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Give Good (Das Bien)


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With the intention of sharing this small gift, humbly I translated it into the English language.
I hope that you should like him...

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Give Good (Das Bien)

  1. 1. ““GIIVE GOOD”” G VE G O O D 852105
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  3. 3. GIVE GOOD ( DAS BIEN )
  4. 4. Welcome “One day will appear a hand that helps you”, said to me someone when I was a child girl. Now, I see in my life and in that of the others that there are so many things to be achieved; so much dreams to be continued; so much love to be given, and to be received; nevertheless, Why to be we ourselves an obstacle to come to these?, Why doing such difficult and painful things to us?... seeing the life as horrible and undesirable; dying every day in our own solitude; in waiting of something that illuminates us, that "saves" us and, brings this happiness longed therefore time … I was lucky to meet the young author, and of our nice meeting I would like to share something that is burdened in my heart: "You do not try to finish everything immediately, begins gradually from what you can do …” I am sure that the messages of this book, as happened to me, it will appear like a hand that can help them to live better, one feels than with everything. Clau Saavedra.
  5. 5. Across the history, in different parts of the world, the knowledge has seemed to coincide in certain points; as signs to journey g o o d in the life. (3.1)
  6. 6. “Precedents” I think in this book, as in the Genesis of the Bible, that the principal misfortune of the man is the solitude. Already in the Genesis, God said it: “… it is not good that the man is alone”.(99)
  7. 7. In the life, there can be many obstacles; we should not be the principal one of all. Why to keep on working against ourselves? (9)
  8. 8. Many people, regularly, to live turns out to be to us a matter terribly complicated and unbearably. The problems of the world are so incredibly complex, that overwhelm us and distress with a sensation of incapability and neglect. Nevertheless, of form surprising -almost miraculous- we continue alive, every day longing for something more kind, simpler and with more felt. (95)
  9. 9. We want not to hurt ourselves, feel pain or misfortune, to suffer nor mistake us; then we do not experiment, do not see, do not feel; that is to say, we do not risk. And consequently we do not live, since to live implies an active and continuous commitment. To live supposes making the hands dirty; it implies falling down, going out of one himself, sometimes to suffer a little, to fight, and to work another slightly also; for a good. (95) Not everything has to happen in a supreme happiness level; the pain, the suffering or the sadness are a part of learning to live and mature. (9) The perfection is not an option, only an illusion; here the acceptance and the fondness is important to mature and to live. (9)
  10. 10. What I feel, I know, I please, I think, I value, I judge, I want, I dream, I am afraid, I desire, I hate, I do, I hope, I love, what I believe, what I understand; all this and of insurance more -define my person- it is me who is. And it are in constant change. (94) To be a person is necessary to become a person, to exist in process.(94) The knowledge, consists in: “of having my open mind; at any place and in any moment, I am starting” and this way I understand that I do not know -not at all. (34)
  11. 11. There is something that to consider, during journeying or the trip in the life -the rest of the life: “it is not necessary to leave aside the possibility of losing the life”. (5) Dying is something that we cannot control, to live is something that yes we can try. (42) We must try to live while there is life. (44)
  12. 12. What is the essential thing of me? Our body, the pleasure and the perfect use, the knowledge, the money, the possessions, beautiful children, a recognized work, an ideal couple, to be perfect, anyway. The essential thing; the purest, typical and important thing; extract of the man. Often we forget our fundamental part, our identity; the magic and the marvel of our secret being. Play a role that the society imposes on us, thinking essential to things that they can be obtained paying for them. (24) It is common to toil or to be addicted to these things, and to turn into them also; but, they constitute only the minimal part of what we can be. (52)
  13. 13. The search of the pleasure and the perfect satisfaction is almost an obsession in our society. The happiness is a part of our life; also it is the despair, the disappointment, the astonishment, and the death; also they are ours. It is not necessary to refuse to experience any of these aspects, it would be like refusing to the life in its entirety. (43) To refuse to experience the pain, the famine, the misery, a desolate look, the despair or the poverty; not only it is to protect us against the life, it is not to know and not to understand the death.(44)
  14. 14. That gloomy that for any the nonexistent thing does not exist. They do not know of what they get lost. (9) The world burns our decisions, our love, our dreams; if we superlive to it we will come out of the life. (7)
  15. 15. We all have learned to take decisions, to live, to love and to dream somehow. If one considers incorrectly or painfully the form as he has learned the things and wants to learn in different way, it can do it. There is hope. (24) The decisions, the love and the dreams, like everything; it is something wonderful that step by step we learn. I want to believe that these words can contribute to this cause. (6)
  16. 16. “I decided to write this book; and of insurance, you decided to read it.” (1) (15/06/09) THE DECISION
