Etwinning - IOC at Aberdeen Workshop


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Etwinning - IOC at Aberdeen Workshop

  1. 1. DIGITCLASS:Using eTwinning February 2012
  2. 2. What’s eTwinning eTwinning is the Community forschools in Europe. Teachers from allparticipating countries can register and use theeTwinning online tools (the Portal andDesktop) to find each other, meet virtually,exchange ideas and practice examples, teamup in Groups, learn together in Learning Eventsand engage in online-based projects.
  3. 3. Using eTwinningeTwinning can be used by teachers in a number of ways. To name a few:- as an online resource for ideas and inspiration- as a networking and community building tool- as a partner-finding solution for international projects- as a collaborative platform for pupils to work on projects- as a means of professional development
  4. 4. eTwinning network• The eTwinning community is a network of• schools from across Europe. While only• teachers and head teachers can register to the• Portal, the list of those involved either directly or• indirectly can go on forever because it is a• network of people interested in creating links• and friendships through education.
  5. 5. • The possibilities in eTwinning are multifaceted. To see how eTwinning works for you, register at
  6. 6. OPTIONS• eTwinning Projects• eTwinning Groups• Resource Exchange• Learning Events• Professional Development Workshops (PDW)
  7. 7. THe eTwinning portal: Using the tools