YEAH 2011 Conference Workshop on how to raise capital


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YEAH 2011 Conference Workshop on how to raise capital as a startup company. 3F, seed and angel investments and VCs.

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YEAH 2011 Conference Workshop on how to raise capital

  1. 1. Money talk! YEAH Conf.Hello! I’m Dimitris
  2. 2. That’s HackFwd
  3. 3. Lets start with a principle
  4. 4. money = hapiness #not
  5. 5. money = startup success #not
  6. 6. ask color- Color raised $41m pre-launch- Said “No” to Google for a $200m acquisition
  7. 7. color again- Lost its first co-founder a couple of weeks later- Other startups (with less money) do it better!- No good news so far
  8. 8. start small* *small is beautiful
  9. 9. this is you
  10. 10. you don’t need a million
  11. 11. what you need is:trust, guidance (and money)
  12. 12. the (usual) path 1. 3F2. Angel and Seed 3. VC
  13. 13. chapter one
  14. 14. let me show you your first investor
  15. 15. family
  16. 16. friends
  17. 17. 3F (family, friends, fools)- They trust you (and vice versa)- They are here for you- They know you really well+- They don’t know the market you are in
  18. 18. how to benefit from them- money (10 to 15k Euro)- Pitch your idea (Practice)- your very first pre-alpha users (yay!)- Ask ask ask (direct feedback)
  19. 19. you now have- a working prototype (yay!)- a small team (max. 3ppl)- a business plan- the courage to continue
  20. 20. chapter two
  21. 21. angel/seed level investments
  22. 22. your first “real” investor- they are experts- they want to invest their time,resources and money in your team/idea- they don’t know you
  23. 23. a misconception
  24. 24. “seed funding is just about money”
  25. 25. no!
  26. 26. benefits- money (around 20-50k Euro forangels / 50 to 200k Euro for seed funds)- 3-12 months programs- guidance (mentors!)- partnerships with other portfoliostartups- networking- they prepare you for the “bigguys” (VCs)
  27. 27. well known tech seed fundsUS:y Combinator, TechStars, 500 StartupsEU:Seedcamp, HackFwd, StartupBootCamp
  28. 28. you now have- proof of concept- user/client base- team (7-10 ppl)- a network of mentors and businesspartners- Someone to push you to the next step
  29. 29. chapter three
  30. 30. VC
  31. 31. VC- money (1m Euro to IPO)- board members (that’s how they call“mentors” now)- C and G level networking- they prepare you for the “bigthing” (IPO + your exit)
  32. 32. Q: Do you have a webstartup? Are you looking for money?
  33. 33. Connect with me! on Twitterfacebook + linkedin