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  • Company presentation 2013

    1. 1. 2015 ‹#›© data information intelligence GmbH
    2. 2. 2015 2© data information intelligence GmbH dii at a Glance  Full service healthcare market research, provider for independent, objective and empirically validated information and insights  Specialists in lifescience, IVD, medical imaging and medical devices  Global coverage, market research experience in 50 countries worldwide  In business since 2006  20 - 35 projects per year supporting critical business decisions  Clients are leading medical companies, start ups, scientific institutions and other market research and consulting firms  Team of eight professionals with interdisciplinary background in business, healthcare, market research, cognitive science, statistics and genetics  Plus 70 multi-lingual interviewers – nimble and highly responsive to client needs, while still offering global capacities from one hand  Expert partner providing problem-oriented solutions and decision support  Professionalism in all matters: We comply with market research standards set by organizations such as ESOMAR, CASRO and BVM.
    3. 3. 2015 3© data information intelligence GmbH dii Value Proposition dii - The Global Specialist  Specialization: Mature market understanding in the healthcare sector, strong focus on IVD  One stop-shop: All from one hand – from research design to final presentation  Truly global: We realize international projects from one central source and simultaneously combine standardized processes with an elemental sensitivity for local differences  Flexible: Modular combination of diverse research methods to optimize results and costs  Systematic: Regardless if small or large-scale survey  Effective sample steering: Full database of healthcare institutions allows sample composition and extrapolations at segment level  Actionable reporting: problem-oriented solutions, specific recommendations and feasibility of results  Moderate costs
    4. 4. 2015 4© data information intelligence GmbH dii International in-house TEAM + 60,000 Healthcare INSTITUTIONS in +50 countries Reliable PARTNERS in Asian countries CLIENTS from all over the world Network of KOL from all cultures dii speaks German English Italian French Spanish Dutch Finnish Norwegian Portuguese Polish Russian Czech Bulgarian Arab Turkish Our Global Footprint
    5. 5. 2015 5© data information intelligence GmbH Experts … Informed Decisions data information intelligence … in Global Healthcare Market Research
    6. 6. 2015 6© data information intelligence GmbH Data Collection Global access to medical experts … +50,000 healthcare institutions selectable by country, type, size, ownership, and an integrated research approach • Western Europe • Eastern Europe • USA • Latin America • Middle East • Australia • India • China • Japan • Telephone • Face to face • Online • Mini survey • Workflow analysis • Audit • Online & face to face focus groups • Laboratory panel • Tracking studies • Laboratory • Radiology • Pathology • Hematology • Oncology • Cardiology • ICU • OR • Urology • Gynecology • Pediatry • GP … and more global access medicalexperts
    7. 7. 2015 7© data information intelligence GmbH Transform data into information using individual techniques for qualitative and quantitative analysis, data-mining and data analytics, customized to the unique needs of each client Market Information ConJoint Analysis Van Westendorp Price Sensitivity Segmentation or Cluster Analysis Net Promotor Score Probit, Logit and Linear Regression Models SPSS, STATA, R Tabulations, charts and verbatim per segment Executive summary with business implications and recommendations, focus on what is important without losing sight of the details WebEx or Workshop Analytical results & pragmatic, entrepreneurial mindset
    8. 8. 2015 8© data information intelligence GmbH MRSA Test Volume Germany Hospitals Private Labs Total # of testing facilities 138 130 268 Av. annual volume / facility 2.770 4.815 3.761 Min 60 36 36 Max 27.000 15.000 27.000 Median 900 4.050 1.500 Projected annual volume 382.880 626.241 1.009.121 General demand for panels, although term not always understood and potentially misinterpreted as “100% mutation coverage” “I think that we have a general demand for panels.” “It would be nice to see x+ y + z being tested from one sample.” “Currently we only do separated tests, but it will be necessary to do panel tests in the future.” Need for all tumor areas : “All of the three big tumor areas:….” “We need panels for every marker involved …” “We need them for lymphomas, endocrine tumors and melanomas.” A Tables C Verbatims B Charts Market Information Granular client output
    9. 9. 2015 9© data information intelligence GmbH  Interpret results in the client-specific business context  Identify strategic opportunities and options  Provide problem-oriented, realistic solutions and recommendations  Guide preparation of individual assessment and implementation issues  Preparation of guidelines or manuals  Internal trainings, consolidation of existing knowledge  Consumer insight management Transfer information into action market-driven and customer-focused Business Intelligence
    10. 10. 2015 10© data information intelligence GmbH Business Intelligence Sample Output: Yearly NA Test Volume per Segment Create value at every critical point in the product life cycle  Price sensitivity  Competitive analysis  Market potential & segmentation  Supply chain analysis  Market analysis and valuation: trends, drivers, influencers  Product awareness & market penetration  Customer loyalty  Competitor benchmarking  Input to new market opportunities, product & customer diversification  Lead identification & customer databases  Customer needs and demands  Final product refinement  Marketing message test Strategic Product Development  Risk analysis and decision back up  Concept validation and optimization  Prioritization of targets  Forecasting inputs Entry Planning Product Launch Post Product Launch
    11. 11. 2015 11© data information intelligence GmbH … from project design to delivery Project Workflow  Recommend and substantiate optimal choice of methodology, target respondents, screening criteria and sample sizes  Structure project content for optimal price performance ratio Project Design  Data processing: cross tabs, open ended coding  Coordinate code plans, table contents and formats  Presentation, interpretation & explanation of results  Tangible action recommendations and deductions  Secondary & primary research in native language  100% data quality control  Data validation, call backs  Interim data exports  Ongoing status monitoring & reporting Fielding Delivery  Questionnaire development  Pilot interview(s), feedback discussion & implementation  Programming  Translations  Briefings Project Set Up Multiple layers of quality control mechanisms Regular team & client feedback sessions to create better ideas.
