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Connecting the Lost Dimension


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Connecting the Lost Dimension

  1. 1. Connecting the Lost Dimension Looking at disconnected spaces between Wynyard Station and Wynyard Park Lilian Lau 200415768
  2. 2. “ Design dies in junk-space. Regurgitation is the new creativity...Superstrings of graphics, transplanted emblems of franchise and sparkling infrastructures of light, LEDs and video describe an authorless world, yet intensely familiar” - Koolhaas’ “Junk-space” pg164 “ Junk space has to swallow more and more program to survive, soon we will be able to do anything anywhere. We will have conquered place”. - Koolhaas’ “Junk-space
  3. 4. “ man is a part of his environment and that if he forgot that he would only alienate and disrupt the environment” - Norberg Schultz “Phenomenon of Place”
  4. 6. Connecting the Lost Dimension Conceptual Model
  5. 8. Progression Continue to look at the quality of spaces between Wynyard Station and Wynyard Park through models, animations and sketches I have created. More in depth look at the points of collision connecting the interventions and the station below.