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Nuprecon LP. ~ The Nation’s Second Largest Demolition Company

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Nuprecon Soq

  2. 2. NUPRECON DEMOLITION SERVICES P R E PA R I N G T H E W AY Company Overview Nuprecon is a full service demolition, remediation, and recovery solutions contractor, specializing in preparing the way for development and construction. We are able to efficiently and effectively plan and execute hazardous material abatement, selective or total demolition, soil remediation, concrete sawcutting, site excavation, new site utility installation, and CDL recycling programs. Founded in 1986, Nuprecon has steadily grown as a result of its comprehensive solutions offering full site preparation and a commitment to customer service and safety. Nuprecon is consistently one of the top volume companies in the United States in its industry sector and has a bonding capacity up to $75 Million and umbrella insurance coverage of up to $100 Million. Other notable accomplishments include: • Largest Northwest demolition and abatement company • One of the nations largest demolition and abatement contractors. • Offices in Washington, Oregon, California and Hawaii • 500 highly-trained professionals • Licensed in 13 states We are a true one-stop shop, preparing the way for your new Major Services • Total Structure Removal • Selective Interior Demolition • Dismantlement and Salvage • Hazardous Material Abatement • Concrete Sawing and Drilling • Soil Remediation • Site Excavation • Drop Box CDL waste hauling with recycling Market Segments • Commercial • Historic Renovation • Disaster Recovery • Hospitality • Education • Industrial/Manufacturing • Government/Military • Residential • Healthcare • Transportation 800.442.2072
  3. 3. NUPRECON DEMOLITION SERVICES P R E PA R I N G T H E W AY Demolition Services It is no surprise that many of the most difficult and complicated demolition projects are awarded to Nuprecon. General Contractors and Owners know that if the job must be done right, if the schedule is critical, or if the job is technically difficult, Nuprecon can be counted on to perform. Time and expense saved through efficient management, quality workmanship, and accident prevention yield our clients a lower net cost. High customer satisfaction over the years has enabled Nuprecon to grow to the largest full-service demolition contractor in the Pacific Northwest and the 2nd largest in the United States. Seasoned and highly skilled supervisors, operators, and laborers stand ready to mobilize at short notice to plan and execute flexible, value-driven and safe demolition projects. Our commitment is to successfully prepare the way through pre-planning, professional staffing, smart project implementation and on-time delivery within budget. Complex Surgical Structural Removals Nuprecon has distinguished itself as an expert and innovator in the art and science of demolition. This competency is successfully applied to niche projects such as industrial retrofits and projects that include disaster response or historic preservation. Nuprecon continues to invest in the latest technology and advanced equipment to ensure its pre-eminence in this area. Total Building Removal Nuprecon can efficiently and safely remove everything from a site, leaving clean dirt. We excel in adverse conditions such as demolition adjacent to occupied facilities, dense urban environments and restricted access facilities. Commercial Strip and Gut Nuprecon is regarded as a national leader in large strip and gut projects. Nuprecon has extensive experience with large and small projects under fast-track schedules, preserving historic features, and working within rigorous dust, noise, and vibration restrictions. 800.442.2072
  4. 4. NUPRECON DEMOLITION SERVICES P R E PA R I N G T H E W AY Environmental Services Hazardous materials handling is an inseparable part of demolition. Still, most demolition firms subcontract this work because it requires advanced technical skills, techniques, and certifications. In 2000, Nuprecon added an environmental division, Environmental Waste Resources (EWR), in response to a growing need for integrated demolition/abatement services. EWR provides a full range of environmental services including abatement of asbestos, lead, mold, PCB and mercury light tubes. In 2007, EWR expanded its offering to include NuSite services, which encompasses a broad range of remediation and sitework services. The same quality standards and infrastructure that made Nuprecon a premier demolition firm also exist within EWR. Clients can contract EWR’s environmental services as part of a full demolition package with Nuprecon or as a separate service. Because hazmat surveys are not 100% accurate, it is not uncommon for hidden hazardous materials to bring a demolition project to a standstill. To avoid this problem cost-effectively, Nuprecon uses cross-trained abatement and demolition employees when demolition must be performed on a site with a high likelihood of encountering hidden hazardous materials. Services • Asbestos abatement • Lead paint abatement • Mold abatement • Mercury light tube abatement • PCB abatement • Site excavation • Soil remediation • USL Removal 800.442.2072
