Ict 2


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Ict 2

  1. 1. SSI3013: Information and Communication Technology in ScienceNOR FADILAH BT ZAKARIA D20101037413NUR FARALINA ASRAB ALI D20101037415SYAZANA BT ISMAIL D20101037417 TITLE: SMART SCHOOL
  2. 2. Introduction A learning institution that has been systemically reinventedin terms of teaching and learning as well as the improvement of the school management processes. The Smart School project was introduced as one of the seven Flagship applications of the Multimedia SuperCorridor (MSC), a gargantuan government project that aims at building Malaysia’s capability in the ICT area.The Smart School Flagship aims to reinvent the educational system in Malaysia in order to ensure the achievement of Vision 2020.
  3. 3. Provide all-round development of the individual (intellectual, physical, emotional and spiritual). Provide opportunities toDemocratise education. Smart enhance individual strengths and School abilities. Initiative Produce a thinking Increase participation and technology of stakeholders. literate workface
  4. 4. Curiculum TeachingTeaching & and learning Pedagogy materials Learning Concepts Assesement
  5. 5. CURICULUMIt has a different format in that the intended learningoutcomes are explicitly stated at different levels.There are four knowledge to be infused in the SmartSchool curriculumThe skills covered for the former are wider and includeinformation technology skillsPEDAGOGYAppropriate mix of learning strategies to ensure masteryof basic competencies and promotion of holisticdevelopment,Allowance for individual differences in learning styles toboost performanceClassroom atmosphere compatible with differentteaching-learning strategies
  6. 6. Assessment Element- Criterion-Holistic Based referenced Learner- Online centered Assessment
  7. 7. Teaching and Learning MaterialMeets curricular and instructional needs, is cost effective,as well as cosmetically and technically adequate .Cognitively challenging, attractive, motivates students tolearn, and encourages active participation.Combines the best of network-based, teacher-based andcourseware materials.
  8. 8. Technology as enabler Can a Smart Schools be implemented without IT???• Gan (2000, p.81) maintains that, on the basis of the conceptual definition for Smart Schools that rests on the premise to educate Malaysian children for and with the tools of Information Age, “Smart Schools without IT will definitely not be able to produce generation of IT- literate Malaysian[s] ready for the challenges of the Information Age”.
  9. 9. • Technology help the Smart Schools to achieve their goals quickly and efficiently.• The blueprint gives examples of IT- enriched teaching and learning practices and their implications for IT.• “Every computer shall have access to the latest educational materials available locally, as well as to external resources” (ibid.,p.102)
  10. 10. Overview of Progress Wave 2 Wave 3 Wave 4Wave 1 SSI rolled Consolidation Makes all Consolidate out to 87 of Smart school smart and stabilizePilot Schools School by 2010 Technology principles (10000 becomes key Smart enabler in School) teaching & learning.
  11. 11. Challenges Faced During Inception of Smart School In Malaysia1) Awareness of society - they feel Smart School are same with normal school - doesn’t know much about Smart School - Many people had the notion that the smart school was a school was a school for smart student only2) Effort to prepare teachers as catalysts - they are the core of the nation’s education system therebyacting as changing agent for the nation3) Limited internet coverage - especially in rural area4) High cost
  12. 12. ConclusionThe Smart School concept is very relevant to us as theInformation age society. However, the implementation hasits own resistance to deal with. So, various stakeholdersinclude Ministry of Education, teachers, parents and studentsare committed to play their role effectively. Establishing ascientific and progressive society as to fulfill Vision 2020.