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Work & organizational psychology


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Work & Organizational Psychology

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Work & organizational psychology

  1. 1. Presented by - Diluwar Hassan P.U, M.L.I.S
  2. 2.  a job or activity that you do regularly especially in order to earn money  the place where you do your job  the things that you do especially as part of your job
  3. 3.  Organization is a group of people who work inter-dependently towards some purpose
  4. 4.  Psychology is nothing but the study of mind and behaviour of human being.  the way of a person or group thinks.  the mental or behavioural characteristics of an individual or group.
  5. 5.  Work and Organizational Psychology is a field of psychology that applies psychological principles and science to help solve problems of work, business and organizations.  Work Psychology has the potential to help people be more productive and prosperous in their jobs, and to feel good about work
  6. 6.  Work and Organizational Psychology is the study of people and their behaviour at work, and of the organizations in which people work. To promote and advance understanding of individual, group and organizational effectiveness at work, and satisfaction of people working in.  The scientific study of the relationship between man and the world of the work.
  7. 7.  To make organization healthy & profitability  Recruit & select suitable employee  Identify & development leaders  Train & develop their workforce  To motivate employees to achieve organizational goals
  8. 8.  Scientists who derive principles of individual, group, and organizational behaviour through research;  Consultants and staff psychologists who develop scientific knowledge and apply it to the solution of problems at work; and  Teachers who train in the research and application of Industrial-Organizational Psychology.
  9. 9.  i/o psychology  Work psychology  w/o psychology  Occupational psychology
  10. 10.  To make organization high productive.  The workers lead physically an psychologically healthy lives.  To solve the various problems in the word of work. E.g. - hiring better employees, improving communication and increasing job satisfaction.
  11. 11.  Job analysis is the main key used by work and organizational psychologists.  Helps to identify essential characteristics of a job through interviews, supervisors and expert in the field. Job analysis :-
  12. 12.  Job satisfaction  Higher productivity  Coordination & cordial relationship among employees  Team spirit