Improve your online reputation


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How lawyers can improve their online reputation, effectively and ethically.

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Improve your online reputation

  1. 1. –Ernie Svenson
  2. 2. My Book: Blogging in One Hour for Lawyers
  3. 3. Marketing—makes most lawyers uneasy
  4. 4. but online reputation… —we sort of understand
  5. 5. The Digital World is dominant. And it’s not the same as the old, analog world. It’s faster, more pervasive, reaches more people
  6. 6. Niche General
  7. 7. Search
  8. 8. Findability is Job #1
  9. 9. You can’t be liked/trusted if you can’t be found
  10. 10. ‣ Relevance: does the site contain text that seems to answer the question, or help answer it ‣ Authority: does the site rank highly (i.e. “page rank)? ๏ Do other sites link to it? (“inbound links”) ๏ What page rank do those sites have? ๏ What topics does it focus on?
  11. 11. Strategy: Platform ‣ Michael Hyatt ‣ CEO Thomas Nelson Publisher ‣ 7th Largest Trade Publisher ‣ Blogger, Social Media user, Speaker, Author ‣ Blog - +6 Million page views per year
  12. 12. Platform Provides ‣ Visibility: you’re more easily “findable” online, and people can learn about you more easily. ‣ Amplification: gives your message an extra boost over what is normal; important in our ‘noisy’ world. ‣ Connection: Helps establish you as a trusted authority. Keeps people paying attention on a continuing basis.
  13. 13. Home Base Outposts
  14. 14. Home Base Outposts
  15. 15. You don’t necessarily need a blog, not as your first step anyway.
  16. 16. You can’t be liked/trusted if you can’t be found
  17. 17. Tomb of the Unknown Solider
  18. 18. Blog post:“Unknown Lawyer - Why is your phone not ringing?”
  19. 19. The Unknown Attorney is listed on Avvo and Justia, and even has an Avvo rating
  20. 20. The Avvo page has a rating that could be improved. It has no picture at all, which would be the first big improvement.
  21. 21. The Justia profile hasn’t been claimed and also has no picture. But his competitors have pictures and updated profiles.
  22. 22. Need Two Things ‣Good Profile Photo(s) ‣One square (100x100 pixels, less than 100 kbs) ‣One 5x7 format, casual (not typical lawyer picture) ‣Short bio - 300-500 words - addressing client’s cares & concerns first
  23. 23. Photos - Two ‣One square (100x100 pixels, less than 100 kbs) - Studio shot ‣One rectangle - Casual (not a typical lawyer picture) ‣One looking in lens (makes a personal connection) ‣Crop one tightly ‣Pick one as your main photo
  24. 24. A good photo (or two) Lawyer Lawyer in a setting
  25. 25. NJP
  26. 26. Square headshot Casual portrait Two Good Examples
  27. 27. About page (bio) ‣Short, client-focused ‣preferably 300 words or less ‣not more than 500 words ‣Don’t say “we” if you’re a solo ‣Don’t use “I” or talk much about yourself ‣Show client you understand their problems, and point of view ‣Use your voice when you write
  28. 28. Word Count: 182
  29. 29. Client-Focused ‣What’s in it for them? ‣Why should they care about you? ‣What do you know about them? ‣Emotional appeals work best ‣What’s their problem feel like? ‣What emotions do typical clients experience? (Address those!)
  30. 30. Influence - Principles 1. Authority (are you qualified) 2. Scarcity (what’s unusual about you) 3. Likability (let your personality shine) 4. Reciprocity (give first, ask later) 5. Social Proof (testimonials) 6. Consistency (& Commitment)
  31. 31. There’s a saying: people buy on emotion, and justify their decision with logic. So, what are you selling, and what emotions will resonate with the potential buyer? Website/BlogYou need a home base for your platform.
  32. 32. There’s a saying: people buy on emotion, and justify their decision with logic. So, what are you selling, and what emotions will resonate with the potential buyer? Landing Page To get people to opt-in to your email list you need to offer something valuable for free
  33. 33. You don’t need a lot of words to show clients you care, but you need to write in a way that makes them believe you care.
  34. 34. Murthy Law Firm ‣ Founded in 1994 by Sheela Murthy ‣ Born in Baroda, India ‣ Started solo immigration firm in 1992; website created same year. ‣ “[F]rustrated by [her] own immigrant experience” ‣ Gave away information for free online to help others with same experiences
  35. 35. Murthy Law Firm ‣ Email newsletter also started ‣ Each day answers 100 questions from immigrants, for free. ‣ According to NY Times article, her site is “world’s most visited law firm site.” ‣ Email newsletter has 40,000 subscribers ‣ Firm now generates $10 million annual revenue
