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Irrigation project

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Irrigation project

  1. 1. Irrigation Project
  2. 2. What is my idea? What is irrigation?My idea is to save water and Irrigation is the meaning of howget it at any time for the crops water is transported over the landto grow. With the new so that the crops can be watered.Waterprayer you will never The land that is being irrigatedever have to be without usually contains crops, such aswater, and your plants will vegetables that are not receiving enough water. The amount ofhave as much water as they water that is to be used forneed. I will make more irrigation is dependent on the typestreams for the water to pass of plants that is being and block some of the There are some countries in thestreams with a freezer made world where water is used for irrigation more than for otherout of a roof to protect it from purposes.the sun.
  3. 3. How will I do this? Why did I Come Up With This Idea?With the Waterprayer you will I came up with this idea becauseneed to build lots of streams in the mesopotamian age thearound the plants. The plants will plants did not receive enoughthen receive a huge amount ofwater. But in some corners there water because the sun wouldwill be streams that have a roof so make the water and the plantsthat the water can not evaporate. dry out. And in some seasons itThe roof will be made of a wood was very warm so the plantstrunk that will maintain cold with would receive no water becauselots of moss. In every row therewill be at least one roof. The there was no roof to protect itstreams will always be going from the sunlight shining all day.downhill so that the watersurrounds the whole garden.