  17. 17. The decision, it is the base of everything, I live. (1) The inevitable whim in which we are. The “expression of our -full- freedom” that we takes all the time, always; it is a decision. (2) What is elementary, sign of the power, the control; it is the decision. (2)
  18. 18. Almost always it is necessary -to decide- to be born again to find the salvation of us ourselves, or to appreciate the beauty and to see what really is, without suspicions nor to feel fears always again to experience what is the life. (9) A decision, it is an act of attention and consent. (94) We have to assume our responsibility of choosing and of defining our life, the biggest good that we have. (88) The opposite case will life us turn out to be foreign to us, an accident. (108)
  19. 19. It is difficult to find this proper personality and to support it; and not to say “I am like that", but yes say “I am changing" and it is wonderful. (94) A decision is an effect and definition -partly- of our affections, feelings and emotions. (114) The environment in which we live and our history in him, it predisposes us to choose and to actuate of certain ways before certain situations. More on having matured; our decisions, our actions and our life go from our conscience, our personal conviction, -own- control and the integration. (94)
  20. 20. A well-known action as a consequence, waits without exceptions, after each of our present actions. Nevertheless, the world and the people do not stop threatening with a consequence different from the one that each one had imagined. (88) There is important of the intelligence, the value and the help of others; us not to decide to retire. (89)
  21. 21. External forces exist, but what truly imports, is as one reacts -chooses and actuates- one personally before them. Yes it is possible to find exhilaration, in the middle of the despair. (95) We are limited by our senses, our brain, our culture, personal learning, the language and between other things more, the rules of the science. In the previous, as in everything, it is something about what we decide and allow. (52) About the possible thing is possible to decide, of the impossible thing also one can. Deciding is to take a position, a point, in some moment, somewhere. (5)
  22. 22. Often it is not easy to decide for the suitable thing, the correct thing, the good thing; there is then necessary the will that changes the world, our world. (3) The will, this force that moves and transforms the world, is the affirmation of the decision all the time. (3) The will, the vital force of the living beings, develops better in a harder environment. (170)
  23. 23. We are a handful of decisions, pure will, inhabiting a moment; a small conscience for itself. (5) If your will does not occupy first place it is because there is another stronger will to which it is necessary to win. (5) We are inscribed, in the middle of very strong wills, conditions that commonly lead us to the perdition; that's why for many we have no freedom. (57)
  24. 24. It is fundamental -to decide- to be one himself, to avoid being transformed by the environment; nor to be to favor of the stinginess, the meanness, the sadness, the boredom, the impatience or the anger. More yes that one influences these. (96)
  25. 25. It is more logical and expected, that one should know who I am; before acting authentically -with me real I- to the others; but, I cannot do it, unless the others help me. (96)
  26. 26. We go all over, less to ourselves. (10) One of our first decisions should: "to be yourself”, or to choose to be spontaneous. Otherwise, we can forget who we are or turn out to be shut up in a mental asylum, for keeping quite inside. (13) Perhaps would it be bad be who I am? There is nothing of villain in being yourself. It is necessary to give me permission, it is a decision to be and to grow. (15) In Goethe words: "Become a man. Do not follow, but yes if the same”. (109)
  27. 27. When it come to be someone else is common and expected to fail. (78) Perhaps let's have neither the height nor the appearance that we would like; but, it is fundamental that each of us could see to himself and to believe that is the most incredible person of the world. And that I, I am the best thing that I have, one to be special and only being in the world. (78) And when we recognize and we embrace with affection who and the valuable thing that we are, and the potential that we have; then we will begin to advance. Since we are not nor the minim departs from what we can be.(78)
  28. 28. What do we possess in this life? I do not know that it means when someone believes that possesses something out of himself. Not even our body us belongs, little by little it leaves us or we leave it. Only I have myself; and I am the starting point for everything else, my world; with a decision. (13) The life is less real and less free, if one does not decide and learns to get rid of the things. (96)
  29. 29. That one that leaves to his body decide, his soul debilitates and condemns his mind. (13) It is not sufficient to be free, it is necessary to be a person in charge and also intelligently. (107)
  30. 30. To choose well and to do the right thing: what better than to know the God's word? (41) And if God give us a hand, better. (42)
  31. 31. When I am with some person tormented about his occupations, confused by his desires or conflicted for your many options of the life, I usually ask him for a list of ten or fifteen important things in his life; very much later, I ask him to arrange them and to choose or to recognize the most important three. After this analysis and some -own- decisions, I say to him: “now that you know what is really important, remain alone with it”, and as it should be the case it uses these magic words “It is well, it does not matter”. If you practise it, you will see that simple it is to live and what it frees one is on having become detached. (95) If we are capable of putting our interior in order, we will go so far as to develop everything what we are. (95)
