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Openfund Introduction


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A short intro to the Openfund, a seed capital fund, focusing on high tech start-ups in south eastern Europe

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Openfund Introduction

  1. 1. Putting the pieces together
  2. 2. who are we
  3. 3. George Tziralisentrepreneur,open coffee, GR initiator & principal organiser of Open Coffee Athens
  4. 4. George Kasselakisentrepreneur,open coffee, GRprincipal organiser of Open Coffee Thessaloniki
  5. 5. DimitrisAthanasiadisentrepreneur,open coffee, GR the think-tank behind the endeavor, PhD & editor among others
  6. 6. raised $5M & counting, now CTOSpiros Xanthosentrepreneur, patterninsight, CA
  7. 7. made a turnover of 120M € in 2008 aloneApostolos Apostolakisentrepreneur, e-shop, GR
  8. 8. YannisDosiosVP marketing,smilebox,WA, USraised $12M, ex-SeniorProduct Manager at MS
  9. 9. Teresa Farmakiventure capitalist,piraeus bank, GR set up the Piraeus VC fund fromscratch, now head of Private Equity
  10. 10. advisors•an extensive list•on technology, management, sales, marketing, plus more• exceptional people from around the world
  11. 11. what we do
  12. 12. goal•find the best and brightest teams•help them build globally aimed start-ups•make them succeed
  13. 13. looking for•stellar teams•globally innovative ideas, still at seed level•disruptive biz models•in and around software and the web
  14. 14. call for proposals•open to everyone (teams of 2-4)•online submission,•in person interview &•presentation day
  15. 15. “incubate”•pick up to 7 start-ups•extensively support in all things start-up•for a 4-month period•iterate
  16. 16. offer•hands-on mentoring, day-to-day, no interfering•networking, globally•30-50k€ for 15% of shares•smooth start & grow
  17. 17. all you need to•quit everything else•focus on your skills, team & idea•don’t waste time on unproductive activities•make it happen
  18. 18. commitment•by sharing the stakes•85%, entrepreneurs•10%, investors•5%, open fund
  19. 19. re-invent the wheel?•no, model tested before•YCombinator, Seedcamp, Techstars...•it works!•& it’s what’s missing here
  20. 20. schedule•calls for proposals open every 4 months•4 companies already incubated•check our blog for more
  21. 21.