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Curriculum vitae cv template


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Curriculum vitae cv template

  1. 1. 1 Scientific Revolution and Enlightenment Curriculum Vitae Personal Information Work Experience Dates (from – to) 1588- 1679 Name and address of employer William Cavendish- Newcastle street 29, Newcastle England. Occupation or position held Tutor for Maths, Science, political advice Main activities and responsibilities Tutoring, Politician Educationand Training Name and type of organization providing education and training Hertford College, Oxford (1603-1608)Malmesbury School Principal subjects/ occupational skills covered Political Scientist, Academic, Historian, Philosopher, Journalist Title of qualification awarded Law, Mathematics, Science Publications Name Thomas Hobbes Address Westport, Wiltshire Mother tongue English Other languages spoken German, Italian, French Religion Christian Nationality England Date of Birth April 5, 1588
  2. 2. 2 Total number of publications: 45 Leviathan was my most successful book I published as it was well known. It is regarded as the earliest and most influential examples of social contract theory. It is about society and my example of a good government. De Cive was his first book that he published on political philosophy. The book focuses on political sections like: liberty, empire and religion. The Odyssey was a publishing translations of homer’s book. He included the right of the individual and the importance of republican government. ** The following is my personal philosophy: My personal philosophy is that a government should be run by a King or Queen, the reason why is because it lets one person to decide what should be done. I believe that absolute monarchy is the best way to handle a government. People are t oo selfish to make their own decisions. The reason why is because they would do anything to make their own position better. As I said once “Governments were created to protect people from their own selfishness and evilness.” I believe that nobody would want to promote a countries life, they would just want to promote their own life, and put themselves in a higher positions. How I have made an impact in my field: I made an impact in my field by having high power in the government. What I believed became true, the king appreciated what I had to offer. I sat in many parliament debates, which let me have a controlled direct monarchy. In many of the debates we discussed how to control a king’s power, which would not make him selfish. I decided that we would have many representatives controlling different things the king could decide.
  3. 3. 3 How peoplein my field or the general publicview me: Lots of people viewed me as a strategic person, as I found the best ways to make a government work well. For example William Cavendish who sat in many parliaments with me knew what I had to say, and he could tell you how bright and successful my ideas were, because he was the one who brought me to these parliaments and let me share my ideas, which he trusted. How I contributed to the paradigm shift in the 17th and 18th Centuries: I contributed highly, because of my theory which said that a government should be run by one, and not let the chance for everyone to be free. As people want to only make their own choices and their own life perfect. How my ideas are alivetoday: My ideas are still alive today, for example, in my opinion my ideas are also alive in many companies as there is one main boss or CEO which decides what happens. Companies only work if there is a final decision made by one person that can control everything. My ideas really seem to spread and work as companies are making a huge amount of money now. An exampleof a policy that goes against my beliefs that needs to be changed somewhere in the world today is: North Korea is an example which needs to be changed today as the country is brutally treating their citizens. One ruler is deciding everything but nobody is there to tell him what is wrong. Selfishness was exactly what I wanted to prevent but since this dictator has too much power he became selfish and made things the way he wanted.
  4. 4. 4 I have had the following problemswith the police and / or church: The kings we gaining too much power, so my ideas started to become bad, from peoples view. The following three (3) quotes best describe my work: “Governments were created to protect people from their own selfishness and evil.” “Consequently, giving power to the individual would create a dangerous situation that would start a “war of every man against every man. And make life solitary, poor, nasty, brutish and short.” “If men are naturally in a state of war why do they always carry arms and why do they have keys to lock their doors?”