  32. 32. Why will be that some persons usually see beautiful skies, the most pretty flowers and wonderful human beings; while others never find a place agreeable? (82) We ignore that the life of each one is within reach of his hands. We can choose the joy and the happiness or find the despair and the frustration, where he wants that one looks. (82) The happiness, it is only the pleasure and satisfaction, one- consequence of our particular attitude before the life.(142)
  33. 33. Despite the suffering, the wounds, the sadness and everything events, this capacity that we have of painting our paradise -or our hell- and to live in him, is wonderful. Some persons believe that they cannot choose or to decide, but this is his decision. Why not to choose to paint your paradise and to submerge in him? It is simple: You alone decide to do it and does it! (50)
  34. 34. “The expression of the good, the love.” (1) THE LOVE
  35. 35. The love, the decision to choose the good, is the beginning of the happiness. (1) This basic force that gives us support, reason and motive, energy, life; it is the love. (2)
  36. 36. If you are ready to be authentic, to risk and to suffer, you will be able to know the love, on loving or to the being loved. (95) The love is not -one- feeling, it is a decision and it is a verb. It is a verb that treats, to a noun. (114) The love is not so much how feeling, is more an action, to do, to give -the good. (119) It is not possible to take contact with the fact of being human beings, if we are alone. (95)
  37. 37. Human beings entering relation with other human beings, for the good, this is the principal thing. (15)
  38. 38. In one -relation of- couple, it does not grow in confidence separately; but yes, together, taken of the hand. (95) To communicate us and to establish intimate relations –significant and lasting– is absolutely essential. Otherwise, we would isolate ourselves in the madness. (88) The intimacy is not simple, it constitutes a big challenge to our ripeness; and it is our biggest hope. (94) We need ourselves some to others, already same. (88) The beings mentally insane are those who more have moved away from the others. (95)
  39. 39. In a good communication and intimate relation; we must recognize our fellow men as persons with dignity, sacred beings, not less of the than are they. (95) In a good relation, also the commitment is important; that beautiful way of sharing the solitude. (88)
  40. 40. To interrogate a person only puts it to the defensive. If you want that another person opens to you, then is you who must begin yourself for opening - to him or to her - speaking sincerely, clearly and openly whom you are, topcoat of your emotions and feelings. The result is almost automatic and immediate, like a miracle; another person acquires the conditions, the force, the confidence and the value to reveal his secrets and to communicate his feelings and his being. (99)
  41. 41. If I want to begin a good relation, I must not judge the complexity and the mystery of another human being, must be ready to accept it as it is. (97) Is possible to judge the actions of the persons, it is known like morality; but, to judge a person is an error that it is not necessary to commit, this is a God work. (97)
  42. 42. Equal of important, is the transparence and absolute sincerity, to find us and to grow; otherwise, it would be to construct -a relation- on the sand. (97) Is fundamental to share what is, our thoughts, our ideas, our beliefs, our desires, but topcoat our feelings and emotions. (104)
  43. 43. The truth, it is always the guessed right answer. (108) To deny the truth or to be insincere with ourselves; with intelligence, fantasy, avoidance or another way; it prevents us to be sincere with the others; and it sabotages our authenticity, by fragmenting our being. (98)
  44. 44. The biggest favor that I can do to myself and to you -another person- is to be real. To say to you who I am and to refer with all frankness and honesty my emotions, even if my thoughts and feelings are not of your taste. (98) The most important thing -and perhaps unique thing- that I could share with you, is myself; and the most important thing that you could share with me, is yourself.(98) And constantly I must show you who am I and you also must show me who are you; because, both we are in constant evolution. (99)
  45. 45. Some persons as like thieves or the delinquents, they treating us as things when they use us or abuse us, the persons (108) One of the fundamental fears is that they treat us like things, not like persons. Denied to a personality; it is an indignity so deep that not surprised that any of us never recover. (93) We are not objects, we are wonderful, sensitive and fragile persons. Is easy to hurt and to make to suffer someone and the same way simply to heal and to do good in him. We must treat each other care. (16)
  46. 46. An unequal relation, where another person is considered of low level -object- is an unworthy and insane relation. Since they do not communicate really, it is a monologue, where we stay isolated, boring, aggrieved, even in agony; without a real experience, without an authentic shared and learned personal meaning.(97) A person - object relation, is a relation of predictable expediency; more when the object wants to be treated as person, the conflicts will appear. (97)
  47. 47. When we were children, the world was a gigantic mystery that it would be necessary to discover. Still now, the persons and the world change all the time; we must value them, want them and live them like new things, for respect and for love. (88)
  48. 48. Is regular the horror that produce us the immoral professionals, erudite psychopaths or the corrupt academicians lodged in the government and in the society. Monsters, result of a bad education -and without ethics. The reading, the writing, the philosophy, and the sciences are only important if they serve so that the students, and the persons that we want to learn, we are more human. (85) In this world where the evil is growing and where the goods are more and more scarce, the love is more than a need. (161)
