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Product development success story with kanban final


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Product development success story with kanban final

  1. 1. PRODUCTDEVELOPMENT WITHKANBAN – A SUCCESSSTORYMahesh SinghCo-founder/ Sr. VP – Product, Digite, Inc.
  2. 2. Agenda Introduction How We Were.. How We Are Today (Kanban to the rescue!) Benefits Achieved2© Digite, Inc.
  3. 3. Quick Introduction – Digité, Inc.© Digite, Inc.3 “Lean/ Agile ALM” Tools company 95+ customers/ >300,000 users Lean/ Agile ALM – SwiftALM - 2003 Kanban/ Scrumban – SwiftKanban - 2011 Integration bus – SwiftSync - 2012
  4. 4. Planning for the Next Release….How we were…4© Digite, Inc.
  5. 5. Waterfall – 2002-20065© Digite, Inc.
  6. 6. Iterative – 2007 - 20116© Digite, Inc.
  7. 7. Iterative – 2007 - 2011IR1IR2IR37© Digite, Inc.
  8. 8. Our Release Schedule© Digite, Inc.8 3 Releases per year 2 Minor 1 MajorWe thought we had it pretty good!
  9. 9. But behind the scene…9© Digite, Inc.
  10. 10. What was going to be the “Next Release”?!© Digite, Inc.10
  11. 11. Product Management could not “Define”© Digite, Inc.11 Large backlog that was not very visible Different functions clamoring for priority PM and Engg teams busy with completing the lastrelease Multiple versions of MRD/ PRD across stakeholdersPM was challenged to scope/ share/ get agreement on thenext release!
  12. 12. Engineering could not “Commit…”© Digite, Inc.12 Almost all functions – Dev/ QA/ PM/ Support – pulledinto testing Automated Testing was “insufficient”/ significantoverhead in manual testing Busy with fixing bugs in the last release PM was expected to deliver “frozen specs” before theycould start workingEngg too busy to plan and commit! Commitments madecould not be kept.
  13. 13. Management/ Sales could not “Understand”© Digite, Inc.13 “Development is not fast enough” “Productivity is low” “Quality is bad” “Product does not meet market need”Management/ Sales were frustrated!
  14. 14. Overall situation ….. Release Planning a Very Costly Process! A LOT OFEFFORT before Use Cases or Epics/ User Stories madeit to the Backlog! When we spoke to our customers and other Bay Areacompanies, we realized we were not alone! Getting from Vision/ Roadmap to User Stories in aBacklog is a lot of work – and is usually not veryorganized!14© Digite, Inc.
  15. 15. Kanban to the Rescue!How we are today…15© Digite, Inc.
  16. 16. Our Kanban Journey SwiftKanban – Brief History Decision to build SwiftKanban – April 2010 Beta – Nov 2010 GA – July 2011 Advice/ input from several thought leaders –David Anderson, Jim Benson, Al Shalloway,Masa K Maeda, Yuval Yeret.. Kanban training – Q4, 2010 We started using it as soon as we launchedBeta16© Digite, Inc.
  17. 17. Benefits we sought from Kanban© Digite, Inc.17 Smoother Flow Greater Throughput Continuous (more frequent) delivery Faster Time to Market Greater VisibilityWe were EXCITED! We were raring to go!
  18. 18. First version of our Kanban – As Is (2010-11)© Digite, Inc.18
  19. 19. Iterative + Kanban – 2010 - 201119© Digite, Inc.
  20. 20. Iterative + Kanban – 2010 - 201120© Digite, Inc.
  21. 21. Iterative + Kanban – 2010 - 201121© Digite, Inc.
  22. 22. Iterative + Kanban – 2010 - 201122© Digite, Inc.
  23. 23. Retrospective Findings© Digite, Inc.23 Disconnect between PM and Engg persisted Frequently changing requirements/ user stories Frequently changing priority Committed users stories getting dropped User stories developed were incomplete Development and Automation challenges Automation not visible, not synchronized with development Code review sporadic Release cadence not clear Engg called upon to do interrupt-driven work
  24. 24. Version 2 of our Kanban (2011-2012)Greater Attention to Planning/ Scoping© Digite, Inc.24
  25. 25. © Digite, Inc.25Version 2 of our Kanban (2011-2012)Separate Dev with Details of Automation/ Review/Deployment
  26. 26. © Digite, Inc.26Version 2 of our Kanban (2011-2012)All Engg Activity put on Board
  27. 27. “The shorter the Project, the more planningit needs.” – old (Project Management)Jungle saying…!The Impact…27© Digite, Inc.
