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Checklist for ASHA for organising a successful VHND


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Organising a VHND is combiuned task of ASHA, ANM, AWW and PRI member and all of them has seperate responsibility therefore needs seperate checklists. This checklist is meant for ASHA.

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Checklist for ASHA for organising a successful VHND

  1. 1. Checklist Organizing VHND effectively ASHA AWW ANM PRI Digvijay Trivedi, MBA, MA(Economics), PGDRD, PGDCPM Programme Officer , SIFPSA
  2. 2. Objectives Field Level • Ensuring community participation • Improve coordination among ASHA/AWW/ANM • Increase client follow up • Ensure sufficient logistics arrangement and its use • Improved recordkeeping Block/District Level • Ensuring timely support at the field level • Monitoring and feedback • Improved MIS
  3. 3. About the Event Services Pregnant woman registration, ANC , Vaccination :0-1, Vitamin A and Supplementary nutrition to children, Anti TB drug, Distribution of contraceptives and referrals for FP Community discussion Danger signs of pregnancy Institutional elivery and PNC, EBF, Nutrition, Diarrhoea and respiratory infections care, Prevention of malaria, TB, HIV/AIDS, STI, hygiene, s anitation, age at marriage , sex selection Identification Children with disability, malnutrition, anemic , Cases of TB, Leprosy and kala azar Problems of old and destitute, SC ST, minorities and weaker sections Data Collection Number of children with disabilities, outbreak of disease Deaths of children and women , Data compilation related to SC, ST, minorities and weaker sections
  4. 4. Check 1- Pre VHND activities • All households visited, specially SC, ST, minorities  Yes  No, specify reason • List of currently PW ready and updated  Yes  No, make visit to HH for identification • List of women coming for first ANC  Yes, make it ready for ANM  No, specify reason • List of infants need immunization  Yes, communicate it to the ANM  No, specify reason
  5. 5. Check 1- Pre VHND activities • List of children need care for malnutrition  Yes, make it ready for ANM/AWW  Partially done, ensure complete listing next month  No, specify reason • Children missed during pulse polio round  Yes, communicate ANM  No, specify reason • List of TB patient  Yes, ensure drug administration  No, specify reason • Coordination with AWW and ANM  Yes, briefing about the number and type of expected participants shall be done  No, do it now.
  6. 6. Check 2- On the day -VHND • All the listed women come for services  Yes,  No, contact them • All the listed children come to VHND  Yes,  No, contact parents for reasons • Expected service providers attended VHND  Yes,  No, inform MOIC/CMO, request to attend next VHND
  7. 7. Check 2- On the day -VHND • Listed beneficiaries came and received services  Yes, plan next level of services to them  No, inform ANM/AWW/MOIC • VHND completed successfully  Yes, start planning for the next VHND  No, list reasons and communicate to ANM/AWW/MOIC • Identification of areas of improvement  Yes, share it with AWW/ANM/PRI  No, discuss with AWW/ANM/PRI
  8. 8. Outcome • At the village level Management o Increased service delivery at door step o Timely availability of service providers o Registration for JSY, JSSK and other scheme o Increased acceptability/ recognition to ASHA o One place /one window coverage Service delivery o Identification of high risk cases: delivery, anemia, malnutrition etc. o Client follow up: FP, delivery immunization TB etc. o 100% coverage can be ensured
  9. 9. Outcome • At the District/block level Management o Proper monitoring and feedback o Trust building of the health dept and administration o Real time data base management o Issues redressal at the field level Service delivery o Better planning for logistics and service delivery o Management of high risk cases o Increased coverage of all national programmes
  10. 10. Suggestions are requested for improvement Thank You