  49. 49. We receive something beautiful from the ground, from the sun, from our parents, some very beautiful thing of our friends, brothers and of God; we receive the life. We receive and receive every day; we receive, and: what do we give to the life? (50) Every day, you and each of us receives something from the life; we must give, so that others could live, also. (50)
  50. 50. What we receive, never is going to be sufficient; unless we are sufficient. (52) The surprise is big, and feeling, on having received something when it is not waited. It is necessary to do ours, to try the good in favor of other, without waiting for anything in compensation. (58) Since our moments of frustration and depression are due to the fact that someone did not satisfy with our expectations (88) More, if one stops waiting for something; everything will have it, although it is possible that it already has it. (61)
  51. 51. The only reason to be able to have something is to give it later. (9) The knowledge, our fantasies, the love and other really important things are of these things that we giving without one losing of them. We do not lose this capacity or condition for giving; the opposite usually happens, increases. (9)
  52. 52. Each one is a magic combination that never will recur again; that's why, each of us is one world to share. (85) Each one sees or perceives the world of a different way; nevertheless, is the same world. Would not it be grand that we could share this world and see it of many different ways? (85) I have the full conviction; of that those that his life is an alone pain, misfortune or agony, it is because they have not been lucky to see anything different. With help -of another person- that can change. (142) The persons we see clearer together, that alone. (95)
  53. 53. I cannot give what I do not have; then, I have to hoard -or want- love, comprehension, wisdom, intelligence, knowledge and other things of value, everything what later it could deliver to my neighbor; so that they assimilate it, accommodate and construct for them from here. (10) To have; one has to want, allow me to receive, and also to give me; between other things, the freedom. (58) It is not possible to fill with new and beautiful things anything that it is already busy. With our limited conditions; our mind and our interior must empty of oneself, to be able to introduce to everything else. (52)
  54. 54. It is suitable to take conscience of everything; to open my mind, to open my heart and to open my arms; to open me and to include everything. It is the first step to find myself and everything else. (58) We all have needs, although they are small in the physical plane, spend us the life trying to satisfy these needs, of our and of the persons of that we take care. Nevertheless, the most important needs are those related to what shape our interior. (13)
  55. 55. The persons knowledgeable about -humans- sciences the show that the way of handling our emotions will be key in the success or defeat in the adventure of living. Since the emotions are linked intensely with the pleasures or sufferings; also, with most of the interpersonal conflicts and with the good intimate and deep relations. Regularly, the human conduct is a result of the emotional forces. Then, it is believable that our heart, source of our power, could transform to the world. (99)
  56. 56. It is possible to see and it is probable not to see; in the possible of to see is the good thing and is the bad thing, so much how in the Being. The election of the good thing, it is a love election. (2) As signs to journey in the life, are the points of the way to God, there are signs of hope and of love. (3)
  57. 57. It is important to chase the good and also it is necessary to avoid the evil; to avoid the evil not only supports the health, but also does good. (7) The joy of to laugh, to do new things and committing little madness of so much as well as; it illuminates our day with something of magic. (88) Something that you usually do not see often, always turns out to be interesting. (105)
  58. 58. The conscience is needed to remedy the things that the world us to fact; that's why, it is necessary to listen to the voices that there is in our interior, his feelings, his intentions, his desires, the ideas that make us hate us and denigrate ourselves, that it causes us pain and conflict. (95) It is necessary to cry so that the suffering goes out, to show it; and to allow to others to be witnesses of our pain. (105) It is necessary to do the peaces with our wounds, our limitations and our weaknesses. It is necessary to embrace our wounds -and all this that is also ours- tenderly and fondly to have peace, to grow and simply to live with happiness. (95)
  59. 59. Sometimes we spend the life accusing and complaining to ourselves, without excusing the events nor to the people who has hurt us. Is necessary to embrace us and to embrace the persons, and to leave behind the past things; to go forward and to grow. (50) We all need the unconditional pardon to escape from the bitterness, from the pain and from the kept annoyance; to release our loads heavy and like that to forget them. And to excuse topcoat, to reach the peace. (28)
  60. 60. There is not human being who has not love. (160) We are related; if we are of fiancés, if we frequent appointments or exits, if we are couple, or if we are lovers, if we like us, if we love each other; the persons we are related, well. (99)