    12. 12. 2015 12© data information intelligence GmbH  Project design  Link between client & dii project teams  Ensure project milestones are met Kathrin Franke Managing Director We work with you Project Team Nora Hartenstein Project Manager  Planning & coordination of project work tasks  Timelines & costs  Quality implementation  Monitor & report project progress  Questionnaire development  Data quality guidelines  Briefings  Medical / scientific content  Client presentation Mark Whitten Scientific Consultant  Methodology & questionnaires  Methodology & sample sizes  Statistical analysis  Data quality  Prepare all output materials, tables & charts Susanne Löhne Junior Analyst  SW & HW infrastructure  Contact & sample management  Technical briefings  HaLIX service admin  Data protection  Online surveys Michael Lindner Technical Administrator Alessandro Cerbuci Project Team Leader  Team support & supervising Torsten Blass Junior Analyst
    13. 13. 2015 13© data information intelligence GmbH dii investigated test type and volumes in physicians practices and helped prioritize target segments where the company could maximize sales potential and develop a strong competitive advantage. dii conducted a Van Westendorp conjoint survey in 5 EU countries to determine the optimal price for the new test to maximize profit. The survey also determined key product values influencing a lab decision to buy the test. dii designed and conducted a large scale market research campaign with 1,600 interviews with NAT Labs on test types and volumes, platforms & reagents. dii delivered and analyzed the database, client could quickly assess the market potential and segments for short-term growth. dii developed and conducted a large scale market research project to investigate current workflow and future product requirements, determine the acceptance of selected new product attributes. Results confirmed the original product concept and guided critical design and engineering development decisions. Periodic measurement of client satisfaction to refine and improve product, marketing and service strategy and understand customer issues and concerns, unmet needs and the own perception in the market. dii conducted face to face in-depth interviews in Germany and UK to review the potential of the new technology, benefits and limitations to market as well as details on product features, prices and the impact of competitive technologies. Results listed the significant challenges that the client would face upon entering this market and specified further product development strategies. IndividualMarketResearchProjects Reference Projects Market Entry Strategy for a Benchtop Analyzer in Private Physician Practices in Germany Price Sensitivity Measurement for a New HCV Confirmation Test Market Segmentation of molecular laboratories in Germany, UK, Italy, Spain, France, Japan and US ConJoint: Platform & workflow requirements for automated blood screening solutions in Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Greece, Portugal, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Hong Kong, India, Singapore, Australia, Canada, US Customer Satisfaction Measurement Blood Screening, World New Technology Report: assess the market potential of a new technology for identification of positive blood cultures
    14. 14. 2015 14© data information intelligence GmbH Available Data / Products HaLIX GEOlize
    15. 15. 2015 15© data information intelligence GmbH User-friendly front end offering a broad portfolio of interactions Individual search and filter options Statistics – ready to use tables and charts, showing absolute # and % for brand usage which can be individually segmented Export and print function for individual purposes List view showing list of all entries matching search criteria & Detailed view showing all data per institution Demography including group structures Hospital and Laboratory Information Exchange HaLIX … a web based database providing information about hospital and private laboratories, instruments, tests and reagents in 8 EU countries View demo:
