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Culture & Cake: A War for Your Soul


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These are notes from an interactive session hosted by Morning Star Community Christian Center: Culture & History Ministry and Community Acting Now (CAN). A viewing of the film: A War for Your Soul by Reggie Bullock of Erisai Films was followed by an Action/Solution Planning session. These are notes from that session.

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Culture & Cake: A War for Your Soul

  1. 1. Culture & Cake presented by Morning Star Community Christian Center: Culture and History Ministry & Community Acting Now (CAN) Video Viewing: A War for Your Soul by Reggie Bullock, Erisai Films ACTIONS AND SOLUTIONS - Sunday, August 9, 2009 This powerful and provocative film was created by Mr. Reggie Bullock, Erisai Films. We are deeply grateful for this great body of work. We promise to share this message and we have distributed copies of the DVD. We were all blessed by the experience of viewing it, the opportunity to fellowship and discuss actions and solutions. We each benefited immensely from the interactive action oriented discussion that followed, below is a summary of some of the potential actions and solutions shared. It is our hope that each person present moves forward and implements some actions identified:  Share this video: make and distribute copies of this video o Everyone who attended o Use DVD and also share the link: o Schedule conduct more viewing and discussion groups, especially youth groups o Share notes from this action planning session  Be more responsible o Educate yourself about our history and current challenges o Educate our children o Be more disciplined and require more discipline of others. o Stop using the “N” word o Ask others who love and respect you to stop using the “N” word around you  Participate in the villages responsibility for all children (“it takes a village) o Listen more to children o Be a positive role model o Be a memory maker for a child o Define the difference between play time and work time when working with children. o Allocate specific and constructive time to be with children. o Apply all of this to all children, not just your own.  Be hungry o Everyday seek an opportunity to make a difference to a child o When see a child demonstrating inappropriate behavior use it as a teaching moment, coach them o Be honest, tell people about bad behavior o See opportunities to share your culture, learn about other cultures BT Mathis, Culture & History Ministry Leader – Diane Mathis, CAN 1
  2. 2.  Take another persons child under your wing o Consider being a Foster Parent o Mentor a child o Facilitate a viewing of this video with young people o Fall in love with our children o Be there for children  Promote and recognize positive relationships o Share the family history and culture o Apply peer/family pressure to encourage positive behavior o Lift up each other o Go to your family reunion and learn more about your history and each other  Participate in organized meetings regarding children o Attend/participate in PTA meetings o Attend/participate in Back to School Night o Even if you don’t have school age kids, become a partner with the school system/community  Keep God in the midst o Pray by yourself and pray with children o Bring a child with you church, pick them up if needed o Invite parents/people to church o Bring them to participate in an event o Sponsor a child for a positive event o Be holy, live the word, set the example o Continue to strengthen your own faith and spirit  Get into your community o Use your talent/gifts to go into the community and present and discuss relevant cultural material or social challenges and solutions  Use your power o Hold educational system accountable  Be aware of labeling of children, ex. “special education”  Make sure students are taught about their history o Hold parents accountable  Be willing to help parents who need help, support  Be a catalyst for change with the media, write letters, boycott etc.  Teach children about their history o Raise your standards with television programs you and your children are exposed to, don’t let them get away with poor programming o Get active and stay active in the schools and your community  Share new actions/solutions that may come up in your follow-up groups or discussions: o Send email to: o Check CAN website to get copies of notes: THANK YOU MORNING STAR COMMUNITY CHRISTIAN CENTER CULTURE & HISTORY MINISTRY MEMBERS FOR ALL YOUR WORK IN PROVIDING THIS PUBLIC FORUM, ALL OF THE PARTICIPANTS AND ALL OF THE PEOPLE WHO DONATED CAKES/REFRESHMENTS!! BT Mathis, Culture & History Ministry Leader – Diane Mathis, CAN 2