  61. 61. This attraction that exists with the persons or with the things; it can us do a love object to us. (7) The time that you spend and the things that you do with the persons or the things, it make them special and unique in the world; taking personal importance inside You, increasingly. (49) There comes a moment, where another individual -he or she- of some mysterious and indescribable way, turns for me -myself- into a special being -in you. (97) This is to what the person wise call meeting. A special form of relation between two persons; where -you- another person begins to be a part of my reality and of my interior world, and -I - in another person the same happens.(97)
  62. 62. Of equal way that “one is not half of two, but yes that two are two halves of one” -according to E. Cummings; I discover me so much how I discover another person, I feel me and I understand me so much as I feel and I comprehension to other persons, that the love to me grows so much how to love to -all- the persons; it are the vital halves of -only one thing- something wonderful, a life. (101) If both parts are not one, it will get lost. (102) A person, can only know each other herself and to experience the plenitude of the life in the meeting with another person. (99)
  63. 63. There are moments in a relation, in which they reach his level summit, meetings; where both experience a mutual, very deep and intense empathy; resonance and synchronization. In these occasions, my happiness or my affliction is shared significantly, with her or with him. (97) The communication and the intimate relation are a matter of the meeting. (97) In this coincidence where they weave bonds and there come closer the persons to be shared -until they look alike to fuse. However each of them -we- keeps on being one himself, his own, unmistakable and unique oneself. (97)
  64. 64. Loving is never bad. (99)
  65. 65. We are done to love, to love unlimited; but, it is common not to love enough and more common is not to have an authentic love, when it is me who is the end of my love. And in this way, we fail regrettably. “Loving is to forget entirely in good of other” (43)
  66. 66. Often, we love to ourselves, across other person. (44) The love, truly, cannot contain itself if the same. (46)
  67. 67. Want a good couple, kind friends, a comfortable life and -all- the possible satisfactions… is it to love? It is to want, to ask for something agreeable. (99) Loving and wanting; that is to say, giving and asking; has for consequence -inevitable- receiving, the important tie that exists in our humanity. Two forces of -consistent- union that they must coexist in the man and between the men; for his good. (105)
  68. 68. We all should help the persons, demonstrate our love manifesting our the light; or at least not to hurt anybody. (9) In the world every person is unique and special and we need to love all and be loved. Although sometimes a little more.(9)
  69. 69. There is something magic in to close the eyes and listening to the voice that departs from us, from all parts -to communicate to us- and to understand a moment who I am. To know that I have options and that I can choose the happiness; and to be able to share my world -with the others. (93)
  70. 70. To be mature is not to be independent, not to need anybody or not to suffer; we invent these things that enslave us: the time, the words, our beliefs, anyway; it are elements -think- of our illusion, bogeys of our solitude.(13) Commonly the things that we create -and those that we believe- only create distances. (28) Obstacles and breaches that disconnect us deeply, and are difficult the life to the persons. The first distance to that it would be necessary to attend, is the distance with one himself; later to overcome the distance that exists with the others. (74)
  71. 71. To overcome the solitude is a deep need - and essential - of the man, who can be resolved with a little of love, fondness, intimacy or with one: “I need you”. (9)
  72. 72. Without the interdependence, any organism, might never survive. (95) We cannot live alone. The solitude, the lies and the egoism drive to the destruction and to the death. (95)
  73. 73. If you want to know what so loving person you are, pays attention -with conscience- of the things that you do and of the comments that you say during the day. You will be able to be called a loving person when you know how many times: you help in need someone, share your food with a hungry one, say I love you to someone children, think along with the children about how to discover the magic that makes them be special, say that does a beautiful sky or that is a pretty day, or share a moment with a stranger and think about how with amiability to dissolve this distance and achieve a meeting. (95)
  74. 74. Perhaps it would not be wonderful that each of us had “someone“; someone who loves me whatever happens, who accepts me and who listens to me, still if I am silly, or if I commit errors or if I behave like a normal person? It would be wonderful that there is someone who really understands me and loves me; someone to whom to come without a conditional one: Truth that yes? Let's start to be this for someone! (16) Also it would be very pretty that “someone” reminds me the beautiful and valuable that I am. Someone that with a gesture and fondness recognizes me that I have something good or that I does something right. Would be very pretty know that for someone I am important. (16)
  75. 75. I teach you, you teach me and it turn a share. To the give something to a person, we receive perhaps involuntarily something of her, always. That's why, in the fund the give is an act of to share; and the love also. (16.2) It is simpler to love and to help, when we put us in the place of other; in words of Saint Exupery: "perhaps the love is the process for which I lead you delicately on returning to you”; in your place, without limits. (35)
  76. 76. Wanted us -we all- a world in which the persons are good between them. Nevertheless, to force -to the persons- to the amiability, to the peace or to the pardon, is not different of being evil. The way is important. (96)
