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A short guide to tefl


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A short guide to tefl

  1. 1. A Short Guide to TEFL By D P Gates
  2. 2. Would you like to live and work here?
  3. 3. How about here?
  4. 4. Maybe even here?
  5. 5. Well, you can if you…
  6. 6. Do a TEFL Course
  7. 7. Teaching English as a Foreign Language
  8. 8. Read my new e-book
  9. 9. Amazon review “If you’re thinking of a career in TEFL, thenreading this book ought to be your starting place”
  10. 10. Learn how to become a EFL Teacher
  11. 11. Choose the right TEFL course
  12. 12. Find work as an English teacher
  13. 13. Find this great e-book onAmazon or Smashwords