    16. 16. 2015 16© data information intelligence GmbH Institutions Lab Units Installation Tests HaLIX: Data Modules & Coverage Name, address, telephone, web Type (hospital & independent lab) Hospital ownership No. of hospital beds Group affiliation Lab service (y/n) Lab location, if not in the hospital Performance of MolDx (y/n) Lab unit name Test areas (EDMA) Annual sample volume Annual test volume Annual molecular volume No. of staff LIS manufacturer Manufacturer Model Instrument specialty Year of installation Contract duration Daily sample volume Performance of tests (y/n) Test volume & volume trend Technology, instrument manufacturer & model Reagent (LDT, RUO, Commercial: Manufacturer) 6,800 2014 2015 >2,500 >2,200 +600 2012 6,575 5,200 488 2,125 478 1,975 356 609 2012 & 2014: 38 tests, data only for molecular technologies, divided by amplification, hybridization, detection 2015: 41 tests, data for all technologies (microbiology, IA, molecular and hematology) Equivalent to 70-90% of all institutions with routine diagnostic labs in Germany, France, Italy, Spain UK, Sweden, The Netherlands and Switzerland. Data represents 10-20% of clinical diagnostic labs and 20-30% of all molecular labs. Random profiles of lab units and their installed base. • 2014 slight focus on microbiology and pathology labs • 2015 core / multidisciplinary and microbiology labs #ofprofiles
    17. 17. 2015 17© data information intelligence GmbH HaLIX Content Countries Germany UK Italy Spain France Sweden The Netherlands Switzerland Instruments Clinical Chemistry Immunoassay Clinical Chemistry & Immunoassay Hematology Histology Coagulation Microbiology / culture Molecular Diagnostics Lab Automation Tests 2014: Molecular (next update planned 2016) Infectious Diseases: Adenovirus, C.Diff, CMV, CT, CT/NG, NG, EBV VL, Enterovirus, GAS, GBS, HBV resistance., HBV VL, HCV genotyping, HCV qual., HCV VL, HIV genot., HIV qual., HIV VL, HPV, HPV genotyping, HSV 1/2, Influenza, MRSA, MTB, Norovirus, RSV, VRE, VZV Oncology: BCR / ABL, BRAF, EGFR, KRAS, Her2Neu Genetics: CF, Factor II, Factor V, Fragile X Data is modular available for the following components Technologies Sequencing PCR / RT PCR SDA TMA FISH Electrophoresis Luminescence 2015: IVD (next update planned 2017) Fecal: Calprotectin, Fecal Pancreatic Elastase Allergy: Allergen-Specific IgE, & Igg Autoimmune: Antinuclear antibody, C3, C4 Cardiac: Homocysteine, Cardiac Troponin I / T, NT proBNP, BNP, Gal-3, ST2, Procalcitonin, Copeptin Renal: KIM-1, Cystatin C, NGAL, NAG Infectious Diseases: Adenovirus, HBV, HCV, HIV, HPV, HSV, Influenza A/B, RSV, C.Diff, CT, NG, GBS, GAS, MRSA, MTB, Mycoplasma genitalIum, Bacterial vaginosis, Trichomonas vaginalis, Ureaplasma urealyticum, Salmonella, Shigella, Campylobacter Blood Gas Blood Culture ELISA EIA Tissue Processing IHC H&E Staining Urinalysis We include tests / topics upon request
    18. 18. 2015 18© data information intelligence GmbH German Hospital Performance Data # of cases per ICD-10 and OPS Code Interactive, Online & Offline Data since 2006 Complete directory of performance data of all German hospitals Procedures: # of reported cases per hospital according to OPS (4+ digits) Diagnosis: # of reported cases per hospital according to ICD-10 (3+ digits) Various search and sort functions, e.g. by geographical aspects, hospital department, procedure and diagnosis. Print and export of data to Excel Information reported directly by hospitals. Data shown for 2006, 2008, 2010, 2012, 2013 and then yearly GEOlize Strategy&Planning ProactiveSalesSupport
    19. 19. 2015 19© data information intelligence GmbH  HINE/Deloitte  Konica Minolta  Medos AG  Philips Medical Systems  Siemens Healthcare  Toshiba  T-Systems  Urotech  …  Agfa Healthcare  Canon  Carestream Health  COCIR  EZ-EM  Fuji Film  GE Healthcare  HIMSS Our teams have worked for Medical Devices
    20. 20. 2015 20© data information intelligence GmbH Laboratory Diagnostics  Philips  Qiagen  Quidel  r-biopharm  Roche Diagnostics  Siemens  Samsung  Sysmex  Tosoh Bioscience  Ventana  …  Abbott Diagnostics  Bayer Schering  Beckman Coulter  Becton Dickinson  Biocartis  Bio-Rad Laboratories  Biosite  Cepheid  Cytyc  Elitech  GenMark  Grifols  Hologic / Gen-Probe  Illumina  Lambda  Life Technologies  Luminex  Merck Millipore  Meridian  Mitsubishi Chemicals  Novartis  Perkin Elmer Our teams have worked for
    21. 21. 2015 21© data information intelligence GmbH data information intelligence GmbH Schwägrichenstr. 9 | 04107 Leipzig | Germany When Do You Contact Us? Kathrin Franke Managing Director & Partner Tel: +49 (0) 341 333 95 444