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Data Visualization and D3Js


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I did a presentation about Data Visualization.
Data Visualization is:
#1 Converting Data Mapping to Visualization
#2 Converting Numbers to Pictures

Presentation gives you details about Data Visualization Identity (This profession required to be Developer + Designer + Storyteller)

Quick links to examples:

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Data Visualization and D3Js

  1. 1. Data Visualization and D3.js
  2. 2. @d_danailov My names is Dimitar Danailov and my personal achievements are: #1 I’m member of firefox dev team #2 My profile at Stackoverflow has 6400+ points #3 I’m co - founder of Cloud Conf Varna I’m working like an Android Developer
  3. 3. Topics Today ● Defining Data Visualization ● Data Visualization job / identity ● Retinal Variables ● Demos ● Summary ● Questions
  4. 4. Data mapping (Values) Visualization Defining Data Visualization
  5. 5. Numbers Pictures Defining Data Visualization
  6. 6. Examples and Opportunities AI Power BI Data Mining Blockchain Big Data IoT Machine Learning
  7. 7. Image source: Amazon Big Data
  8. 8. Developer Designer Storyteller Data Visualization Identity
  9. 9. Details of the Data Science Process acquire parse Computer Science Statistics and Data Mining Designer Source: Ben Fry filter mine represent refine interact Infovis and HCI Infovis -> Information Visualization HCI -> Human-Computer Interaction
  10. 10. Image source: Udacity
  11. 11. D3js and Demos
  12. 12. Summary ● Functional Programming ● Data Visualization ● Polymer and D3js examples -> 0 ● OOP and Complexity ● D3js pluggins
  13. 13. Resources
  14. 14. Questions / Thoughts ?