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Pick1 - How to seduce a woman


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Pick1 - How to seduce a woman

  1. 1. Get closer to your audience Pick1 is an enterprise solution delivering Big Data for Opinions. The sweet spot between the MarketResearch and the Retargeted Advertising Industry.
  2. 2. Opinions: a new actionable dataset 2
  3. 3. Market and competitive landscape The biggest player in the market (TNS, $2B/year, 16k employees) has no Social Media Department, while online tools only help you create questions. Traditional Social Market Engagement Research Companies $35B/year $70B/year Online Traditional Surveys Retargeting Services Advertising 3
  4. 4. Benchmark on the pricing points TRADITIONAL PAY-PER- ONLINE SURVEYS IMPRESSION BANNER SERVICES Average CPM $5 with CTR 0.3% = CPC Cost per Vote (= per Click) $1.67 $0.20 - $4.50 Source:  Wikipedia   Source:   GOOGLE / FACEBOOK TRADITIONAL ADVERTISING MARKET RESEARCH Medium Cost Per Click PICK1 Cost per Vote (= per Click) $0.05 - $3.50 the one-stop-shop $0.75 - $7.50Source:  Google   Source:  a  WPP  MR  Company   through which generating both RETARGETED SOCIAL ADVERTISING INSIGHTS VALUE VALUE 4
  5. 5. Pick1’s business model Pay-per-use tool for self-providing SMBs plus a premium price subscription model in white-label for Brands, Agencies and Enterprises. 5
  6. 6. Some current traction indicatorsClients Users Metrics Revenue Press +15.9% +64% $136k M-O-M 2012 growth Pageviews (up to) Deals closed in 2012 362% +87% $1k-$6k Overall 2012 growth Time on Site (up to) Per client per month 85,000 -40% 70-80% Votes collected Bounce-Rate (up to) Profit per client 6
  7. 7. Pick1’s team and advisors 4 David Weekly Pbworks, Juan Pablo Puerta Craigslist, Etsy Lorenzo Thione Powerset, Artify Andrea Vaccari Glancee, Facebook IdaRose Sylvester Silicon Valley Link Massimo Sgrelli Wave Group Max Ventimiglia H-art, H-farm Davide Casali Dachis Group 3 2 5 6 1 1. Armando Biondi, Chairman.Former radio speaker in Italy, 4 non-tech startups, 3 tech startups 2. Paolo Privitera, CEO. 18 years in tech, involved in 6 startups, 10+ awards, 10 years in the USA 3. Stefano Silvestrini, COO. Co-founded and grew a 4.5M community with 4. Enrico Carlesso, CTO. Former Head Dev. in one of the three most important italian incubators 5. Simone De Battisti, Chief Analytics Officer. Research Director in 4 different WPP companies 6. PierFrancesco Cardillo, VP of BizDev. Managed €30M/y revenue in the previous company 7
  8. 8. Pick1’s investors and funding Pick1 is backed by the founding team ($150k), some Convertible Notes ($285k) and a Seed Round led by ChileGlobal Angels ($535k) joined by 500 Startups. Dave McClure’s Oliver Flogel Wilson Pais Gonzalo Begaso Jordi Ferrer 500 Startups Former Telefonica CEO Innovation Lead Microsoft Former Google Executive Former Head of Digital TNS We’re finalizing a $1.0M-$1.5M extended Seed Round for a 15-20% stake, open to give a board seat. The company will reach break-even in Dec ‘12 / Jan ‘13. 8
  9. 9. Use of proceed and ultimate dream 1. Strengthen the team to address unattended clients 2. Complete the new tech layer for CRM/cookies/API The goal is to reach $2M-$4M revenue by 2013 end. To become a “Freebase for the opinions”: the global resource which allows people and machines to effectively create, access and exploit unique cross-linked opinions. 9