  5. 5. NUPRECON DEMOLITION SERVICES P R E PA R I N G T H E W AY Site Services Through its Environmental Waste Resources (EWR) Division, Nuprecon offers NuSite Services, a broad range of remediation and site work services. Coupled with our other services, Nuprecon is able to take any site, regardless of its condition, completely through the process of hazardous material abatement, building and site demolition, site remediation, site excavation and grading, and new site utility installation. NuSite’s broad range of remediation services includes: • excavating, transporting & disposing contaminated soil • cap, cover, and liner installation • landfill construction • facility decontamination and decommissioning • soil treatment, bioremediation, and land-farming • subsurface barrier wall installation • installation of groundwater pump and treat systems • installation of soil vapor extraction systems NuSite’s site work services include: • mass excavation and haul-off • site cut/fill and final grading • TESC (temporary erosion and sediment control) • site utility installation (water, sewer, and storm water) • dry utility installation (electrical and communications) • vault and manhole installation • retention and detention pond construction • UST/AST (underground storage tank) removal Nuprecon’s full service capabilities prepare the way for our customers’ development and construction activities. Services • Complete range of remediation and site work capabilities • Experienced executive, project management and field supervision staff • Expert value engineering, constructability review, and estimating services • Comprehensive pre-development and pre- construction services • Full backing and resources of Nuprecon 800.442.2072
  6. 6. NUPRECON DEMOLITION SERVICES P R E PA R I N G T H E W AY Sawcutting/Coring Services Nutech Concrete Sawing & Drilling provides an extensive array of concrete cutting and core drilling services. As with any division of Nuprecon, we are capable of being your on-call service provider or a significant component and partner in your competitive bid. Nutech offers a wide spectrum of sawcutting solutions for project types ranging from commercial buildings to industrial shut-downs and performs highway, dam and bridge cutting as well. We can assist your organization in planning and problem solving, from estimating sawcutting scope to providing turn-key solutions including removal and disposal services. Nutech will determine the most efficient and cost effective methods to help make your projects a success. Core Drilling • A complete range of diameters from 1” to 36” • Seismic upgrade projects • Holes at any angle • Walls, floors, suspended slabs & unique applications • Water control and protection, core-catching, debris removal Slab Sawing • Propane, Electric, Gas or Hydraulic options • Cutting from ¼” to 22” or thicker slabs • Cutting for slab, trenching, suspended slabs, green cutting, architectural cutting, road and parking • Debris removal and disposal upon request • Earth excavation services in the area of slab removal • Street & infrastructure/highway & bridge sawing Wall Sawing • Openings up to 27” • Openings for doors, windows, ducts, pipes • Openings to remove part or all of existing walls • Debris removal and demolition upon request • Bridge pier sawing Wire Sawing • Applications include bridges, dams, marine docks, nuclear plants, military installations equipment bases and confined concrete structures • Wide Beam Cutting • Walls up to 12 feet and thicker • Tight access areas 800.442.2072
  7. 7. NUPRECON DEMOLITION SERVICES P R E PA R I N G T H E W AY Recycling Services Nuprecon launched ReNu Recycling Services in response to the increasing public and industry demand for C&D recycling. We have taken the same fast response, high performance formula that made Nuprecon a leading demolition contractor and applied it to the drop box-recycling business. Our flat rate prices are very competitive, and we have geared our service to meet the unique needs of the construction industry and growing demand for LEED certified projects. Further, our drop boxes are professionally designed with a vivid recycling theme that will leave no doubt about your organization’s concern for the environment and the increasing mandate to recycle. FREE MARKETING AND GREAT PUBLIC RELATIONS! Drop boxes present a visible public billboard. ReNu boxes can have your company name and logo (or your client’s) on a 2’x4’ sign inset on both sides of the box. High-volume clients can opt to have boxes custom-painted and reserved for their use only. Enhance your public image as a responsible recycler. You will find that our pricing and service provide the best value for your money anywhere. ReNu Standard Features • High recycle rate of up to 99% • Detailed recycling reporting • Flat rate competitive pricing • Commingled loads-no sorting • Dedicated material loads • All materials accepted (except hazardous waste and primary garbage) • Guaranteed 24-hour response • Dependable customer service • Sturdiest box construction • Box maintenance program • Easy billing with detailed breakdown of charges • Courtesy calls to job sites 800.442.2072
  8. 8. NUPRECON DEMOLITION SERVICES P R E PA R I N G T H E W AY Major Projects List Alaska Airlines Ticketing Bangor Missile Parts Warehouse Bellevue Square Mall Boeing Company Bon Marche C-510 Tunnel Cherberg Building Civic Stadium Eagles Auditorium/ACT Theater East Central Incinerator Expeditors International Fred Meyer Stores Frederick and Nelson/Bellevue Square Garfield High School Harborview Hospital INEEL Project Johnston Atoll Legislative Building Lincoln High School Los Angeles Airport Tom Bradley International Terminal Nordstrom Downtown Flagship Store Paramount Theater Pasadena City Hall PDX International Airport Pentagon Metro Entrance Facility Portland City Hall Providence Hospital Seatac Airport South Terminal Expansion Project Marion Oliver McCaw Hall St. James Cathedral St. James Floating Docks Stadium High School Starbucks Center Swedish Hospital Terminal 46 U.S. Bank Tower University of Oregon Esslinger Hall University of Washington Mary Gates Hall University of Washington Hec Ed Pavilion Waikiki Towers Wieden & Kennedy Corporate Office 800.442.2072
  9. 9. NUPRECON DEMOLITION SERVICES P R E PA R I N G T H E W AY Client Testimonials “Both you and your associates coordinated well with our company to provide a team approach for solving problems and meeting objectives. Beginning with the initial budget process and continuing throughout the numerous design meetings, your company consistently responded in a responsible, professional manner, contributing immeasurably to the success of this project.” ~ Thomas Ambrey, V. P. of Operations Rafn Company “It has been a pleasure to work with Nuprecon on the Waikiki Beach Walk Project, located in the middle of Waikiki. Nuprecon’s ability to work with the construction team and their total dedication to project safety has been a great benefit to this project.” ~ Mike Finney Charles Pankow Builders “Our working relationship goes back at least 10 years; then, as now, the reliability of your word and the quality of your work speaks for itself.... you do not fall into the stereotypical mold of other demolition contractors. There is a consistent level of service, starting with you and finishing with your laborers. You always meet and exceed our expectations.” ~ William Alexander, President Edifice Construction Company, Inc. “Upon being awarded the contract, you responded swiftly and immediately mobilized personnel and equipment to facilitate the immediate removal of warehouse parts at the earliest possible date. Your approach was well planned and executed and speaks well of your leadership and managerial approach to problem solving.” ~ C. Scaringella, Manager Johnson Controls World Services, Inc. “Nuprecon has done a masterful job on our Waikiki Beach Walk project. This was no ordinary demolition project. It involved taking down a block and a half of mid-rise structures within shouting distance of 10,000 operating hotel rooms in the densest portion of the Waikiki resort district. The demolition was executed with surgical precision – on time and on budget – with nary a complaint from adjacent businesses and hotel guests during the entire 3-month process.” ~ Eric Masutomi, Vice President Planning Outrigger Enterprises 800.442.2072
  10. 10. NUPRECON DEMOLITION SERVICES P R E PA R I N G T H E W AY Management Team John Hennessy, President Since Mr. Hennessy founded Nuprecon in 1986, he has held several key leadership positions and continues to play a major role in influencing issues impacting the construction industry and community. Mr. Hennessy founded and co-chaired the Lead in Construction Task Force (1996-1998), a collaborative initiative with the Department of Labor and Industries, Organized Labor and the Construction Industry. Currently, he serves on the Board of Directors of thes Association of Washington Business and as the Vice Chairman of the Washington Policy Center, a public policy think tank. As Nuprecon has evolved into an innovative full–service demolition contractor, Mr. Hennessy places a high priority on excellence, professionalism and integrity. Dave Whitley, Chief Operating Officer Mr. Whitley is an accomplished Executive who has provided creative leadership at the Corporate and Divisional levels for more than 20 years. He has a broad background in a range of disciplines including operations, business development, acquisitions, administration and sales and marketing. His current oversight responsibilities include day-to-day operations of the company’s eight business unit Divisions, Consolidated Warehouse & logistics as well as select Corporate Services such as Safety, Human Resources and Training. He serves on the King County Solid Waste Advisory Commission and recently served on the Board of Directors of the National Demolition Association. Daniel Girard, Chief Financial Officer Mr. Girard is a member of the Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants and has over 20 years’ experience in the engineering/construction business with an emphasis on financial analysis and budgetary control. He has the proven ability to improve internal controls, and strong qualifications in general management and staff development. Mr. Girard blends motivation, leadership, and creative and analytical abilities to develop and implement ideas that produce bottom-line results. As CFO he has full responsibility over the accounting department, payables department, accounts receivable department, payroll department, banking and surety relationships and information technology department. Pete Wold, Vice President Mr. Wold brings 20 years of experience to Nuprecon, with extensive work in program management, construction management and executive management with key strengths in leading people and project teams, overseeing complex construction and environmental remediation projects and negotiating multi-million dollar contracts. His current responsibilities include Management of the Environmental Services Division, EWR, as well as Nuprecon’s Pacific Division based in Honolulu, Hawaii. Bryan DiLoreto, Vice President Mr. DiLoreto began his career in the steel industry as a plant manager and brings over 10 years of management experience to his role as Nuprecon’s Vice President, responsible for the Washington and National Divisions. He has developed extensive experience in sales, estimating and construction techniques. His management skills include leadership, team building, scheduling, budgeting, monitoring project compliance, developing contingency plans, maintaining communication between team members to ensure needs are met, determining cost driving factors and assisting in developing containment/savings programs. 800.442.2072
  11. 11. NUPRECON DEMOLITION SERVICES P R E PA R I N G T H E W AY Bonding, Insurance & Licenses Demolition, remediation and material recovery is dangerous Contractors Licenses: work. Nuprecon has the financial stability and claim history Alaska: 32285 to warrant top-rated surety services and banking relationships. California: 879106 Our clean claims record, stringent operating standards, and Delaware: 2006207453 uncompromising regulatory compliance assures us preferred Hawaii: BC26918 status. As a result, our clients benefit from comprehensive Idaho: RCE18429 insurance coverage and bonding from the moment Nuprecon Illinois: 500-0779 begins work. Iowa: 09-5734S Montana: 155270 Nuprecon has successfully completed projects throughout Nevada: 68862 the United States, ranging from Washington D.C. to LAX in New York: 42152 California, to Eielson AFB in Fairbanks Alaska, to the island Oregon: 170385 of Johnston Atoll in the Pacific Ocean. Nuprecon is licensed Virginia: 275-107414A for demolition and/or abatement services in thirteen states. Washington: NUPREAL943K4 In addition, a number of states do not require demolition or abatement licenses or they maintain reciprocity agreements with sister states, making licensing for many projects quick and easy. Banking Chong Dufresne, Account Manager Wells Fargo North America 205 108th Avenue NE, Sixth Floor Bellevue, Washington 98004 Phone: (425) 450-8060 Bonding Bonding Capacity: $75 Million Chartis Insurance (formerly AIG) Irene Carmona - Senior Underwriter 777 S. Figueroa, St. Suite 1350 Los Angeles, CA 90017 Phone: (213) 689-3922 Insurance Liability Limit: $27 Million Lockton Insurance Brokers, LLC Rafael Martinez - Account Manager 777 S. Figueroa, St. Suite 1350 Los Angeles, CA 90017 Phone: (213) 689-0568 800.442.2072
