It’s time to think small


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  • Thanks for the feedback Ian - distraction is a familiar place to so many entrepreneurs. I'd love to hear how you get on.
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  • Takes me back Dinah! I need to focus, it's my biggest weakness, distractions happen far to easily and I am to accommodating! Thanks for this and I will let you know how I get on.
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It’s time to think small

  1. 1. It’s time to think smallIt’s time to think SMALL with our goals.The big picture goals can get lost in the dailyrollercoaster of growing your business.Focus on the small steps and make real andsignificant progress, every day.
  2. 2. No time for time-wastingTake time for the smaller actions, the little goals that make thedaily difference, and I guarantee you’ll find:1- you have more time. When you’re clear about your focus youspend less time dithering, procrastinating, finding excuses to do“something else first”.2- you’ll have a greater sense of achievement every day. You’ll seereal progress towards things that have been holding you back.3- you’ll be investing your time in actions that will have a positiveimpact on your credibility, your reputation.4- you’ll have taken significant steps towards achieving those bigpicture goals.
  3. 3. One month at a timeUsing the following five slides, set goals for the next month. Think small. Think focus. Think results. Take action.
  4. 4. This month’s goals - 1Three frogs I’m going to snog this month:Pick three things you’ve been avoiding gettingdone and go for it.Start your day with these tasks, a small steptowards completing each one, for eachworking day of the month.
  5. 5. This month’s goals - 2Three people I’m going to develop a strongerrelationship with this month:Who have you been neglecting in yournetworks? Who did you promise to follow-upwith and life happened? Who would you liketo get to know better?
  6. 6. This month’s goals - 3Three social media strategies for this month:What three topics will you focus on for thismonth across your social media?Get consistency in place, plan some blogs /shares / tweets / posts around these topicsand engage with others who are speakingabout them.
  7. 7. This month’s goals - 4Three plans for “me-time” that are going inthe diary for this month:Before you start with the “I’m too busy forme-time” – GET REAL.Me Time can be 15 minutes with a cuppa. It’sabout acknowledging it’s vital to yourhealth, happiness and business success.
  8. 8. This month’s goals - 5Three repetitive thoughts I’m going to challengethis month:Does that little, self-deprecating voice reallyserve you? Pick three of your habitual negativethoughts and challenge them this month.Be aware of how often you say them to yourself.Find a new phrase to replace them.
  9. 9. Take actionIf you’re serious about achieving and not justsetting goals, then get started. Take action bycompleting the five monthly goals and let meknow how you got on. I’d love to hear fromyou on Twitter @DinahLiversidge or visit myfacebook page: