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ERP Packaged Solution Implementation Model


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I developed this model after lessons learned from a HRIS replacement project for a financial services company. I think it can be applied to packaged solution implementations in general.

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ERP Packaged Solution Implementation Model

  1. 1. HRIS: Packaged Implementation Lessons Learned May 31st 2011
  2. 2. HRIS: Agenda Updated Implementation Model  Collaboration  Stakeholder Groups ( Customer, Vendor, IT)  Communication Next Steps2
  3. 3. HRIS: Updated Implementation Model Project/Vendor Management Framework Lessons Learned from the Phase 1 of the HRIS project Customer have highlighted the fact that all stakeholder groups Vendor must have clear, regular, IT efficient communication. Alignment of all organizations Project and Vendor Management Collaboration models is the first step towards this goals COMMUNICATION3
  4. 4. HRIS: Collaboration Project/Vendor Management Framework Collaboration The foundation of every relationship are its people. All Customer three stakeholder groups Vendor (Vendor, Customer & IT) IT should participate at Weekly Team Status, Project Control and Steering Committee Meetings. Issues should be raised at each of the sessions Collaboration as required and resolved using the universally agreed framework. COMMUNICATION
  5. 5. HRIS: Project/Vendor Management Framework Project/Vendor Project /Vendor Management Framework Management Framework Each stakeholder group may have a different approach to Customer implementing a new solution. Vendor It is critical that at the IT beginning of every engagement the all parties agree on Roles & Responsibilities, Escalation Channels and Stage Review points to gather feedback and Collaboration course correct as required. COMMUNICATION
  6. 6. HRIS: Stakeholder Groups Stakeholder Groups Project/Vendor Management Framework Stakeholder groups are the essential pillars required for an initiatives success. Customer Cohesive partnership Vendor between all parties will IT ensure that objectives are met and that the final solution meets the organizations needs. Representatives at comparable levels of responsibility in each group Collaboration will enable quick problem resolution and identification. COMMUNICATION
  7. 7. HRIS: Communication Communication is the cornerstone of successful partnership, issue identification and ultimate customer satisfaction. Clear lines of communication in the framework combined with explicit Roles and Responsibilities amongst all stakeholders is the major lesson learned in the HRIS implementation project.7
  8. 8. HRIS: Next Steps Obtain Feedback on Updated Implementation Model Align PM/VM Framework with all stakeholder groups Schedule Status Meetings With Identified Participants From Each Group Schedule Feedback Review Points To Review How Things Are Working8