  12. 12. NUPRECON DEMOLITION SERVICES P R E PA R I N G T H E W AY Safety Management At Nuprecon, working safely is a value. Nuprecon fosters an environment where employees feel they are creating a safe work place, rather than simply avoiding an injury or penalty. By empowering its employees through training and education, committee involvement, and incentive programs, Nuprecon cultivates a more compliant and proactive work force, as evidenced by our 2008 EMR of 0.43 in Washington State and 0.8 nationally. Nuprecon’s award-winning Safety Management System builds on a 38 - element core safety program with the following additional features: SUBCONTRACTOR Preventative Programs OUTSTANDING SAFETY AWARD OVER 250,000 HOURS • Drug Testing • Subcontractor Safety Review SAFETY EXCELLENCE • Emergency Response and Crisis Management 2003 Specialized Training • Hazardous Waste Operations & Emergency Response (HAZWOPER) • Asbestos Worker and Supervisor • Lead, Silica, PCB’s, and Blood Borne Pathogens Exposure Prevention • Confined Space Entry • Dust Mitigation and Engineering Controls • Hot Work and Fire Prevention • Cranes, Rigging, and Material Handling • Hazard Identification and Communication Post Incident Management • Root Cause Injury Investigation • Occupational Nurse Consultation • Return-to-Work Programs • Effective Claims Management 800.442.2072
  13. 13. NUPRECON DEMOLITION SERVICES P R E PA R I N G T H E W AY Professional Affiliations At Nuprecon, we recognize the direct correlation between our relationships in the construction industry and active commitment to trade organizations. Nuprecon participates in a leadership role in many industry organizations and councils, at both local and national levels. Nuprecon is proud to be a member of: • Academy of Certified Hazardous Materials Management • American Indoor Air Quality Council • American Society of Safety Engineers • Associated Builders and Contractors • Associated General Contractors • Building Owners and Managers Association • Concrete Sawing & Drilling Association • Construction Financial Management Association • Institute for Hazardous Materials Management • Master Builders Association • National Association of Industrial and Office Properties • National Demolition Association • The U.S. Green Building Council 800.442.2072
  14. 14. NUPRECON DEMOLITION SERVICES P R E PA R I N G T H E W AY Awards & Achievements Since its inception 20 years ago, Nuprecon has received many awards for an unmatched ability to safely and efficiently handle the most difficult demolition challenges. With a pride in workmanship that embodies our values, the following list highlights some recent accolades: Project Awards 2009 Excellence in Construction Award, Specialty Construction (Associated Builders and Contractors) 2008 Successful Application of partnering in Construction-Seattle Transit Tunnel (Associated General Contractors) 2007 Excellence in Construction Award, Specialty Construction (Associated Builders and Contractors) 2006 Excellence in Construction Award, Specialty Construction (Associated Builders and Contractors) 2005 Eagle of Excellence Award (Associated Builders and Contractors) 2005 Excellence in Construction Award, Specialty Construction (Associated Builders and Contractors) 2005 Excellence in Construction Award, Specialty Construction (Associated Builders and Contractors) 2003 Excellence in Construction Award for TI/Remodel $3.6-$7.5M (Associated General Contractors) 2003 Resources Conservation (The Association of Washington Business) 2002 Excellence in Construction Award for TI/Remodel over $10M (Associated General Contractors) 2001 Excellence in Construction Award for TI/Remodel $2-$5M (Associated General Contractors) 1999 Excellence in Construction Award, Historic Restoration (Associated Builders and Contractors) 1999 Environmental Excellence Award – Recycling (The Association of Washington Business) 1996 Sub-Contractor, Top Winning Projects in Construction Excellence Awards (Associated General Contractors) 1996 Excellence in Construction Award, Specialty Construction (Associated Builders and Contractors) 1994 Sub-Contractor of the Year Award (Associated General Contractors) 1994 Project of the Year (Associated Builders and Contractors) 1993 Project of the Year, Interior Construction (Associated Builders and Contractors) 1992 Project of the Year, Specialty Construction (Associated Builders and Contractors) Safety Awards 2008 Safety Training and Evaluation Process (Associated Builders and Contractors) 2003 Safety Award for Outstanding Subcontractor over 225k Worker Hours (Associated General Contractors) 1997 Sub-Contractor Outstanding Safety Award (Associated General Contractors) 1993-1998 Safety Team (Associated General Contractors) 1993-2004 Safety Training and Education Program (STEP) Award (Associated Builders and Contractors) 1996-1997 Safety Professional of the Year (Seattle Vicinity Construction Safety Council) 1995 Sub-Contractors Most Improved Safety Award (Associated General Contractors) 1993 Medium Sub-Contractor Construction Safety Award (Associated General Contractors 800.442.2072