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Using PDFs more effectively


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Presentation to Missouri Solo & Small Firm Conference on June 14, 2013

Published in: Education, Technology
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Using PDFs more effectively

  1. 1. PDFs for Lawyers Working with PDFs in daily practice
  2. 2. Ernie Svenson ‣2 yrs EDLA Law Clerk ‣20 yrs at BigLaw ‣7 years as a solo atty ‣ ‣PDF for
  3. 3. My Book: Blogging in One Hour for Lawyers
  4. 4. My Goal ‣Teach lawyers to use technology to - work smarter (e.g. automate) - get work done faster - and get better results - with lower costs ($$$) - and lower stress!!
  5. 5. Paperless ‣Is the path to getting those benefits - no physical storage restrictions - easier copying & transmitting - ability to work outside office - easier to find information ‣But being able to work with PDFs is key “the cloud”
  6. 6. Agenda You will learn to: ‣ Find key words and phrases quickly in a single PDF, or group of PDFs ‣ Create searchable comments and highlighting, and edit them to tag key issues ‣ Set options that will most help you work with legal documents ‣ Navigate through PDFs quickly, easily ‣ Zoom in on hard to read text, and zoom back out instantly ‣ Rotate pages super fast, without futzing around looking for menus or tool buttons. You will receive: ‣ 1 Page “Cheat Sheet” of PDF keyboard shortcuts ‣ 1 Page “Cheat Sheet” of PDF keyboard accelerators ‣ Copy of this PDF presentation ‣ All sent to you via Adobe SendNow (so you can see how useful it is) - Only $19/year ‣ Continuing tips & helpful suggestions, if you subscribe to the free email newfeed click here to subscribe
  7. 7. PDFs portable document format now in widespread use a/k/a: ‘digital paper’
  8. 8. More than just “digital paper”
  9. 9. The end of the PowerPoint
  10. 10. PDF Skills Matter
  11. 11. The audit should take about one hour. But the average pace is five hours
  12. 12. Audit covers ‣Printing to PDF ‣Know how to use Acrobat - most attys lack even ‘Reader’ skills ‣Extract pages ‣Rearrange pages ‣Search PDF, or batch of PDFs
  13. 13. Basic Skills ‣Zoom in on small text ‣Quickly jump to a page, and then return ‣Rearrange pages ‣Insert pages ‣Rotate page, or range of pages ‣Delete page, or range of pages ‣Filling forms, and saving
  14. 14. More Key Skills ‣Create bookmarks to tag key pages ‣Create sticky notes (marginalia) ‣Search PDFs ‣OCR to make searchable ‣Bates-stamping documents ‣Redact information from documents ‣Creating fillable forms
  15. 15. Adobe Reader Free
  16. 16. The Adobe Reader/Acrobat Interface Toolbar Nav pane Tools & Comment Prefs For more information on setting preferences click here (Borstein blog post)
  17. 17. Preferences
  18. 18. Preferences Preferences ‣ Ctrl + K (Windows); Cmd + , (Mac) ‣ Under Commenting - Uncheck “Always use Log-in Name for Author name” ‣ Under Documents - Increase “Documents in Recently Used List” to 10 - Adjust save settings to more often than “5 minutes” (if you want) ‣ Under General - Check “Enable single-key accelerators to access tools”
  19. 19. Toolbars
  20. 20. Toolbar Toolbar ‣ Default options are not sufficient ‣ Add or remove View, Find, Zoom, Rotate etc. - (by right-clicking and choosing ones you want) ‣ Recommend adding these - Previous view - Find - Advanced Search Quick Tools (is what they’re called in Acrobat) ‣ You Add commenting tools - Highlight - Comment bubble ‣ You can’t add annotation tools (Only in Acrobat) Right-click here to add tools
  21. 21. Demo