  28. 28. Cumulative Flow Diagram (Minus backlog/archive)11 Releases made during 2012! 18-24 planned for 2013.28© Digite, Inc.
  29. 29. Average Cycle Time of User Stories300% Reduction in Cycle Time thru a combination of factors!29© Digite, Inc.
  30. 30. Development ProcessWeek 1 Week 2 Week 2 Week 4Spec Story 7-8 Spec Story 9-10 Spec Story 11-12 Spec Story 13-14Design Story 5-6 Design Story 7-8 Design Story 9-10 Design Story 11-12Develop Story 3-4Develop Story 5-6 Develop Story 7-8 Develop Story 9-10Validate Story 1-2Validate Story 3-4 Validate Story 5-6 Validate Story 7-8Release 1-2-3-4 Release 5-6-7-830© Digite, Inc.
  31. 31. How Work Really Gets Done - PMUser Story Planning Separate “Weekly StandupMeeting” (tho’ we continue toparticipate in Engg Daily Standup,mostly as observers) on thePlanning Board Backlog consists of New featuresand Enhancements Backlog Prioritization by Rank Estimation pulled in PM, Dev, UIteam Splitting Large User Stories intosmaller Deployable Stories Elaborating the stories(Specification writing) Available in ‘Ready ForDevelopment’Other Cards Issues, Internal And CustomerDefects are put directly into ‘ReadyFor Development’ lane with highestpriority Engineering Tasks are treated likeuser Stories31© Digite, Inc.
  32. 32. How Work Really Gets Done - Dev/ QAWork Execution Each Team Member Pullsnext available card from‘Ready For Development’lane. Each Card flows throughDevelopment Value stream: Design -> Coding -> JUNITAutomation -> Code Review ->(Functional Test Case Dev +Functional Test Automation) ->Test Automation Review ->Validation. Validated Cards are put into‘Ready for Deployment’ lane. Release when 20 Cards in‘Ready For Deployment’ Generally, release cadence: 2Work Tracking Daily standup Calls Generally, 1 card at a Timefor all team members. Monitoring and ControllingWIP violations Focus on Impediments(Block)32© Digite, Inc.
  33. 33. Going further UPSTREAMThe Next Stage33© Digite, Inc.
  34. 34. © Digite, Inc.34Version 3 of our Kanban (2012-Present)Roadmapping in a separate board
  35. 35. More Process Changes© Digite, Inc.35 “Monthly Prioritization Meeting” with leadership team onRoadmap Board Access to leadership to all boards. CEO/ Sales/ Supportlook at the board to see when they can expect a featureto be released
  36. 36. © Digite, Inc.36Version 3 of our Kanban (2012-Present)Execution separated from Planning/ Spec-ing
  37. 37. Going further – “Tribal Mashup…”?Backlog (BySource)Prioritized Scheduled In Progress DoneCustomers (3)Sales (3)Support (3)Marketing/Product Mgt (5)Engineering (2)Representation fromvarious sources37© Digite, Inc.
  38. 38. Cross-Board Decomposition and Drilldown© Digite, Inc.38
  39. 39. Organizational Benefits Feature visibility throughout the cycle – from concept to deployment Right level of User Story breakdown/ sizing for predictable delivery Greater representation for all types of requirements (strategic  tactical technical debt related) Greater representation for all functions - non-sales/marketing includingSupport/ Engg! Better PM and Engg Collaboration - Commitment by Engg teams based onjoint-planning/ Work on “truly relevant” requirements by PM team Up to “the last responsible moment” Prioritization by sales/ mgmt/customers Focus on Test Automation and Continuous Deployment Overall Quality/ Stability of Product Complete change in management style! Focus on value/ customer satrather than estimates, productivity, NEXT RELEASE!!39© Digite, Inc.
  40. 40. Business Benefits Faster time to market Faster feedback loops Better overall product/ market fit Improved sales/ customer expectationmanagement Customer Satisfaction/ Growth! Deliver VALUE!40© Digite, Inc.
  41. 41. Q&A Contact Information @maheshsingh Learn more at Connect with us Twitter - @swiftkanban/@digite Facebook – Blogs and Articles The Principles of Kanban MethodKanban Applied toSoftware DevelopmentPersonal KanbanScrumbanKanban vs. Scrum10 example Kanban boardsExplaining CumulativeFlow DiagramsYour Family, Agile, and You Kanban Communities Kanban Dev GroupLean Agile GroupLean DevelopmentKanban-OpsIT Kanban41© Digite, Inc.About usAbout Kanban