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establishing standards


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establishing standards

  2. 2. Objectives of Beverage Production Control• To ensure that all drinks are prepared according to management specifications.• To guard against excessive costs that can develop in the production process.
  3. 3. Establishing Standards and Standard Procedures For Production• Must be established for the quantities of ingredients used in a drink preparation, as well as for the proportions of ingredients in a drink.• When standards are set for ingredients, proportions, and drink sizes, customers can have some reasonable assurance that a drink will meet expectations each time it is ordered.
  4. 4. continue• By establishing these standards managers also establish a means of controlling costs.• The cost-to-sales ratio for one portion of any drink should be the same as the cost-to-sales ratio for every other portion of that drink.• Once standards and standard procedures for beverage production have been established, it becomes possible to develop a standard cost percent for operation – and the actual cost percent can be compared.
  5. 5. Establishing Quantity Standards and Standard Procedures• The quantities used by the bartender must be controlled.• The bartender must follow the means of measuring those quantities.• The majority of drinks prepared with spirits are a combination of one kind of liquor and a mixer.• A manager must determine in advance a specific quantity of the expensive ingredient.
  6. 6. Establishing Quality Standards and Standard Procedures• Standard drink recipes must be established so that the personnel will know the exact quantity of each ingredient to use in order to produce any given drink.• Mixed drinks or cocktails involve a number of ingredients that must be combined in a specific way for the drink to be right.
  7. 7. continue• For straight shots with mixers , the standard drink is controlled by providing the bartender with appropriate glassware of predetermined size.• With mixed drinks and cocktails, establishing controls over ingredients, proportions, and cost while providing drinks that are consistently the same is somewhat more complex.
  8. 8. Establishing Standard Portion Costs Straight drinks• The cost of straight drinks served with or without mixers, can be determined by first dividing the standard portion size in ounces into the number of ounces in the bottle to find the number of standard drinks contained in that bottle. This number is then divided into the cost of the bottle to find the standard cost of the drink.
  9. 9. Establishing Standard Sales Prices• When standard costs for standard drinks are known and listed, a list of standard sales prices should be established.• Many recommend that current sales prices for cocktails and mixed drinks be maintained on the recipe detail and cost cards and that those for straight drinks.