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Recount text2


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Published in: Business, Education
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Recount text2

  1. 1.  Designed by DIGNA RITA,S.Pd
  2. 2.  It is a piece of writing that tells events in a chronological sequence. It is like a narrative text in that you have to write a story, but in a recount story is real. The story may be the event or situation that took place on particular day, and are the narrator of the whole event. The order of the events is very important.
  3. 3.  Totell the readers what happened in the past through a sequence of events
  4. 4.  Orientation: Who were involved in the story, when, and where Events: tell what happened in a chronological. Evaluation: Comments of the writer/speaker about the experience. Re-orientation: The conclusion of the experience
  5. 5. Meeting a StarOn Saturday morning at 9:30, I was walkingdown Sunda Street, looking for a record store.A man stopped me and asked me the way tothe Hyatt Hotel. I wasnt sure exactly where itwas, but I walked with him to the end of SundaStreet. He was very friendly, and his facelooked so familiar. Then I remembered wherethe Hyatt was and told him how to get there.He thanked me and tried to give mesomething.
  6. 6. I thought it was money. I said no at first, buthe really wanted me to have it, so I took it. Ifound the record store and listened to a fewrecords. D Masive had a new record that wasnumber two in the top twenty. I decided to buyit. I looked in my bag for my wallet and founda piece of paper the man gave me. It was aphoto. I was so surprised! He was a singer in DMasive! Adapted from New Horizons in English4
  7. 7.  1. Where was the writer? 2. What was he doing? 3. What did the man ask the writer? 4. How was the mans character? 5. Did the writer help the man? 6. What did the writer decide to buy? 7. What did he find in his wallet? Explain. 8. How was he when he knew who the man was?