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Mastering metrics and coping with cognos


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Given with Greg Kutinov at Social Connections

Published in: Technology
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Mastering metrics and coping with cognos

  1. 1. Mastering Metrics and Coping with Cognos
  2. 2. And you are?Sharon Bellamy Greg Kutinov Socialshazza 10 years WebSphere Connections since V3.011 years WebSphere Integrating ICS productsConnections since V2 Domino developmentIntegrating ICS products DB2 AdminLikes: Disney, Marmite & Likes: Sports – VolleyballWorld of Warcraft Dislikes: Very slow internetDislikes: Melting Ice Cream connection – bores me !!
  3. 3. Agenda• Installation• Configuring and federating• Patching• Configuring LDAP• Metric and Connections• I H S configuration• Configuring cubes• Metrics mastered
  5. 5. PreRequisites• Databases – create the Cognos & Metrics DBs• WAS ( – installed, patched• DB2 client installed on Cognos machine and configured to connect to the DBs above• Cognos software
  6. 6. WAS nodes• Wiki:manageprofiles.bat -create -templatepathWAS_install_rootprofileTemplatesdefault -adminUserName was_admin_name -adminPassword was_admin_password• Recommendation:manageprofiles.bat -create -templatepathWAS_install_rootprofileTemplatesdefault –profileName Cognos• SSO Win:ktab –m source.keytab destination.keytabktab –list –k destination.keytab
  7. 7. Product versionsThe whole Cognos bundle - IBM Cognos BusinessIntelligence for Connections Activities V4.0 MultilingualMultiplatform eAssembly (CRJU4ML):1. IBM Cognos Business Intelligence Server 10.1.1 : 64-bit Windows (CI5VMML), 32-bit Windows (CI5VLML), 32-bit AIX (CI5VSML), 64-bit AIX (CI5VTML), 32-bit Linux x86(CI5W6ML), 64-bit Linux x86 (CI5W7ML), 32-bit Linux onSystem z (CI5W4ML), 64-bit Linux on System z (CI5W5ML)2. IBM Cognos Business Intelligence Transformer 10.1.1 :Windows (CI2Q1ML), AIX (CI2Q4ML), Linux x86 CI2Q6ML,Linux on System z (CI2QHML)
  8. 8. OS patching & preparing• Patch the OS: TL0 SP3 Recommended Base Patch Level (AIX); compat-libstdc++-33 compat-glibc-2.3.2, openmotif-2.2.3 (Linux RH)… - http://www- 63#linux• DB2client – catalog a node with the Metrics db for Transformer (db2 catalog tcpip…/ db )• PowerCubes folder – local for Windows only• or CognosConfig.tar• Provide 4 JDBC drivers - /CognosSetup/BI- Customization/JDBC
  9. 9. Planning the properties filewas.install.path=C:IBMWebSphereAppServer cognos.admin.password=*** PASSWORD REMOVED ***was.local.admin.username=wstestwas.local.admin.password=*** PASSWORD cognos.namespace=IBMConnectionsREMOVED *** cognos.db.type=db2 cognos.db.user=LCUSERcognos.transformer.issetup=C:Distrtransformer_10.1.1win32issetup.exe cognos.db.password=*** PASSWORD REMOVEDcognos.biserver.install.path=C:IBMCognosBI metrics.db.type=db2 Files(x86)IBMCognosTransformer metrics.db.user=LCUSERcognos.contextroot=cognos metrics.db.password=*** PASSWORD REMOVED ***
  10. 10. Installing• cognos-setup.log:All properties provided for Cognos databaseAll properties provided for Metrics databaseJDBC Connection SuccessSuccess to verify the JDBC connection to Cognos ContentStore database.JDBC Connection SuccessSuccess to verify the JDBC connection to Metrics database.... performing validation check completedInstalling Cognos ...BUILD SUCCESSFUL…