  77. 77. I do not believe that only one way exists to help. For the following one, it is necessary: listen for comprehension, I am not a God to know what happens inside every person; also I am not a God to do everything alone, I am a person so much how to the one whom I try to help, then if we work as a team we will be able to achieve the target; step by step in communication and relation. (16) The persons we are unique beings; nevertheless, we have many things in common. If we manage to take contact with our features and related targets, and we work as a team; we will be able to help ourselves. (82)
  78. 78. Is already spread the idea that a good example -fact- teaches more than thousand words. That's why it is necessary that we propose us be the best example, to be life models; this way the small children and the big ones also, will put into practice what they see on having observed -his teachers- the biggest, the adults. (95) The love is taught and is learned, loving or showing love. (95) It is necessary to teach to love, to those that they do not know the love, is our responsibility like persons who love and like human beings. (105)
  79. 79. All, we must live together trying compassion -love and pardon- more than justice. Only God knows that so much good would do the justice to us; the life, perhaps would not exist. (119) Because the evolution of the human growth is a long evolution, which goes from the absolute need to be loved up to a full availability of giving love; I believe - for our few availability of giving love - that we all are still children, although we it ignore the majority. This evolution is that of being, entirely human beings. (93)
  80. 80. I am a person who loves because I give everything what I am, with transparence, sincerity and tenderness. Without wickedness, I surrender freely. “Loving is to give something good, it is to serve for the good; it is to be delivered freely” (95)
  81. 81. And we cannot love any more any person, without loving more everybody. (97)
  82. 82. “The colors of the life, it is the dreams.” (1) THE DREAMS
  83. 83. The dreams, the decision to make something, special. (1) Sometimes I wonder: will it keep being the blue sky tomorrow? Perhaps not; but, of insurance it would turn out to be better with a little of our Light. (5)
  84. 84. To do something has more value than not to do. (101) Let's be spontaneous, do something, it is special. (110)
  85. 85. The life can be very difficult and complicated; when we try to be what the others claim that one is, sometimes something impossible. To be oneself is a way easy to live and perhaps the simplest of the world. (16) It would be interesting to know who we are, to know that part of our interior that makes us feel more comfortable, to be one myself and to dream. (15)
  86. 86. Many of us in “the exterior trip” we have got lost us; solitary, confused and walking paths that do not lead to any side. (50) Venturing outside of oneself is to risk getting lost and dying. The one that wants to look for the life, should look - first- inside himself. (43)
  87. 87. There must be a balance and an integration between what my -world- exterior reflects and my -world- interior; or but, the madness -more than a latent threat- will be a reality. (97)
  88. 88. Each one has finally to realize what is essential for itself. (78) It is our natural purpose, it is evidence of our existence, and our special way of contributing to the world. (82) A point which to continue and that to guide ours acts; a point that us of Personal Health like tree of the life, and Social Health like way to improve the world, this way are the dreams; that passion that feeds the soul (2)
  89. 89. If we do not choose a target and an intention, if we do not give him a course and a sense to our life; our life will be alone an accident. (107) It is necessary to know also where I go or find one -good- sense in my life, and the reason for which I fight; to be inspired and to give me fortitudes opposite to the pain, the tedium, the depletion, the mishaps, the affliction and the abandonment. And not only to leave it, but to construct something new, and good. (99)
  90. 90. Is important being oneself, for that - with an intention- actuate on the world; the opposite case -if we get lost- we will only react like the objects to any influence, stimulus, cause or foreign action (97) Nothing exists unnecessarily, not without an intention. The majority we forget it, forget us. (160)
  91. 91. There not are already places -in the world- where to hide. If a stone falls down somehow it affects us, and if the world is sick can be our end. We must help to heal -and save- to the world, not for fear, nor to avoid an evil, but yes for love to all. Is necessary that we again believe in us, be confident us and, work with the persons at team; so that our salvation -that of all- is not alone a dreams. (94)
  92. 92. The routine drives to the boredom; and if one gets bored, he turns out to be boring and bores to the others. So much as if it is happy, he makes to the others happy; if it is mysterious he shares his mystery and this way. (94) There is something very beautiful in to learn, to grow, to mature and to dream. What I do for me, I do it for the others; and what the others do for themselves, they do it for me; so that it is never slightly egoistic, is one to share. Everything begins with oneself, to continue and to be related to the others; this one, it is a good that it is necessary to allow us. (82)
  93. 93. Is a loss illusion live to backwards, the past thing; an irremediable nightmare. When only there is forward, the present, it is a fantastic gift. (2) The past, see good or bad, it is something in that nothing can be done. The future is wonderful to dream it. Any more both, the past and the future, are not real. This precise moment, the present; it is a gift in which it is possible to live, the real reality. (44)
