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Catenon Worldwide Executive Search


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Catenon is executive search firm that specialize in international recruitment. Thank to its developed WOP (Woulrld Operations Platforms), a series of business platform in more than 35 countries to support global executive searches. We provide solutions to our customers business challenges through global executive searches, the outcome of the new competitive environment that companies must navigate these days.

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Catenon Worldwide Executive Search

  1. 1. CATENON BRIEF PRESENTATION 2011 Cátenon is the only professional search company with ISO 9001:2000 and Sello Madrid Excelente quality certificates.
  2. 2. P a r i s About Cátenon
  3. 3. ABOUT CÁTENON Catenon Worldwide Executive Search is the Executive Search firm that has solved the integrated international search of professionals thanks to its worldwide operations platforms (WOP) in more than 35 countries. We offer solutions to our clients' business problems, stemming from the current competitive business environment, to global searches for professional talent. Catenon Worldwide Executive Search has a team of professionals from over 35 countries, all of whom participate in domestic and international search processes in different countries and cultural settings (United States, Asia, Latin America, Eastern Europe and others). They couple their local expertise with advanced information systems, assessment methodologies and Cátenon's knowledge management process to ensure homogeneous quality and successful search results on a global scale. For this reason, the Catenon Worldwide Executive Search team performs searches for top professionals, either for one position in several countries simultaneously, or to create local teams for the implementation of strategic outsourcing decisions.  
  4. 4. Global Searches The best candidate from any corner of the world Catenon conducts searches on an international scale and sources the best candidates in any country. As a direct result of our search system, our methodology and our technological support, we are able to carry out international projects in 83% less time than any other executive search company. L o n d o n
  5. 6. S ã o P a u l o Our Assessment Methodology Efficient Matching Process Catenon ensures the greatest possible match between candidate and position, thanks to the CRS® executive assessment methodology, which identifies the best candidates from all markets in parallel, using our unique multi-channel search system.
  6. 7. Cátenon Selection Methodology.CRS® GLOBAL SCOPE Catenon Selection Methodology. CRS® > Specification of the profile data > Visit to the work centre > Specification of the elements that make up the work environment > Immersion into corporate values and culture > Multi-channel recruitment strategy > Identification, evaluation and activation of the receiving channels for the most appropriate CVs for the position > Advertisement in the Press, Jobsites, Direct Search, Business Schools, Networking Services, GEDOC® > This is a filtering technique which contains the selection parameters as specified by the client > Telephone Interview: Contrast of projects and their size, motivation for change, adjustment to income band and languages > Multimedia presentation of candidates > Indicates the Adjustment to the client's business and cultural environment and the Technical and Personal Adjustment. > Filmed and digitalised interview in which candidates resolve the same technical cases of the position to be filled > The questions are formulated with the agreement of the client and a functional expert > Provides objectivity in the assessment of candidates' technical skills > Evaluation of the Skills and Knowledge that facilitate the success of an activity > Interview regarding curricular career path > Evaluation of the Personal Profile compared to assessed candidates > ChC®: Checklist of Cátenon Competencies > Identification of the key functional areas for carrying out the position > A document is designed containing the functional areas, associated projects and their sizes. Evaluation of technical aspects in the development of similar projects > Identification of the data relating to the client, the business, the position and recruitment strategy > Senior Assessment and Reference Request Committee > Follow-up with the client and selected candidate RIGOROUS AND OBJECTIVE FILTERING DISCOVERING THE BEST PROFESSIONALS FUNCTIONAL PROFILE DESIGN BUSINESS ENVIRONMENT SUITABILITY KEY KNOWLEDGE IDENTIFICATION PERSONAL SUITABILITY TECHNICAL SUITABILITY OPTIMISING TIME AND INTERNATIONALISATION BRIEFING OUT IN THE FIELD FUNCTIONAL EXPERIENCE MATRIX FACE-TO-FACE INTERVIEW FILMED TECHNICAL INTERVIEW MULTIMEDIA REPORT RECRUITMENT STRATEGY CURRICULAR SELECTION PROCESS MATRIX PHASE I PHASE IV PHASE V PHASE VII PHASE VIII PHASE II PHASE III PHASE VI
  7. 8. Candidate Evaluation Tools OUR ASSESSMENT METHODOLOGY [ P API®] FITS PERSONALLY IN THE ORGANISATION? The PAPI test is one of the international evaluation systems with greatest results reliability. At Cátenon, we contrast the results with each individual candidate to ensure an even more objective evaluation. PERSONAL ANALYSIS BUSINESS ANALYSIS CHC ® PAPI ® CPC ® ETF ® MEF ® [ S kills-based Check ChC®] HAS THE NECESSARY SKILLS FOR THE JOB? Evaluation of the key skill set needed to carry out the functions identified by the client as vital for the position. Cátenon has developed an innovative method by which each skill is rated at various levels depending on the difficulty of the job in question. [ F unctional Experience Matrix MEF®] HAS THE CANDIDATE SUCCESSFULLY DEVELOPED THE SKILLS NEEDED FOR THE JOB? Identification of the key functions related to the position. A document is designed containing the main functional areas, associated projects and their sizes. Evaluation of technical aspects in the development of similar projects [ F ilmed technical interview ETF®] DOES THE CANDIDATE HANDLE AND SOLVE CRITICAL ASPECTS OF THE JOB IN AN ACCEPTABLE WAY? Filmed and digitalised interview in which candidates resolve the same technical cases of the position to be filled. The questions are formulated with the agreement of the client and a functional expert. Provides objectivity in the assessment of the candidates' technical skills. [ M ulti-parameter suitability evaluation CPC®] IS THE CANDIDATE ADEQUATE FOR THE LEVEL OF THE POSITION? Analysis of the job difficulty. Cátenon has developed a tool that analyses the difficulty of the open position with the complexity of the positions held by the various candidates by applying 6 coordinates. These 6 coordinates are as follows: Training and experience, complexity of the problems to be solved, team management, leadership and motivation, decisiveness and impact on the profit and loss account. S ã o P a u l o
