Responsive Design: It’s Not All About Eye Candy


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Responsive website design is more than just delivering pretty eye candy. It's creating an experience that delivers maximum usability agnostic of the device that the user is consuming your content with. Learn why responsive design is important.

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Responsive Design: It’s Not All About Eye Candy

  1. 1. Responsive DesignIt’s Not All About Eye Candy
  2. 2. Imagine you are on your phone and both of these mobile sitesfeature Something Interesting you are browsing for.Which would you choose?
  3. 3. Great Content, Distracting NavigationOn Mobile, compelling links don’talways lead to usable content.For mini websites like this, creativemobile gestures (Press & Zoom,Swipe, Drag) are required.This adds TIME and WORK to theuser’s experience with your brand.
  4. 4. Responsive Design Saves TimeConsistencyIt is an adaptation to the way we use devices. Responsive sites provide a seamless transitionfor the multi-screen user.AgnosticResponsive sites react and format the content to thedevice being used. Laptops / Desktops Smartphones Tablets
  5. 5. A Sizable DifferenceWe adjusted the size and shape of the browser on a PC to compare the Wall StreetJournal’s non-responsive website and Mashable’s responsive site.
  6. 6. Content Cut OffMenu Options Harder toNavigateThe Wall Street Journal site simply cuts offcontent when the size and shape change.If opened on an actual phone, the site showsup as a tiny, less-usable version.Call to Action(“Subscribe”) Hidden
  7. 7. Usable Menu and SearchOptionsWell Organized Visualand Written ContentOn the Mashable website, content adjusts asthe shape changes. Users can browse byclicking a pull down menu and select articlesby swiping.Accessible Call to Action
  8. 8. We live in a Multi-Screen World87% of US adults own a cell phone, 45% ownSmartphones and 31% own TabletsTablet Sales Continue to Grow$100 Million: Expected tablet sales for this yearShipments are predicted to have a 28% compoundannual growth rate for the next five years.Why is Responsive Design SO Important?
  9. 9. Consumers are using mobile devices as theywould a notebook or desktopClose to 60% of tablet owners prefer to read newsarticles on the web rather than through an app.31% of mobile phone owners go online almostexclusively with their mobile devices.Mobile internet traffic makes up 13% of all globalinternet traffic.We access everything on mobile!
  10. 10. People want to access information on anydevice, at any time, from anywhere.Having a responsive site will ensure that YourContent keeps consumers engaged via adevice of their choosing.