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Digitoos Real estate online marketing

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Online real estate marketing

  1. 1. We create TemplatesMARKETING SOLUTIONSnot ADS
  2. 2. Why WE are a Specialist? Top Internet based e-commerce company of the year 2011 A Case study was conducted by IIM – Ahmedabad on our innovative solutions, lead generation and e-promotion strongly adheres to Sir Abraham Lincolns thought that,“The best way to predict your future is to create it.” Your Logo
  3. 3. WHY GO ONLINE? People Search Property Online 6% India Stands 3rd in Online Internet usage in 94% Offlineworld with more than 11% of population 40% of online online. population in India is Young People Are Aggressive Net female UsersThey are Online with Phone, Laptops, Desktops, Tablets and Fablets Average Time Spent on Internet: 8 Hrs/ day 75 per cent of online audience between the age group of 15-34
  4. 4. Fact # 1: Online Searches for Offline Buying A recent survey concluded that people do an extensive research for products online before ending up buying them offline.Property Cars Jewellery Hotels 100% 100% 95% 70%
  5. 5. Fact # 2: Decision Makers go Online ForDecision makers are spending more than 8 hours a day online and majority of them are spending time… Checking Mails – 60% Searching Information– 25% Other Activities like Social Activities– 10% Buying, Chatting, Dati ng– 5%
  6. 6. Fact # 3: Decision Makers can be influenced by the power of Web 2.0 + Sales 2.0 + Mail 2.0 VISIBILITY CLARITY APPROACH MARKETING AUTOMATIONBe on Google’s More clearer Customized &first page to the message is Interactive Let Marketingensure more conveyed approach to Automationnumber of more is the serve the work for you!leads chances of buyer’s getting a lead particular need and query
  8. 8. 3 ways to sell a Property Least Expenditure Advertise Network of Agents Highest reach continuously with in Thousands & Be before buyers High Expenditure Lakhs Always 24x7x365 Before . With . Continuously High Conversion Time Highest Positioning Exhibition Agent Sales 2.0 Limited ReachShortest Life Buyers Newspaper Investor Web 2.0 Magazine Sub-Agents Mail 2.0 Radio / TV Limited Hoardings Reach Choose Intelligently
  9. 9. Super Charged Website Microsite Social on Media MFI Search Listing on Engine Directories Branding Continuously - Lead Continuously WITHWith Online Marketing Force, we create your Exclusive Online Business Centre
  10. 10. We Super Charge your Website Your Website Before getting Super Charged
  11. 11. Steps to create Online Marketing Force Study , Analyse & Discuss With Company Segment Buyers and redefine it. Super Charge The Website Create Online Business Centre After Super Charging website Incorporate Web2.0, Sales 2.0, Mail 2.0 on Online Business Centre. Creating Lead generation centres Positioning With Micro Websites In Buyers Zones Targeting & Retargeting segmented buyers and probables with mail 2.0
  12. 12. Your Super Charged Website - Your Online Business Centre Mails Blogs Social Media Website Pages Content Classified Listings
  13. 13. Check Your Marketing PatternConventional Marketing Web 2.0 + Sales 2.0 + Mail 2.0• Limited Reach • Unlimited Reach• Covers Offline Market • Covers Online Market• Very Low ROI • High ROI• Non segmented targeting • Segmented targeting • Interactive Approach• Does not offer interactive Approach • Engages buyer in the buying process• Uniform positioning of products • Multiple Positioning of products for all based on target audience• Only Marketing • Wholesome approach integrates• Tracking of leads not possible sales with marketing • Tracking of leads possible
  14. 14. Marketing AutomationWe combine the Mail 2.0 with Marketing Automation tools to deliver thebest results and making it a Online Lead Generation tool.Being a Data Driven company, we have:• Huge email subscriber database• Spam free mailing platform and inventories• Highly segmented data running into crores including almost every category and finest segment bifurcationWe take care of even these kind of simple aspects:Email Reaches their best results in 1st hour after deliveryThe best times to send mails are between 9 – 10 am and 3 – 4 pm 23.6% of all email 2nd hour 3rd hour 4th hour opens occur within 1st hour of delivery 9.52% 6.33% 4.8% 22nd hour 23rd hour 24th hour 0.78% 0.72% 0.63%
  15. 15. Marketing Automation Email Marketing PayoffsMarketing Automation Mail Sent (Touches) 10,000 10,000 200 more Inquiries inquiries 1000 1200 100 more Marketing Qualified Leads MQL 500 700 40 more Sales Qualified Leads SQL 100 180 14 more Wins Wins 20 50
  16. 16. Marketing Reports
  17. 17. Get detailed reports like how many have opened the mail…
  18. 18. Know who has opened your mail and when…
  19. 19. Know what interests people more…learn which link is clicked the most…
  20. 20. 84% Real estate Professionals are now using Social Media Social Media Usage Flickr 4% You tube Blogger 5% You Tube 12% 27%Word Press 15% Linkedin 29% 73% Twitter 48% Facebook 79% 0% 20% 40% 60% 80% 100% 73% of Homeowners say they are more likely to go with realtor offering video, yet only 12% of real estate industry currently have YouTube accounts.
  21. 21. SOCIAL MEDIAIntegrated Approach Twitter
  22. 22. Project Based Micro Websites• The project will be listed on, India’s 3rd largest b2b portal.• A separate link will be created like:• Designing and developing of microsite will be with the aim of creating a LEAD GENERATING CENTRE• The microsite will be than linked to their respective websites• Promoting offers and Investment plans on the website.• Technological sound with classic aesthetic look and feel.• Navigational friendly.• Search Engine Friendly with Social Media Integration.• Refer:
  23. 23. Users Across Globe are going Mobile ARE YOU READY?Get one today - Make Your Website Mobile FriendlyMobile is the only way to 41 access Internet % Convenient when away 40 from computer % Mobile commerce are now 21% of all traffic to websites Cheaper than using a 39 and has greater influence than computer % desktop websites. Easier than using a 32 computer %
  24. 24. Mobile to Save! Mobile device owners are more 41% people made a likely to interact with brands onpurchase influenced by Social Media email promotion they receive on phone 37% made a purchase influenced by social Smartphone media promotion No Mobile or tablet received on mobile Device 32% more leads ownergenerated than desktop 17.9% 26.9% over 2 year period
  25. 25. Features• Totally in synchronization with your current desktop website and all mailers• Automatic Updating with changes in desktop version• Convert advanced sites as well• Compatible for more than 14,000 different mobile devices!• Easy to view on mobile platforms• Fast to navigate on mobile platforms• Quick page loading time• Mobile SEO friendly website• Mobile Analytics• Click to call option for you to generate more leads70% of people that search for a local business on their mobile phone will take action that day.
  26. 26. Pre Launch MarketingNecessary as many people plan purchasemonths ago, so we make them consider yourproject before even its launch• We run Teaser Campaigns• We create awareness about your project• We generate curiosity for your project
  27. 27. “Hottest property in town to berevealed shortly. Stay tuned, we willkeep you posted on it.” Holistic marketing approach Combination of : • Mailers • Social Media • Banners • Creating Online Events / ContestsFor all the teasers we will run a viral marketing campaign on social networking sitesto generate curiosity.
  28. 28. Our Other VerticalsContact:- Also VISIT digitoos.comDIGITOOS.COMPH: +91 - 79 - 6605 6605Mobile: + 91 – 9227891159Email: Copyright © 2013 MFI Trade-Link Pvt Ltd