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Reflections on the 8th Art


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Presented by: Denis Dyack

Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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Reflections on the 8th Art

  1. 1. Reflections on the 8th Art Denis Dyack
  2. 2. Who am I? 
  3. 3. Related TalksEngagement TheoryThe 8th ArtThe Medium is the MassageOne Console FutureMusing about Clouds
  4. 4. Engagement TheoryEngagement >= Story + Art + Audio + Technology + GameplayReflection on Legacy of KainFlow
  5. 5. The 8th ArtVideo games as artParallels to film historyEight
  6. 6. Medium is the MassageUnderstanding the medium of video games
  7. 7. A One Console future Technology and Commoditization Economics will force us to one console“Commodification can be the desiredoutcome of an entity in the market, or it canbe an unintentional outcome that no partyactively sought to achieve.” - wikipedia
  8. 8. Musing About CloudsWhy they are the future:• Economic• IP Protection• Everyone wins: cost effective, lower cost, better access, bigger market place
  9. 9. Fundamentals of the 8th Art Tradition Entertainment vs Video Games • Books, films, tv, music are all linear • Video Games are non-linear and interactive
  10. 10. Video Recorder AnalogyStar Wars vs Call of Duty
  11. 11. Why the Recorder Analogy MattersBroadcasting linear content allows for the capture of the entire experienceBroadcasting interactive content only captures part of the experience• Thus Star Wars vs Call of Duty = Call of Duty wins from an IP integrity perspective
  12. 12. CloudsStops the commoditization of software
  13. 13. Golden Age of Video Games 1st Parties, 2nd Parties, 3rd Parties Games cheap Fast to make Profitable Not many games
  14. 14. This is now… GamersRequires more investment then traditional linear mediumsWith investment comes loyaltyLanguage of games is still primitive
  15. 15. High Pressure System Rising Costs of Development • 30M+ budgets are here to stay • 30M+ Marketing Budgets Fewer games making most of the sales A Hit Driven Industry 360, PS3 and Wii, iOS, Mobile, F2P, MMO, S ocial • Less Penetration with each SKU More difficult to be successful
  16. 16. SuccessAAA games are now defined by their Marketing budgets – Don Daglow (2007)EEDAR: Marketing, Perception
  17. 17. Coming StormEvent Horizon Commoditization Performance oversupply Walls coming down End of Retail iOS, F2P, Mobile, MMOs,Clouds
  18. 18. Massive DisruptionWho will survive? Hardware will not matter Economics in question Sandcastle walls will wash away
  19. 19. What will survive?Good games will surviveThe rest is just a sideshow
  20. 20. Reflections on the 7th ArtCinema will thereby prove to the supreme artistic means of representing and expression of milieus and peoples. It will cease being “individual,” copying the theatre, which in turn copies itself. - Canudo
  21. 21. Immateriality in GamesExclusive domainsIts in its infancyUniversal language that will entertain in ways we cannot yet imagine