  94. 94. Why sometimes do we demonstrate the minor quantity of -love- fondness and fond to the persons that more we want?(95)
  95. 95. The life is more than the time that we have in this world, essentially, it is a continuity of -entirely- making something good, some useful thing; there are small things, sometimes fleeting and passengers -nothing monumental; nevertheless, always they are important and there are options with the life. (95) The life implies changes. To invest in the change is to notice that every day the whole world is new, every tomorrow of my life; this is the happiness of living. (16) To live also is a risk; because I dare to experiment with my life, on having changed, on having faced the unknown thing. (16)
  96. 96. At the beginning of this book there is an affirmation: “it is necessary not to leave aside the possibility of losing the life”. Some persons are the lucky to receive the news about that they have little life, very little. Then they begin doing very beautiful things, moments happen with beings very dear and some of them even declare something much kept in his heart: I love you. Everything is incredible through what one lives, when it is known that the life is so small. And if only you will have three days of life: what things would you do, with whom? (50)
  97. 97. If we were living, we would not be afraid to the death. (95)
  98. 98. The death is part of the life, but while one lives, it is necessary to live of the best way. (51) The death teaches us to be detached us -of the possessions, since we can take nothing with us. He suggests us to resign from the expectations, since nobody knows if he will live tomorrow. The death says to us: lives through the only moment that exists, lives now. Now it is the moment, because I am now alive, to clarify to them my parents -that they mean very much for me: that I want to they. And this way I know the happiness of the moment. (94) The happiness, the rise, the exhilaration and the bliss come from the surprise and from the dreams. (94)
  99. 99. We must learn how and what dreaming, and with love in us, is simpler. (5) To achieve the dreams that I has, and to obtain the targets that I wishes; I must adapt my behavior in such a way that I reached my purpose. (16) What to do and how is to do it is important; when to do, also is. If it is not planned to do it, it is not done. (160) And what is not done or expresses, like what it is not sowed, is uncultivated or wasteland. To harvest is reasonable to sow and to cultivate first. (163)
  100. 100. Is incredible as the persons obtain what they hope to obtain; for that it is the dreams, to do miracles. (13) What is impossible, is only what still has not been done. If one dreams and decides to do something, perhaps, sooner or later can do it. (163) The life is not a point, less a goal; the life is the trajectory, the process, the trip even there, up to our dreams. (13)
  101. 101. Dreaming is like writing a history through that we can live; and so the life is a dreams. Can we leave counting a history? (5) The dreams does not flee, yours must be in some place, hoping that you find it. (36) The opportunities can appear in any moment; and of insurance, if one wants, it can end up by finding something that your passionate it. (36)
  102. 102. Only rests the that not lives. Those who love God and those who chase his dreams never stop, they are delivered to the life. (13) The faith is the supreme activity of the human being, it is confidence and delivery. (16)
  103. 103. As unique human beings in the world we must not be satisfied with alone be equal to the others, nor to keep trying to equal us to the others. We must reveal ourselves to the system. (10) I hope it was not necessary to come to the point of the death to understand that we still have not lived. (13) It is still a moment to dream, to love and to live well. (13)
  104. 104. Perhaps it is not so necessary to understand the life, but if is necessary - need- to live well, because this way also we give well to our fellow men. (95)
  105. 105. “Consequential” The one that comprises what says this book accepts the entire responsibility of his life and his responsibility opposite to the neighbor. Obviously it will not be simple and, will have to learn to risk since it is free, and because this is to live. (9)
  106. 106. Our target is grow like human beings. We look inside; we find something - pleasant and comfortable- and; we construct from it, this source of comprehension, of fortitude and of peace is my I interior. Then we approach the others with love, acceptance and patience in the hope of what we could become together. (95)
  107. 107. Is important to explore and to experience our interior. To have conscience of our emotions, ours feel, our desires, our needs, our will and our mind. It is fundamental to meet us -to listen and to understand us- and to embrace us. To be able to experience the tenderness, the company and also the affliction. And in addition to risks us to experience everything all that is good, savor and enjoy everything what is already possessed us. (96) Also it is important and essential to go out of oneself towards the others and towards the proper God. (96)
  108. 108. History A traveler was walking crossing cities with a question to his people: what is the essential thing for you? In a city they said: "The mathematics obviously, because this and for that” they were explaining and later they were adding: do not you believe that it is true? To what he was answering: I can live very happy without mathematics. In another city they answered him : "To be able to read and write of course, because this and for that”. To what also he added: I can to live very well without being able to read and write. And this way in many cities they said many things: the art, the technology, the numbers, the words, the health and many other things invented by the man. And they all were arguing his reasons.
  109. 109. And he answered with very respectfully: I can live without this or without that. Until one day, in the way to a city to the edge of the world, he saw a man weakened in the ground who seemed to rest long time. Then the traveler asked the man : What is the essential thing for You? “I am also a traveler” - answered the man from the ground- “looking where he has sense to look, for me, the essential thing is not out … the essential thing is invisible to the eyes”.
  110. 110. If you want to find something of value like the freedom, the life, the salvation, the meeting or the truth; turn to God and allow God to be in your mind, in your heart and in all your Being. (100) It is difficult to be in the God's hands, you should not make it more difficult.(107)
  111. 111. The death teaches us to use better the time, to say to our fellow men that we love them, to surrender us already.(95) We must value every moment -of the life- as if really out the last one that we had, well it could be. It is necessary to live now. (84) Because the sky is a reflex of my eternal spirit, I try to project every day the changeable colors of my life, with love. (5)
  112. 112. Do what you have to do; and although it is inevitable to receive something, do not wait for it, keep on living. (112) In this life of constant changes, not is healthy when we fixed us to anything, although it is of value. Journey in the life with knowledge; experience the happiness, the euphoria or the satisfaction and also the pain, the suffering or the sadness; you should construct with them good things and then release them. (58)
  113. 113. We become human when we extend our arms and risk us including, embracing the neighbor and trusting in him. (95) To do good, to love and to live requires of brave persons; for it, the good, the love and the living, is only expected of the persons with fortress.(13)
  114. 114. Our relation with the world, for our good, should continue the suggestion - word- of God. A cell does not stop being the same in his relation -of interdependence- with other cells, with other organs or with the being in its entirety. To be born, to grow and to live -well- we need of the others, need us and clearly, we need God. (99) God wants everything of the man, for love; and the world also wants it. More God wants to save us; the world not, the world alone wants to lose us. (114)
  115. 115. God has given us, who we are, our magnificent humanity with all his marvel. And what we do with her will be the way of being grateful, it will be our gift to God. (88)
  116. 116. With a little of mystery and a smile in the lips I have to say: “is so many magic that surrounds us and we allow her to go away”. (50) Insurance someone will have already said all this and better; but like the good teachers say: "it is necessary to repeat the good thing.” (10)
  117. 117. Prepared to do the things? THE LIFE… CONTINUES “ …and You, you have to continue also”
  118. 118. NOTES Note 1 This book does not try to give power, magic, hope or a miracle to the person -who reads it; he tries not to remove it from himself. (99) Note 2 With much humility I have to warn that what contains this book can be inspired in very beautiful things; more I believe that this beauty and this truth, of insurance it is limited by my natural humanity. (38) Note 3 I suggest to the reader - before to continue - to wait for a prudent time, until the ideas of the well-read affirmation, should wake up in his interior. (129)
  119. 119. ADDED History. Met all the men of the ground to solve his wars, his world economic crisis, his epidemics, his global warming, his poverty and other problems. They started trying to solve the wars, and they all began arguing accident control measures and defense before others and before us. A person took the word and said: "if the persons could eliminate this feeling of hate, damage, aggression, conquest, threat, and other affections of negative influence and of evil towards the persons and towards ourselves; we would not
  120. 120. speak about wars, there would no be need to resolve on them.” It is true! - added another man- “it is necessary to educate to them and…” (the persons began murmuring affirmatively). Then, the previous person interrupted: “…each one must load and heal his evil inside itself. And to do his part, to save to the world and to save us from ourselves.” (35)
  121. 121. Poem “If today I have helped a person, to been a good day. If today I have helped more than two persons, to been a prosperous day. If today I have contributed with someone to learn the value of to help, to been a wonderful day. If today I have contributed with more than one person to learn the value of to help another person, I believe that it has been one of the best days of my life”. Since I believe that if we learn to live for the others, we will be able to heal the world.
  122. 122. History With the awaited emotion, a student running says to a chubby child: “they killed Tomy and he killed the boys of the school”. He called to the school, to the mass media, to the countries and said: “do what you should feel, for it that Tomy did. But: you know to Tomy? do you know who was Tomy? Tomy was a boy who was buying tomato canisters in the super, and when he limped, other boys were making fun of him”; “in the school the boys were insulting it, were ill- treating it and were labeling it of stupid and loser”. Tomy killed these boys and killed itself, you know it; more you should know also that: " Tomy was a solitary boy, and that nobody wanted it for his limitations and shortcomings, more they
  123. 123. hated it and were making his misfortune bigger and more terrible his solitude”. I am not forgiving with what Tomy did. I am asking them not to hate it, neither to feel nor to keep badly in you to Tomy did, because it is that what it did to boys as Tomy. If at least someone had loved him... (112)
  124. 124. Dedicated to my friend, God.(8)
  125. 125. To the reader, partner and friend in this book, my special gratitude. That God blesses you! Andy Kid