  11. 11. Configuring & federating• cognos-configure.log…Finished Import Metrics Report Package into CognosSetup Cube path variable into CognosFinished Setup Cube path variable into Cognos……All forward references were resolvedFinished Setup Cube Models… -> the folder metricsmodel appears within theTransformer installation directory• Federating the Cognos node:addNode–profileName iCognos –includeapps• Verifying the cognos node get started & synchronized, then starting the cognos server
  12. 12. Verifying the installation
  14. 14. Applying fix packs• cognos.biserver.install.path to be specified during installation of the fix pack• Generating a new cognos.ear file with cognos- setup-update• Replacing the “entire application” with a new cognos.ear on the Deployment Manager (run the cognos node and resynchronize)• Updating the Cognos server configuration with cognos-configure-update
  15. 15. LDAP Authenticating
  16. 16. Accessing global and community metrics
  17. 17. IBMConnectionsMetricsAdmin
  18. 18. IHS applying• LotusConnections-config.xml:<sloc:serviceReference bootstrapHost="" bootstrapPort="" clusterName="admin_replace" enabled="true"serviceName="cognos" ssl_enabled="true"> <sloc:href> <sloc:hrefPathPrefix>/cognos</sloc:hrefPathPrefix> <sloc:static href="" ssl_href=""/> <sloc:interService href=""/> </sloc:href> </sloc:serviceReference>
  19. 19. Cognos cubes errors
  20. 20. Rebuilding Cognos cubes• Transformer logs - trxschelog.log09.10.2012 0:08:27,88 : daily refresh fail09.10.2012 9:59:52,02 : build all data fail19.10.2012 17:56:18,65 : rebuild 201210 success19.10.2012 17:57:31,35 : build all data success• Rebuild-all.bat…"C:Program Files (x86)IBMCognosTransformerbincogtr" -n2 -i -c -s -g -f"C:Program Files(x86)IBMCognosTransformermetricsmodelpromptStartBuild.xml" -m"C:Program Files(x86)IBMCognosTransformermetricsmodelMetricsAuditCube.mdl""C:Program Files (x86)IBMCognosTransformerbincogtr" -n2 -i -c -s -g -f"C:Program Files(x86)IBMCognosTransformermetricsmodelpromptBuildAllData.xml" -m"C:Program Files(x86)IBMCognosTransformermetricsmodelMetricsTrxCube.mdl“…
  21. 21. Global Metrics output sample
  22. 22. Communities metrics sample
  23. 23. Regular maintenance• A sample of the trxschelog file:28.10.2012 0:05:02,41 : Delete the existing cube fileC:IBMCognosBIPowerCubesMetricsTrxCube20121001-20121031.mdc.28.10.2012 0:07:34,95 : rebuild 201210 fail29.10.2012 0:07:24,23 : daily refresh fail29.10.2012 15:31:55,65 : build all data success30.10.2012 0:07:57,62 : daily refresh fail30.10.2012 10:02:30,65 : daily refresh fail30.10.2012 10:03:52,85 : build all data success30.10.2012 10:08:54,25 : daily refresh success30.10.2012 17:18:42,84 : Delete the existing cube fileC:IBMCognosBIPowerCubesMetricsTrxCube20121001-20121031.mdc.30.10.2012 17:20:19,26 : rebuild 201210 success31.10.2012 0:07:25,50 : daily refresh success31.10.2012 9:34:50,17 : Delete the existing cube fileC:IBMCognosBIPowerCubesMetricsTrxCube20121001-20121031.mdc.31.10.2012 9:36:58,74 : daily refresh success01.11.2012 0:08:40,82 : daily refresh success01.11.2012 11:28:03,78 : build all data success02.11.2012 0:07:54,96 : daily refresh success03.11.2012 0:08:47,66 : daily refresh success
  24. 24. Useful Documentation• Installing WebSphere Application Server for Cognos Business Intelligence• Installing DB client for Cognos Transformer• Installing required patches on the Cognos BI Server system• Installing Cognos Business Intelligence components• Configuring Cognos Business Intelligence after installation• Federating the Cognos server to the Deployment Manager• Validating the Cognos BI server installation• Configuring Cognos Business Intelligence