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Meet Oktopus, and Connect to Email Marketing Insights


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Oktopus allows you to connect to best-of-breed ESPs, capture valuable information about recipients, crunch data with built-in analytics and multi-dimension attribute analysis, and convert insights for easy sharing all in one platform. Get an instant, quantitative rank on customer lifetime value using patent-pending features.

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Meet Oktopus, and Connect to Email Marketing Insights

  1. 1. OKTOPUS.ME Connected Email Insights @OktopusInsights
  2. 2. What is Oktopus? TURN EMAIL DATA INTO ACTIONABLE INSIGHTS CONNECT Access email campaign data across ESPs. Setup once, use over & over… ANALYZE Upload, slice and dice! Turn data into actionable insights SCORE Get instant, quantitative rankings on customer lifetime value SHARE Share all the important stuff with clients & colleagues using 1-click. Oktopus.ME @OktopusInsights
  3. 3. HOW IT WORKS Oktopus.ME @OktopusInsights
  4. 4. Attribute Analysis Export Scorecard ESPs Connectors SaaS Oktopus.ME @OktopusInsights Connect ESPs of your choice into Oktopus platform. Analyze, share and export Oktopus- generated insights within 1 platform
  5. 5. CONNECT Oktopus.ME @OktopusInsights
  6. 6. Add Connector List of ESPs Oktopus.ME @OktopusInsights It’s easy to connect. You can add one or multiple ESPs.
  7. 7. Add Connector – OAuth 2.0 Oktopus.ME @OktopusInsights
  8. 8. Connectors Oktopus.ME @OktopusInsights Oktopus brings information into an individual layer for each connector you create.
  9. 9. CAPTURE Oktopus.ME @OktopusInsights
  10. 10. Campaigns Oktopus.ME @OktopusInsights
  11. 11. CRUNCH Oktopus.ME @OktopusInsights Analysis tailored for the information you provide. Oktopus offers insights about your recipients by analyzing data provided by connected ESPs. You can even layer more information to create multi-dimensional analysis.
  12. 12. Attribute Analysis Oktopus.ME @OktopusInsights Example: These Oktopus-generated charts allow you to analyze recipient location by source (list total) or engagement by location. But, highly engaged recipients (based on clicks) are from MA, NY, CA and OR. The majority of recipients are from MA, CA and NY.
  13. 13. Scorecard: Composition Oktopus.ME @OktopusInsights
  14. 14. Scorecard: Group Engagement Oktopus.ME @OktopusInsights Charts to compare recipient engagement over multiple campaigns. Campaign 2Campaign 1
  15. 15. Scorecard: Affinity Diagram Oktopus.ME @OktopusInsights Fan Club Rising Stars Disengaged Opportunities Cluster Analysis
  16. 16. Scorecard: Individual Engagement Oktopus.ME @OktopusInsights Understand recipient behavior with The Scorecard, which attaches a unique signature to individual recipients based on campaign interactions over time.
  17. 17. Things You Can Do With Oktopus! • Connect to best-of-breed ESPs • Map prospect attributes • Spot affinity & patterns • Compare group behaviors • Decide based on a quantitative score • Identify your truly engaged audience • Share with 1-click Oktopus.ME @OktopusInsights
  18. 18. NOW WHAT? We’re hiring private beta customers! Request an invite to experience first hand what Oktopus can deliver and to help influence features to come. Visit Oktopus.ME Follow @OktopusInsights
  19. 19. OKTOPUS.ME Connected Email Insights @OktopusInsights