VFU SEM - PHP Intro [05.10.2013]


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Course Website: http://sem.vfu.bg
Github: https://github.com/dimitardanailov/sem-vfu-programming
Google Docs Version: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1rCi7LaxdDc9-cbaSNSDgUkVv208iwFw559sIgJ2Kr1E/edit?pli=1#slide=id.p

Course Info :
Programming (or development or coding) is the act of realizing solutions to computing problem, i.e., programs, using a programming language. It involves the design, realisation, testing, troubleshooting, and maintenance of program code, in a programming language, on top of of some programming platform, by the help of a development environment. The course introduces the student to a contemporary object oriented programming language with associated platforms and environments, with emphasis on basic programming language concepts, object oriented concepts, and elementary data structures. It also introduces the student to the notion of code quality, and contemporary methods for obtaining high quality. Learning proceeds by thematic problem solving sessions in which students solve open-ended problems.

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VFU SEM - PHP Intro [05.10.2013]

  1. 1. PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor @d_danailov PHP - Intro
  2. 2. PHP : Intro Dimitar Danailov Senior Developer at 158ltd.com dimityr.danailov[at]gmail.com Github Slide Share Founder at VarnaIT Senior Developer at 158ltd.com
  3. 3. Topics Today ● Course Overview ● Partners ● Trainers ● Resources ● PHP History ● Installation ● IDE ● OOP
  4. 4. Course Overview ● Intro. PHP History. Installation. PHP OOP ● PHP OOP (1) ● Main Functions And Classes ● $_POST, $_GET ● $_SESSION and $_COOKIES ● Working with FIles
  5. 5. Course Overview (2) ● Workshop ● PHP and Mysql. Database connection.PDO ● PHP and Mysql. Database connection(2).PDO ● PHP and Mysql. Database connection(3).PDO ● PHP Frameworks - Laravel; CodeIgniter; Koxana;
  6. 6. Partners
  7. 7. Trainers
  8. 8. Dimitar Dimitar Danailov has solid professional experience (5+ years) as software developer, especially Java, PHP, Android SDK, Mobile Development, Ruby on Rails, Javascript, HTML 5, software engineering, team leading and project management. Now he study Cloud Technologies, Windows 8, Node.js, Asp.Net, Python, Visual Basic, CoffeeScript.
  9. 9. Alexander Alexander Mihaylov graduated Technical University of Varna in 2010 specializing in computer systems and technologies. Alexander has worked for 158ltd since 2008 as a software engineer and system administrator. During his experience with 158ltd, he has worked with different technologies like PHP, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Qt C++ and others.
  10. 10. Hristo Hristo Kozhuharov begins as an amateur in web development learning from different online courses and tutorials. Then his interest is increasing and he is starting the course “Web design with HTML, CSS and JavaScript” of Telerik Academy. In 2012 became part of the team of 158ltd.
  11. 11. Silvi Silvi is part of Devlab team. Our background is : ● Web Design ● PHP (Koxana) ● Mobile (Icenuim)
  12. 12. Resources
  13. 13. History
  14. 14. Cohesion
  15. 15. Coupling
  16. 16. History PHP succeeds an older product, named PHP/FI. PHP/FI was created by Rasmus Lerdorf in 1995, initially as a simple set of Perl scripts for tracking accesses to his online resume. He named this set of scripts 'Personal Home Page Tools'. As more functionality was required, Rasmus wrote a much larger C implementation, which was able to communicate with databases, and enabled users to develop simple dynamic Web applications. Rasmus chose to » release the source code for PHP/FI for everybody to see, so that anybody can use it, as well as fix bugs in it and improve the code.
  17. 17. Installation
  18. 18. Windows
  19. 19. Windows (2)
  20. 20. Linux
  21. 21. Linux (2)
  22. 22. Mac
  23. 23. Mac (2)
  24. 24. Mac (3)
  25. 25. Integrated development environment (IDE)
  26. 26. OOP - Demo
  27. 27. Questions ? Dimitar Danailov Senior Developer at 158ltd.com dimityr.danailov[at]gmail.com Github Slide Share Founder at VarnaIT Senior Developer at 158ltd.com