  36. 36. There’s a saying: people buy on emotion, and justify their decision with logic. So, what are you selling, and what emotions will resonate with the potential buyer? Page Rank Just exactly how much does Google love you?
  37. 37. My Old Law Firm Page Rank: 3
  38. 38. Page Rank: 3
  39. 39. Page Rank: 6
  40. 40. There’s a saying: people buy on emotion, and justify their decision with logic. So, what are you selling, and what emotions will resonate with the potential buyer? Cost of a Blog?Not as much as your probably think.
  41. 41. Item Fixed Fee Recurring Fee Wordpress FREE $0 Domain name $15/year Hosting (Basic) $60/year Hosting (Advanced) $270 Wordpress Raw Design $100 SEO Plug-in $0 $0 Setup Help ( $100 - $200 Depends TOTALS: $200 - $300 $75/year | $300/yr Cost of a Blog
  42. 42. There’s a saying: people buy on emotion, and justify their decision with logic. So, what are you selling, and what emotions will resonate with the potential buyer? Looks like what?What would a site costing $200 look like?
  43. 43. Writing Words that people read, and which Google evaluates
  44. 44. – Elmore Leonard I try to leave out the parts that folks tend to skip over.” “ Useful Writing Advice
  45. 45. Copywriting the art of getting & holding attention, through words
  46. 46. Voice Your personality on the page
  47. 47.
  48. 48. A typical lawyer’s LinkedIn page. Nothing unusual, so “no scarcity”
  49. 49. Intended Message: I’m an excellent lawyer because I have sterling credentials
  50. 50. How can you help ME?How can you help me?
  51. 51. Ashley Ambirge knows how to make use of LinkedIn to get her message out. And she takes a slightly unusual approach. 16 words
  52. 52. Making use of Ashley Ambirge’s trick, I update my LinkedIn profile by putting 17 words where LinkedIn only seems to want a few.
  53. 53. What’s an example of how divorce lawyer would show they understand what a client who is thinking about divorce feels like? Divorce Lawyer
  54. 54. No one wants to go through a divorce You dreamed of building a life together and you shared many great moments. But, sometimes the dream turns sour and your relationship turns bitter. You're feeling a lot of emotional turmoil and maybe confusion too.
  55. 55. Knowing the law and the court procedures is one thing, but another part is knowing how to put your mind at ease. I'm Frank Avila and I specialize in divorce cases, and I want to help you get through this difficult time in your life. Word Count: 102
  56. 56. Now an example of how business lawyer would do it Business Lawyer
  57. 57. Business is built on trust You rely on people to keep their word and to do the right thing when it counts But, sometimes the deal turns into a struggle and you are feel more than just disappointed. You feel betrayed. There comes a point where trying to get along is no longer an option.
  58. 58. Anyone can file a lawsuit, and anyone can make brash allegations. It takes someone with experience to know how to seize the advantage. And hold it. I'm Frank Avila and I specialize in helping people deal with business lawsuits, whether it's filing them or defending them. I've helped plenty of other small business owners, and I can help you too. Word Count: 115
  59. 59. Twitter is an easy to way to start working on your online reputation. It doesn’t allow much text and yet it has a strong reach.
  60. 60. Obviously, you have to be aware of ethical constraints, as well as professionalism issues. But you can do a lot more empathizing than you’ve been doing. If you spend time thinking about how your clients feel when they engage a lawyer.
  61. 61. You have to think about what judges might think when they visit your site. You don’t want to appear unseemly. But there is no downside to showing your personality.
  62. 62. Beware of these issues ‣ Advertising: check rules to see what limits are placed on lawyers’ posting to the web ‣ Specialization: if rules prohibit claim of “specialty” don’t say on LinkedIn that “I specialize in...” ‣ Venting: don’t post in anger ‣ Confidentiality: don’t compromise clients’ sensitive information
  63. 63. Obviously the most important impression will be the one you present to your clients and prospective clients
  64. 64. 3 Steps to establishing a better online reputation 1.Address “Outposts”: LinkedIn, Google, Avvo, Justia, Twitter 2.Website/Blog: get a domain name, commit to create simple site, and build attention steadily 3.Email capture: offer useful free information and collect emails using service like Mailchimp
  65. 65. Check out my website: The Link to buy my book
  66. 66. View the slides from this presentation at
  67. 67. Ernie Svenson .com