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AIESEC is the world's largest student organisation, but it is far more than just that. Here is a look at what AIESEC does, and how it does it...

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  2. 2. AIESEC Entities 110 countries, 6 regions • Africa • Asia-Pacific • Central and Eastern Europe • Iberoamerica • Middle East & North Africa • Western Europe & North America
  3. 3. 1948 foundation date AIESEC in the World 110 countries and territories 1,700 universities 50,000 members worldwide 800,000 alumni 470 conferences 10,000 exchange experiences 9,000 leadership experiences 4,000 partners
  4. 4. 1995 Foundation Date 5 Universities 20 Local Partners 50 Annual Traineeships 2 Annual National Conferences 80 Globally Minded, Responsible Leaders AIESEC in Sri Lanka 40 Annual Leadership Opportunities
  5. 5. University of Moratuwa University of Colombo University of Sri Jayewardenepura University of Kelaniya Wayamba University of Sri Lanka Five Sri Lankan Universities
  6. 6. Wayamba University and AIESEC
  7. 7. What is AIESEC?
  8. 8. What We Envision?
  9. 9. Our Impact
  10. 10. The Way We Do It
  11. 11. Our Values
  12. 12. Global Internship Program
  13. 13. Management Development Education Technical Types of Internships Internships related to administration, finance, accounting, marketing, project management and Human Resources Long-term: 12-18 months Internships related to promotion, curriculum development, teaching, and counseling in the education sector. Various durations. Usually with NGOs, internships usually relate to wide variety of issues in community development. Short-term: 2-3 months Internships related to management and development in web, software, networks, and databases, plus some engineering. Long-term: 6-12 months
  14. 14. Development and Educational Internships Development internship (Development Traineeship) is one in which the intern has a direct interaction or working on the development of an unprivileged group of persons or community. Majority of the work in a Development internship has to be based on areas related to community development issues, NGO such as HIV/AIDS, Education, Children, etc. Education Internship (Education Traineeship) Relate to promotion, curriculum development, teaching, and counseling in education sector.
  15. 15. What you will get from Development and Education Traineeships?  Work in Social Works or Education sector with people from different countries, religions  Personality & skill development  International Exposure  Development of language skills  Learn other culture and language  Team work  Learn new things  Cultural experience  Intercultural-skills  Self-discovery
  16. 16. To apply you should have; o Experience in the Relevant Field o Professional Qualifications o Fluency in English Technical & Management Internships
  17. 17. Technical Traineeships Management Traineeships Project Management Marketing HR Business Administration Finance Economics Industrial Engineering Software Development and Programming Web development and management Electronic & Electrical Engineering
  18. 18. Student Resume + CV in English •Write a motivational letter to our Vice President of Exchange/ Project Manager ( template will be provided when you send email of interest). •Fill in our skill of applicant form •Prepare your CV in English •Send the three files it to us and wait for our reply to book a time for Review Board. Student Review Board + EP Contract + Fee •Read about AIESEC through our website. •Pay first part of fee before the Review Board 500 SEK and it is refundable if you did not pass it. •If you passed the Review Board , pay the second part of fee (According to your internship preference ) Exchange Preparation Seminar •Learn how to •Search for internships in database •You have to attend matching meeting with us. •Apply for internship •Attend our Outgoing preparation Seminar. •Prepare yourself for living abroad Searching for internship = Matching •AIESEC provides person responsible for you – EP Buddy •You search and apply for offers you like •You should fill into our bi-weekly reports. • After finding an offer and being accepted , you send acceptance note to the TN taker. How to take part in Exchange Program?
  19. 19. Few things about our… AIESEC internships:  Can take place in any organization outside intern’s home country  If the organization decides to employ the intern permanently, AIESEC will not be in charge of it  Intern Should be;  an undergraduate or recent graduate  not older that 30 years  basic English speaking skills  Not allowed to do internship two times in one organization / company / project  Duration: min 6 weeks, max 78 weeks.
  20. 20. We offer you an amazing opportunity… To develop yourself and discover the world through our Outgoing Exchange Program!
  21. 21. Next Steps… 21 Send us email of interest along with your CV to before 13th November 2010 Participate for the Info-Session on, Date November 13, 2010 Location Department of Physics - University of Colombo Time 9.00am - 11.00am For more details, Contact: Tharindu 0774064226 Kalani 0716104904