  22. 22. —Use the appropriate keyboard modifier, depending on what kind of computer you use— Document Review: Cntrl/Cmd + D ‣ File Size, number of pages ‣Security: problems with doc? Check permissions to see if something is not allowed. ‣Initial view: set to show bookmarks, or attachments, if PDF has those. Zoom: Cntrl/Cmd + Plus or Minus ‣ Use + to zoom in, and use - to zoom out ‣ Hold Spacebar while dragging to move around in zoomed view Page View: Cntrl/Cmd + 0 (for ‘Fit Page’) Cntrl/Cmd + 2 (for ‘Fit Width’) Jump to Page: Cntrl/Cmd + SHIFT + N (then enter page #) Back to Prior View: Cmd/Cntrl + LEFT ARROW ( ) Rotate Page: Cntrl/Cmd + SHIFT + Plus or Minus (rotates all pages, left or right) Rotate Pages: Cmd/Cntrl + SHIFT + R (calls up dialogue box with options) Bookmarking: Cntrl/Cmd + B ★ Or select text first, and then hit keyboard shortcut to make bookmark name same as text (if you can’t select text then you need to make the text searchable via Recognize Text option Commenting (pop up bubble): Cntrl/Cmd + 6 ‣ After entering the desired text, hit ESCAPE key. Find Text: Cntrl/Cmd + F ‣Use + to zoom in, and use - to zoom out Sign up for our email newsletter (click or copy into browser):
  23. 23. To use these single key accelerators you have to enable them under Preferences > General, and then check the box as shown below: Then you can switch quickly between tools using these single key shortcuts. Text Box tool - X (quickly enter text) Text Edit tool - E (quickly indicate text edits) Select tool - V (quickly select text) Highlight tool - U (quickly highlight text) Hand tool - H (move a zoomed page) Stamp tool - K (reuse last used stamp, e.g. signature) Link tool - L (quickly create hyperlinks) Sign up for our email newsletter (click or copy into browser):
  24. 24. Demo Documents (attached to this PDF document) 1. Boring Contract (searchable)- “Drew Brees” buried in text. 2. Boring Contract - not searchable 3. Memo in Support of Motion (not bookmarked) - Fleurty Girl case 4. Memo in Support of Motion (Bookmarked) 5. State Court Subpoena form (CDC) 6. Dummy Excel data (with embedded .xls file) 7. Flattening action for Acrobat X - use to flatten signatures in version X 8. Flattening action for Acrobat XI - use to flatten signatures in version XI 9. “Paper Because” - funny advertisement Demonstrate 1. Click this invisible link to open “Boring Contract” 2. Search range of PDFs 3. Fill PDF form, and save 4. E-briefs - Strut-Legal example 5. Insert signature stamp (PDF v. PNG)
  25. 25. Standard Professional Adobe Acrobat $289 $413
  26. 26. Acrobat XI Standard Professional OCR Bates-stamp Redaction Compare PDFs
  27. 27. Print PDFs – not really printing – create PDF (w/o print & scan) – perfect digital capture
  28. 28. Print Printe Print Page Preview: Nam Status: Type: HP Laser Jet 1200 Series Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Vestibulum quis elit nec purus dapibus dignissim. Fusce vulputate convallis risus. Aenean interdum rutrum lacus. Maecenas non ante. Sed enim tortor, eleifend eget, tincidunt eget, pulvinar ut, nulla. Nunc at purus. Ut risus. Praesent elementum mauris et orci. Duis elementum. Sed lobortis elit et turpis dictum tincidunt. Vestibulum et libero pretium justo mollis aliquet. Ut tristique ligula eu dolor. Curabitur porta libero vitae risus. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Cras lacinia ultrices mi. Etiam porta, enim in rhoncus imperdiet, tortor lorem convallis urna, non scelerisque velit lacus eget orci. Morbi tristique. Nullam sed leo. Nunc vulputate, quam eget dictum scelerisque, justo justo pellentesque tellus, at laoreet felis HP Laser Jet 1200 Series PCL Al Current Current Page Copie v HP Laser Jet 1200 Series PCL Adobe PDFAdobe PDF Adobe PDF