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NIS server installation


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NIS server installation under LINUX

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NIS server installation

  1. 1. Prepared byDima Gomaa
  2. 2.  sudo apt-get install nis  It will install NIS files It will ask for NIS server name let’s call it “NIS-server” sudo apt-get install portmap  It will install portmap “is a server that converts RPC program numbers into DARPA protocol port numbers. It must be running in order to make RPC calls”
  3. 3.  vi /etc/default/portmap  comment out the ARGS="-i" line
  4. 4.  vi /etc/default/nis  Go to line NISSERVER = false and change it to true or master  In most of the documentation you will find it master as there is another NIS server configured as slave one  If you will use only one NIS server make it only true
  5. 5.  vi /etc/yp.conf  Add line  ypserver IP “where IP is the IP of the NIS Server” vi /etc/ypserv.seurenets  hash the line contains  allow the client machines that will connect to the NIS server  Add the line  host IP “where IP is the IP of the client machines”
  6. 6.  build the database for the first time  sudo /usr/lib/yp/ypinit –m
  7. 7.  sudo service portmap restart sudo service nis restart sudo make –C /var/yp
  8. 8.  useradd nisuser1 passwd nisuser1 “and choose the password” cd/var/yp make To check if the users added correctly  ypmatch nisuser1 passwd  It will return the line of that user encrypted password