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Start-Up Chile - SUP Boat 2013 Edition * updated *


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Start-Up Chile - SUP Boat 2013 Edition * updated *

  1. 1. Horacio MeloExecutive Director, Start-Up ChileMarch 2013 March, 2013 @startupchile
  2. 2.
  3. 3. 2012:Year of Entrepreneurship
  4. 4. 2013:Year of Innovation
  5. 5. New Law Approved Open a Company in ChileIN 1 DAY, ONLINE & FOR FREE!
  6. 6. Is a Program from the Chilean government to attract and concentrate world-class earlystage entrepreneurs to start their business in Chile.
  7. 7. Why we exist?1. Attract 1000 startups for 20142. Embrace a cultural shift in Chile
  8. 8. Why do we do it?
  9. 9. What do we offer? @startupchile
  10. 10. You Will be part of our Global Network... Sir Richard Branson Vivek Wadhwa Bridgette Sexton TinaHernan Kazah Antonio Villaraigosa Tina Seelig Andrew Mason Steve Wozniak Bedy Yang
  11. 11. We are reaching the world! February, 2012 | Liverpool, England Global Entrepreneurship Congress March, 2012 | Austin, Texas South by Southwest September, 2012 | San Francisco, CA TechCrunch Disrupt, Chilean Pavilion December, 2012 | Dubai, UAE Global Entrepreneurship Summit Start-Up Chile Demo Days May, September, November, 2012 Santiago, Chile September, 2012 San Francisco, CA SUPboat June, September, 2012 30+ meetups in 30+ countries such as USA, Russia, Spain, Brazil, and México
  12. 12. And Stay Connected Globally... Quantity of Start-Up Chile alumni per country
  13. 13. Contributing to Chile’s Image...Contributions to Chile’s Image
  14. 14. ...And become one of our success stories First Start-Up Chile participants; Raised $1.6 Million in VCRaised $4 Million in VC funding; are fully functioning in funding; became icons for the USA entrepreneurial immigration Chile, Argentina, and Brazil struggle Raised $1 Million in VC funding from Chile Global AngelsRaised $986K in funding; selected for Techstars Boston including the Head of Innovation of Microsoft and ex Finance(Winter 2012); consistently ranked as a top fitness app Minister of Google; 500 Startups (Fall 2012) Raised $1.2 Million in VC funding; selected as Phocuswright’s “Most Innovative Startup” Raised $1.2 Million in funding from Chile’s Aurus and Austral Capital; currently working with the State of CaliforniaRaised $1 Million in funding from Chile’s Aurus fund and Received seed funding from 500 Startups, The Next Web’s Best publishing giant, Copesa B2B and Public Choice award winners (2012)
  15. 15. What are you waiting for??? @startupchile
  16. 16. Apply Now!
  17. 17.