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Sap BusinessObjects Web Intelligence 4.1 new features


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Sap BusinessObjects Web Intelligence 4.1 new features

  1. 1. SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence 4.1 new features Dmitry Anoshin 1
  2. 2. Freeze Header Rows In reading mode, row or column headers can be frozen to ensure that they remain visible while scrolling. Moreover, you can also specify a number of first rows or columns to freeze: Dmitry Anoshin 2
  3. 3. Custom colors pallets You can create or edit custom color pallets to manage chart colors. Just push right-click and choose Format Charts. For example, you have a chart and want to modify colors, then right click->Format chart->Palette and Style->Color Palette->Custom Dmitry Anoshin 3
  4. 4. Formating Footer/Header Every report has Footer and Header: In ver .4.1 report formatting options have been improved, with new property panels, including border settings, specifically for headers and footers. If you want to open properties then right click>format header/Footer Besides that, you can hide it. Dmitry Anoshin 4
  5. 5. New Operator -Values Most of you sometime create formulas In case if you work with If() or where(), you deal with values from query, for instance, name of city or status. You could write wrong name and formula won't work. For this case in formula editor, you could find a Values objects in the list of operators, which help you to choose the desired value from a list of values. Dmitry Anoshin 5
  6. 6. Refresh on Open In Webi report you have option to enable your document to automatically refresh when needed. In report choose Properties Tab Check "Refresh on Open" As a result, your report will be start refreshing when you will open it Dmitry Anoshin 6
  7. 7. Add to Merge new dimension If you like to use several queries in one report, than you would merge same dimensions. But it was inconvenient to add additional dimension to merged dimensions. And you have to unmerge all and create new merge based on all dimensions. In 4.1 we got new feature – Add to current Merge. Just choose Merge and additional dimension ->right click->Add to Merge Dmitry Anoshin 7
  8. 8. Shortcut for edit query If you want to change query you should got to Data Access tab->Edit, SAP decided to add shortcut for editing query in toolbar: Moreover, if you have several queries and don't want to refresh them all, you could choose only specific query in Query Builder: Dmitry Anoshin 8
  9. 9. New supported Languages If you like Arabic language or just study it, you can switch to Arabic language Dmitry Anoshin 9