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Zoom kobe vi


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Zoom kobe vi:

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Zoom kobe vi

  1. 1. ZoomZoomZoomZoom KobeKobeKobeKobe VIVIVIVI“The Kobe VI is a very character driven shoe with the alter ego of the Black Mambaprominently featured,” said Bryant. “We continue to evolve the technology to make it aperformance based shoe, but aesthetically you haven’t seen a shoe pop like thisbefore. It brings to life what drives me.”The Zoom Kobe VI takes inspiration from it’s previous shoe, the Zoom Kobe V,and improves on it in various ways.Zoom Kobe VI 001 black/redZoom Kobe VI 002 yellow/blackZoom Kobe VI 003 grey/blue
  2. 2. Zoom Kobe VI 004 grey/redZoom Kobe VI 005 orange/L blueZoom Kobe VI 006 blue/black
  3. 3. Zoom Kobe VI 007 purple/blackZoom Kobe VI 008 black/whiteZoom Kobe VI 009 blue/greyZoom Kobe VI 010 grey/red
  4. 4. Zoom Kobe VI 011 white/blackZoom Kobe VI 012 white/greyZoom Kobe VI 013 white/goldZoom Kobe VI 014 white/blue
  5. 5. Zoom Kobe VI 015 white/purpleThe shoe’s upper features unique polyurethane “islands” that emulate a snake’s skinand increase or decrease in size throughout the shoe to protect against abrasion andincrease durability exactly where needed.The above pictures are from: to visit more from our website: