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How tos - social media campaign with facebook


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Learn how to make successful social media campaign on Facebook. Presentation prepared by social media professional having 3+ year of experience. Reach me at

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How tos - social media campaign with facebook

  1. 1. withSocial MediaCampaignSuccessfulon
  2. 2.
  3. 3. Social Media Campaign is not Ready to Eat foodPost on faceb as per your target audience’s interestAnalyze results through analyticsUpdate your social media strategy based on user’s interest
  4. 4. Facebook Campaign AnalysisAnalyze Facebook analyticsOverview / Likes / Research / Talking about thisRe-plan facebook posting strategy based on analysisWait for new response towards new strategyAnalyze current campaign againUpdate your Facebook campaign strategy
  5. 5. Analyze: Overview / Likes / Research / Talking about this
  6. 6. for viewing Reach me by