  8. 9. Multi-channel Recruitment Strategy OUR ASSESSMENT METHODOLOGY Cátenon has a CSI (Cátenon Search Investigation) department that defines the most sophisticated recruitment strategies to locate the best candidates in the shortest amount of time, regardless of their geographical location. Our research activities result in an in-depth knowledge of the activities and organizational hierarchies, global market trends and current industry-specific characteristics. <ul><li>1.- DEFINING RECRUITMENT STRATEGY WITH CLIENT </li></ul><ul><li>2.- RESEARCHING NEW PROFESSIONAL RECRUITMENT CHANNELS: </li></ul><ul><ul><li>NETWORKING SERVICES </li></ul></ul><ul><li>3.- DIRECT SEARCH </li></ul><ul><ul><li>IDENTIFYING TARGET COMPANIES AND COLLATERAL </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>BEST PRACTICES IN THE MARKET BY INDUSTRIES </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>PLACEMENT IN THE BEST INTERNATIONAL PROFESSIONAL NETWORKS </li></ul></ul><ul><li>4.- BUSINESS SCHOOLS, JOBSITES AND PRINTED MEDIA </li></ul><ul><ul><li>COLLABORATION WITH THE MOST PRESTIGIOUS BUSINESS SCHOOLS </li></ul></ul><ul><li>5.- GEDOC: CATENON DATABASE WITH MORE THAN 1,885,756 CV's </li></ul>S ã o P a u l o
  9. 10. h o n g k o n g Why Cátenon? What makes us stand out is our innovative style, our technology and our team, not to mention a business model that is studied in major business schools. H o n g K o n g Why Cátenon?
  10. 11.  Innovation HOW ARE WE DIFFERENT? S i n g a p o r e K NOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT , system for recycling best practices, optimising process times and ensuring a greater degree of reliability in the results M ULTIMEDIA REPORT , presentation of the final results in digital format for fast client evaluation O FFICE ENVIRONMENT , only with the best environment can we attract the best search and selection professionals, providing the latest technological solutions to support your search needs Q UALITY , the only professional search company with ISO 9001:2000 and Madrid Excelente quality certificates N ETWORKING SERVICES , research into new channels for recruiting professionals on a global scale K NOWLEDGE CERTIFICATES, Cátenon evaluates the performance of the team of consultants in the key aspects of our candidate assessment methodology
  11. 12.   Technology HOW ARE WE DIFFERENT? C átenon has its own ERP through which it uniformally centralises the management and performance of processes in all its offices and throughout all its team members. Our knowledge management tool, Kánow®, enables us to effectively manage the information and key knowledge that all of our professionals generate in the process of finding and assessing professionals from all over the world, sharing industry-specific knowledge and other information. H e l s i n k i
  12. 13.   Environment and Team HOW ARE WE DIFFERENT? Cátenon offers the very best environment to attract the best Search Executives and Candidates T he best search executives appreciate a different way of working, and Cátenon offers them a unique environment in which they can handle local and international projects for major companies. They have the latest technology at their disposal, because we value each consultant’s time. And we offer continuous training for their own career development. In our new offices, we back these concepts in various work spaces with wireless technology, video-conferencing between offices, a library, kitchen, relaxation and reading areas, innovation and creativity lab (Cátenon LAB), meeting rooms, projection and training rooms, and more. B ecause only with the best environment can we attract the best search and selection professionals, providing the latest technological solutions to support your search needs. Because only with the best location and facilities can we attract the finest candidates for each client, becoming ourselves the client’s best representative. S y d n e y
  13. 14. A m s t e r d a m Our Results Evaluation Objectivity and Rigour In a world of conventional written reports, Cátenon is the only European firm that presents its results on CD, with videos of the technical sections of candidates’ interviews as well as analysis of their suitability for the position. This is the best method for obtaining an objective assessment of candidates, and for them to defend their candidacy without having to depend on middlemen.
  15. 16. D u b l i n <ul><li>Benefits of the System for the Candidate : </li></ul><ul><li>Benefits of the System for the Client : </li></ul><ul><li>CRS® is the only system which permits candidates to present their application directly to the client, thanks to the filming of the technical section of the interview. In this way, the assessment of technical qualifications does not depend on the consultant assigned to the job. Instead it is the real expert, our client, who uses this tool to validate the candidate. </li></ul><ul><li>This system avoids the frequent subjectivity of consultants in making assessments in fields which they are unfamiliar with, and makes the best use of their value added in the executive search strategy and the evaluation of personal skills and job experience. </li></ul><ul><li>The CRS® system provides the most objective tool for assessing short-listed candidates: the filmed technical interview. Furthermore, the final multi-media report, which includes the filmed extract, allows various assessors to evaluate the executives on the basis of the same objective information, as well as allowing a choice of time and place for doing so, by the very nature of the digital support. </li></ul><ul><li>Finally, it is the only system which gives access to the best candidates, independently of the country they are located in, in the same timeframe as for a local search. This is possible thanks both to our knowledge of local markets and to the multimedia system, which ensure that all short-listed candidates compete on equal terms, whatever their country of origin. </li></ul>
  16. 17.