Staff appraisal sampleA staff appraisal system is one of the most effective tools for managing and developingemployee skil...
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Staff appraisal sample


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Staff appraisal sample

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Staff appraisal sample

  1. 1. Staff appraisal sampleA staff appraisal system is one of the most effective tools for managing and developingemployee skills. A good appraisal system is one that gives management a clear picture ofthe staffing areas that need more attention and improvement.Many of the appraisal systems adopted by businesses fail miserably due to one majorreason; the systems tend to be used more as comparison tools rather than as evaluationtools. Therefore, this tends to create an unhealthy competitive environment within abusiness and can in turn have a damaging effect on staff morale.Performance appraisals should be conducted to help identify an employees strengths andweaknesses in the current role they carry out for a business. They should not be used as aplatform to blame an employee for any departmental or overall business failures that haveoccurred during the year. A good appraisal system, following a thorough review ofperformance, should provide an employee with a set of objectives and individual targetsfor him or her to focus on over the following year. This should be a good way ofmotivating and inspiring them.When undertaking a staff appraisal it may be a good time to cover any training ordevelopmental requirements of an employee. For instance, whilst conducting a reviewyou may have identified that a particular employee needs further training for them tocarry out new duties or responsibilities you would like to assign to them.If staff appraisals are undertaken properly, there are a couple of other important benefits.Firstly, a staff appraisal is a great opportunity for an employee to share their ideas asregards how they can improve their role in the business. They may also be able to giveyou some valuable insight as to how to improve the performance of their department as awhole. Staff appraisals also give employees the opportunity to ask any questions or gothrough any job queries they may have. This is important as again you can address theirconcerns and this will hopefully allow them to undertake their duties more efficiently andeffectively. In addition, good staff appraisals will identify talented staff members andthey can be rewarded or promoted accordingly.It is not necessary that an appraisal system has to follow a yearly cycle. It can also bedone on a quarterly, monthly or half yearly basis. This increased frequency can help youidentify areas, at a far earlier stage, where improvement is needed or changes need to bemade. Thus this can save a lot of wasted time and money in the long- run.In essence, staff appraisals are a great business tool if used properly. They should be usedto identify the strengths and weaknesses of your workforce, update their targets andduties based on that evaluation, gain feedback from staff members and consider anypromotion or further training issues. : Over 200 ebooks, templates, forms forperformance appraisal.