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Plastic bottle construction.!!!!!


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  • Magnificent job, thanks for the info about bottle bricks. What if there were Brick Bottles to assemble and build houses too, it would demand less cement since bottles are united thanks to their modular shapes, i estimate savings of 70% since the amount of bottles and cement needed would be less, the bottles would attach to each other in vertical position! Greetings
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Plastic bottle construction.!!!!!

  3. 3. Construction processCollect the plastic bottles Fill the bottles as many as you can. completely with dry sand
  4. 4. Construction process (cont….)After filling the sand Laying of foundation the bottles were tightly packed and capped
  5. 5. Construction process (cont….)Door frame is positioned Walls are constructed
  6. 6. Construction process (cont….)Window frames are Outer view of bottle positioned brick wall
  7. 7. Construction process (cont….)Outer view of bottle Positioning beams for brick wall holding the roof.
  8. 8. Construction process (cont….)Roofing with sheets. completion of roofs.
  9. 9. Construction process (cont….)Leveling the floor. Constructing the floor with bottle bricks.
  10. 10. Construction process (cont….)The floor is made of The tiles are laid bottles.
  11. 11. Construction process (cont….)The plastering of walls is The outer view of the done house before plastering
  12. 12. Construction process (cont….)The plastering of the The entire house after outer walls plastering
  13. 13. Project done by collegeFill in the gaps between the students bottles with rubble and cement
  14. 14. construction of residential house
  15. 15. Residential house
  16. 16. Residential house
  17. 17. STRENGTH The compacted sand inside the bottles is almost 20 times stronger than bricks.
  18. 18. DURABILITY The plastic bottles are re known for their durability. This type of construction is more durable than that of brick construction. The bottles can last as long as 300 years (undoubtedly longer than the cement used to bind the bottles together in the walls).
  19. 19. COST ANALYSISThe cost of this construction can reduce 33% cost of house made of concrete and bricks.
  20. 20. ADVANTAGES OVER BRICKSLow cost Non-BrittleAbsorbs abrupt shock loads Bio climaticRe-usableLess construction materialEasy to buildGreen Construction
  21. 21. DISADVANTAGES :1. It is un-decomposable and in destructible.2. When it is melted it releases a compound gas which is very harmful to health and environment.3. It weakens the ozone layer.4. Most plastic is produce from the oil and the world is running short of oil.5. The threatening disadvantage is pollution.
  22. 22. REMEDIES TO REDUCEDISADVANTAGES OF PLASTICBy using the recycling process the un decomposition of plastic can be reducedScientists are now developing plastics that are made from vegetable oil and other organic matter. This means that the plastic is more likely to be degradable, and so it will be safe in future.Now -a- day renewable plastic is manufactured by oil by products and natural gases, so this proves to be better in the future generations.
  23. 23. CONCLUSIONBy using this simple technology, these houses are ideal for hot climate because the bottle bricks buffer the house from intense heat. It is also used in the places known for the violence like Kashmir because the houses are completely bullet proof.
  24. 24. CONCLUSION (contd….)The bottles which are required for the plastic bottles construction are mostly sourced from hotels, restaurants, homes and near any tourist places, so the 500 million bottles that are discarded each year in Nigeria alone are literally finding new homes instead of land fills or the ocean.
  25. 25. CONCLUSION (contd….)The circular houses look cool with the exposed round bottles producing a unique design.