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Dimensional Design Signage Deck


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Dimensional Design Signage Deck

  3. 3. Company Facts Est.: 1988 · Location: Atlanta, GA · Avg. Tenure of Entire Team: 7 yrs. · Avg. Tenure of DesignTeam: 12 yrs. · Building Square Footage: 42,000 · National Experience: 50+ Cities · Computer Modeling & Engineering · Production Prototyping ·Custom to Large Volume Fabrication · OSHA Approved Finishing System BRINGING BRANDS TO LIFE.
  4. 4. Creative Process “Curiosity comes from within.” - Grant Perry BRINGING BRANDS TO LIFE.
  5. 5. Our ProcessAt DD we approach our projects alittle differently. Instead of puttingour clients through a standard,sometimes “proprietary”, process, · Creative Briefwe focus on the client and their ownparameters. Knowing that each project · Needs Assessmentis unique from the last, we feel it would · Competitor Researchonly make sense to adapt our processto our client and each project at hand in · Site Studiesorder to achieve the maximum results ourclients are looking for. · Conceptual DevelopmentBy understanding our client’s vision, their · Design Refinementaudiences’ needs, and the objectives for · Engineeringevery project, our team breaks down eachfactor to reveal the challenges, goals, and · Project Implementationnecessary steps to get there. · Fabrication & ManufacturingWhether the parameters as finite as · Program Rollouta set budget or as unknown like newclient sales, this parameter-driven styleof designing lets us effectively adapt toa wide scope of projects. Ultimately,this results in a creatively designedproject that actually works! BRINGING BRANDS TO LIFE.
  6. 6. The Design SolutionWhat a great design team brings tothe table is perspective, talent, andexperience. We work as a partners onevery project receiving input from everydesigner. Each challenge is collaborativebecause great results come from gatheringopinions and ideas together to create theright solution. Our designers all contributedifferent experiences, diverse knowledgeand a unique understanding of our clients.With various strengths, from 2D graphics to3D engineering, having multiple designersspending time on your project assures thatyou have the most well-rounded designsolution possible. Whether your project isa branding a corporate headquarters orproducing a large volume Point-of-Purchasedisplay, the team at DD works in concertto provide the best solution to your designneeds. BRINGING BRANDS TO LIFE.
  7. 7. ProductionAll the best design work in the worldwill not get you very far if there isn’ta great production team to bringit to life. Working side-by-side, ourCraftsmen and Designers develop wellengineered products that can be costeffectively built and installed whilemeeting our client’s expectations.We may be called Dimensional Design,but our craftsmen never take a backseatto our design team… In fact, we oftenview them as the strength of our company,pun intended. Our incredible team isskilled in materials from wood and plasticto metals and solid surface. This broadexperience allows the design team topush the boundaries while giving ourclient more for their money. BRINGING BRANDS TO LIFE.
  8. 8. Hospitality Branded Environments · Special Displays · Events · Exhibit Design · Hospitality Design · Retail Displays · Retail Signage BRINGING BRANDS TO LIFE.
  9. 9. Corporate GraphicsAdvertising Sells Products, butCorporate Graphics define acompany. They build a culture.They build a brand. Brand Consulting · Corporate Identity · Logo Development · Print Collateral · MARCOM · Packaging Design · Display & Exhibit BRINGING BRANDS TO LIFE.
  10. 10. Corporate GraphicsAdvertising Sells Products, butCorporate Graphics define acompany. They build a culture.They build a brand. Brand Consulting · Corporate Identity · Logo Development · Print Collateral · MARCOM · Packaging Design · Display & Exhibit BRINGING BRANDS TO LIFE.
  11. 11. Corporate Identity “Our Brains areHardwired to Notice What’s different” - Marty Neumeir BRINGING BRANDS TO LIFE.
  12. 12. Displays Case StudyDiversiTechEvery design firm wants to feel likethey are a partner with their clientand occasionally you achieve that.Our relationship with DiversiTech hasbeen just that. Working alongside theDiversiTech marketing team on over 25projects. in partnership with DiversiTech, aninternational HVAC product manufacturer, todevelop and grow their brand position withintheir industry.DD has designed and crafted a range ofdiverse projects for DiversiTech includingtradeshow exhibits, product packaging, andeven retail permanent, promotional, andspecialized displays. Working alongsidethe DiversiTech marketing team on over 25projects, from the start of this vision, andas a result together we have developedrelationships and stand-out brand zone thatlasts.Through our full roll-out program ofgraphics, displays, packaging, andshipping, DiversiTech was ableto expand a bold presence costeffectively. BRINGING BRANDS TO LIFE.
