaching Ancient Indian Wisdom & Leadership development since last 20 Yrs. He has conducted Lectures, Day workshops & Knowledge retreats upon different aspects of Ancient Indian Wisdom. 250 lectures are available in the form of videos, many of them are uploaded on the YouTube channel ‘gospel4learning’. Dinesh Kumar
  2. 2. Authored 50 books; The three most prominent books are the detailed interpretation upon first three chapters of the Immutable Ancient scripture of the Evolutionary & Existential aspects of Human race by the name Shrimed Bhagwad Gita . He is under a resolve to interpret and publish all the eighteen chapters of Shrimed Bhagwad Gita within next 5 years. Reluctance kills– Deepest Dreams is another title published in English & Hindi. More than 25000 copies of this book have been sold through his direct Lectures.
  3. 3. • An Ancient Mandate. The Accomplishment of any act mandates its accomplishment through five primal factors; 1. The Objective, 2. The Doer, 3. Various Resources, 4. Different Strategies & 5. Forces Beyond Control.
  4. 4. Among five the most crucial component is, The Doer. Origination of the Object, Management of Resources, Envisagement of Strategies, Overcoming & Channelizing the forces beyond control… At each place ‘The Doer‘ acts in all respects to steer each & every component in service to its ‘Objective’.
  5. 5. • The Understanding of Ancient Indian Wisdom informs us that a Human is not a resource… it is the source to all resource utilization. We believe that any understanding that shall treat the Human as a resource shall extricate an infinitesimal out of the Human; Whereas, all attempts that further the Harmony, scope of correction & expansiveness to Human shall draw exponential results from this magnificent creation of the creator.
  6. 6. Our program of learning are exclusively based upon ; Ancient Indian Wisdom for Leadership development. We endeavour to draw light to the seeking mind so that it acquires eligibility of self correction , equanimity within and expansiveness.
  7. 7. A visiting faculty to several Public & Private sector multinational companies. He has touched thousands of senior management persons through his  Keynote Address  Lectures.  1-3 Day workshops.  9 Saturday Evening (3 hour classroom programs).  4 Day ‘Knowledge Retreats
  8. 8. Amongst several Subjects covered under his lectures, workshops & Knowledge retreats... few are : 1. For Decision Makers, Learning from Facts Immutable. 2. Relentless Silent Will. 3. Esoteric Dimensions of Communication. 4. Beyond Emotional Intelligence. 5. Extension beyond the reach of Stress. 6. Human values aligned with Organizational values. 7. Nachiketa the forgotten. 8. Morphing the norm of New age Leadership. 9. Pure Ego, An adhesive to interpersonal bonding.
  9. 9. 1. For Decision Makers-Learning From Facts Immutable. Based upon the knowledge drawn from Karma Yoga, It is a unique program of learning for ‘decision makers who relentlessly steer their teams towards organizational objectives’; Leadership that continuously remain under the impel of gathering Competitive advantage; repeatedly confront unforeseen contingencies & become vulnerable to unidentified venom of inner conflicts/dichotomies.
  10. 10. 2. Relentless Silent Will. Shifting priorities, Changing times, upheavals in interpersonal relationships, surmounting immediacies rising from professional & personal lives of business Leadership, disallow a mind to hold on to its primary pursuit in life. The answer to the aforesaid is a mandation for an Indomitable spirit, a silent language, an unseen presence & a surround resonating with dedication & relentless Will that emanates to respective teams in form of an effulgence of the sun. This learning program informs about Silent Will & teaches the ancient method to arouse that mighty force running beyond any defiance. Hundreds of very senior management persons have benefitted from this program of learning.
  11. 11. 3.Esoteric Dimensions of Communication. Communication transpires at several other dimension before it actually acquires it gross manifestation. Communication skills are the pretentious aspect of expression, whereas the roots lie much deeper… This program of learning conveys an understanding and ability to modify one’s deepest ends, where communicates actualizes in accordance to its primary command. This learning harmonizes the insight in holistic terms.
  12. 12. 4. Beyond the Emotional Intelligence. The business world, a part of the larger world has today realized that its interests cannot be merely served on the basis of Intellect; Therefore emotion & intellect tied a nuptial knot… but this new formation of Emotional Intelligence too; is a limited box wherein the scope of fresh ideation and manifestation of creativity is constrained. It leads to the understanding of a higher realm wherefrom emotion & intelligence gather their source. This learning is an eye-opener for those that yearn for innovation and ideation.
  13. 13. 5. Extension beyond the reach of stress. Human brain, replica of The Cosmos has been pronounced by modern scientist as the curvature comprising ‘Infinity’… of which an infinitesimal portion comes our utilization during entire life. As a simple inference it means that an enormity is available for exploration. And exploration of that enormous potential shall relieve the present impacts of stress. This program has helped a large number of professionals to grow within in real terms. The nature of this program is; Deliberative, Contemplative & Meditative...
  14. 14. 6. Human values aligned with Organizational values. Understand the constitution of a Human with its primal purpose on this Sojourn & surprisingly the rest automatically unfolds in absolute terms that any Human resource manager shall expect from its most efficient Professionals; that contribute excellence in all respects to their organization. Professional training institutes have invited me for this one day program for hundreds of times & yet it is as afresh as it was a decade ago.
  15. 15. Participants TO our Programs
  16. 16. Dinesh Kumar: Links on the Web His 200 videos; His writings at; His activities at; Facebook Page; Google + url ; Linkedin ; Twitter ; On Amazon ; Scribd ; His Web site ;