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Nacho’s photo album

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Nacho’s photo album

  1. 1. Davis Iheanacho Ms. Clayton’s class Period 2
  2. 2. Welcome to Westside High school My friend.
  3. 3. Westside is one of the few schools with Elevators.
  4. 4. The classes are really cool.
  5. 5. The teachers can be fun and funny and still be your teachers.
  6. 6. We take pride in Honor Roll students. We will put your name out there.
  7. 7. Tutorials are always available in every class if you begin to slip.
  8. 8. Every house had a specific position for your interest .
  9. 9. We don’t play games around here. Football is Westside .
  10. 10. A better up top view of our beautiful campus.
  11. 11. Get yourself a wolf Paw. Everybody else has one. You will always be remembered.
  12. 12. Our commons/cafeteria is a very popular spot.
  13. 13. Vending machines are open 24/7. Just the way you like It!
  14. 14. We take large amounts of pride in our sports. A small portion of our thousand of trophies.
  15. 15. Westside theater is very Popular here.
  16. 16. Think you can sing? Or interested? Join the WHS Choir program.
  17. 17. We let everybody take part in physical activities to stay in shape.
  18. 18. Our amazingly large Auditorium!
  19. 19. Whenever a book needs to be found for a report. Come check out the Westside Library.

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