  13. 13. University of TennesseeDD was brought in by ARAMARK’sSports and Entertainment team tocreate a fresh, upgraded fan experiencefor the UT’s historic Neyland Stadium.Being one of America’s first footballstadiums, it holds over 100,000 fans.We were given 2 major challenges:The 1st challenge was to refresh the lowerlevel of the stadium, built in 1921, not redesignit due to it’s architectural significance. The 2ndchallenge: The first game was in 7 weeks!DD answered the challenge by creating a highenergy, UT branded signage package combinedwith large format historical photographs. Wethen implemented the new signage into over30 food areas throughout the stadium. Afterthe concession stands, we detailed muchof the rest of the stadium with wayfindinggraphics, popcorn carts, lemonade stands,and Coca-Cola graphics.This combination brought many areasalive without losing the classic lookof this hallowed stadium consideredsacred ground by its fans. All-in-all,the DD team installed over 480graphics in 2 weeks and left thestadium just 24 hours beforekickoff. BRINGING BRANDS TO LIFE.
  14. 14. Corporate InteriorsGrant and Team,We owe you a huge debt ofgratitude and I do not think wecould ever fully repay you and yourawesome team.Thanks is never enough but it hasto be said. Thank you so much foreverything.HOOAH!Dan, for the AMC Team!Colonel Daniel WilliamsU.S.ArmyArmy Materiel Command BRINGING BRANDS TO LIFE.
  15. 15. Marketing Interiors Marketing Centers · Reception Areas · Teleconference Centers · Presentation Rooms · Product Centers · Technology Areas BRINGING BRANDS TO LIFE.
  16. 16. Manufacturing Capabilities Fabrication & Production Custom Finishes & Coatings Electrical & SpecialtyOur craftsmen work closely with our • Architectural Millwork • Stains / Fine Finishing • LED Lightingdesigners and project managers to pushthe boundaries of matieral usage and new • Custom Cabinetry and Laminate Casework • Color Matching • Low Voltage Lightingprocesses as well as production efficiencies • Standard / Exotic Veneer Panels • Faux Finishes • Lightboxesto deliver a quality product for our clients.Our extensive experience allows us to contain • Embossed Veneer Panels • Epoxy Coatings • Display Lightingcosts while ensuring production timelines. • Modular Wall Systems • Lacquers / Polyurethanes • Waterwall Systems • Custom Slatwall / Pegboard • Live Water Displays • Specialty Material Fabrication Graphic Production • Solid Surface and Stone • Vinyl Lettering / Graphics Themed Environments • Acrylics, Styrene, and PVC • Tension Cloth Graphics • Faux Surfaces • Urethanes / Castings • Dimensional Signage • Hard Coatings • EPS Foams • Large Formal Graphics • Foam Carving / Sculpturing • Aluminum Fabrication • Lightbox Graphics • Tension Cloth Structures • Steel Fabrication • Upholstery • Stainless Steel • Custom Murals / Decor • Specialty Hardware • Etched Glass and Sandblasting BRINGING BRANDS TO LIFE.
  17. 17. Design Capabilities Corporate Interiors • Print Collateral • Millwork FabricationDD has fused a team that combines • Marketing Areas • MARCOM • Specialty Displaysour creative design energy with thelogic of a craftsmen’s mind. We work • Lobby & Reception • Packaging Design • Visual Merchandisinghard building chemistry with our clients • Exhibit Display • Display & Exhibitto guide their marketing strategy andmake them standout. • Training Interiors Products • Custom Office Systems Retail Displays: • Consumer • Finishes & Surfaces • Point of Purchase • Furniture • Product Kiosks • Architectural Lighting Hospitality • Live Product Displays • Kiosk • Restaurant • Point-of-Sale • Bar & Club • Interactive Kiosks Signage • Arena & Stadium • Showroom Displays • Marquee • Theater • Plan-o-gram • Corporate • Branded Environments • Rollout Implementation • Commercial • Wayfinding Graphics: Retail Environments • Informational • Brand Consulting • Store Planning • Architectural • Corporate Identity • Prototyping • Specialty • Logo Development • Architectural Construction BRINGING BRANDS TO LIFE.
  18. 18. Client References BRINGING BRANDS TO LIFE.
  19. 19. THANK YOU3505 Newpoint Place, Ste. 400 Lawrenceville, GA 30043 Learn more about DD and the team @ T: 678.376.1550 F: 678.376.1581 BRINGING BRANDS TO LIFE.