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Digital Wavefront is a Boston-based company that offers multi-channel technology solutions for marketing with a focus on web, email, social and mobile.

We offer a unique mix of marketing intelligence and technology expertise, wielding a multi-channel approach to help clients succeed in digital marketing. Founded in 2002 in Portland, OR and having relocated to Boston, MA in 2008, Digital Wavefront offers industry experience, technical versatility and flawless execution for delivering performance-based and ROI-driven marketing.

We deliver peace of mind by offering fully-managed technology solutions across a variety of platforms including integrated demand & lead gen campaigns, email marketing from strategy to deployment, social ads & platform integration, and responsive or mobile websites & native apps.

The presentation was inspired by the Japanese style called Pecha-Kucha. The video is posted on our website

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  • Hello and welcome!
  • My name is Nirmal and I am here to take you through a quick journey of Digital Wavefront. A journey about how we got started and how we got here. I'll introduce you to some of our success stories and our absolutely amazing clients that have made it all possible! I'll also tell you about our secret sauce and what makes us so great at what we do!And, there’s no need to panic. I won't keep you here for an hour or even 20 minutes. We'll get through all this in the next 5 minutes. So, let's get started....
  • Our digital journey began in 2002. We were clearly "Made in Oregon". In 2005, we started offering email and in 2008 with the (then) recent release of the iPhone we offered our first mobile app. It was like the first web pages of the early-to-mid 90s but it worked and showcased some of the newly-advertised and touted features of the smartphone. Boy have we come a long way since.Something interesting also happened during this time....3,087 miles and a red-eye flight later, we relocated to our new home in Boston. Home of the Red Sox!Then, with Facebook (145m) and Twitter (6m users) gaining momentum as social platforms, we started offering social integration and targeting users via social media.
  • So, what is our secret sauce?With so many successful engagements across different channels and industries, we live and breathe marketing best practices!We offer deep technology expertise in databases, programming languages, content management systems, marketing automation, SaaS platforms and mobile developmentWe offer a platform-agnostic approach to multi-channel marketing a/c web, email, social and mobileEach member of our amazing crew is highly trained in their respective discipline and brings years of experience across different areas of marketing & technology.And, THAT’s our secret sauce to making it all happen!
  • And, we're all of this…
  • Here are a few success stories a/c a variety of industry verticals including healthcare, education, automotive, financial services, technology, banking and entertainment.And, this slide shows all the diff. channels that we utilized on those individual projects.
  • Here are some of our value drivers and why our customers love us!Domain expertise…Our domain expertise spans all 4 channels that customers use to interact with your brandApplied knowledge…We have 12+ years of experience utilizing marketing best practices and technology to create award-winning solutions.Platform independent….We blend easily with your existing IT infrastructure resulting in zero waste of your investment $$.Highly-scalable…We’re a 1-stop shop for all your digital marketing needs from strategy to implementation and everything in-between.Adapt…As the technology around us has changed, we’ve adapted to engage with customers using new channels, new platforms and via new devicesOutstanding experiences….delivering great customer experiences is part of everyone’s DNA here at Digital Wavefront
  • From aseemingly simple objective to realizing crazy game-changing ideas, we can make it all happen!
  • Our commitment is to help you deliver unified customer experiences a/c all digitalchannels and devices.
  • That’s all folks! Thanks for listening. So, give us a call or visit us online and let’s bring your ideas to life.
  • Digital Wavefront - Your Technology Partner for Multi-channel Marketing - Web. Email. Social. Mobile.

    1. 1. Wicked Good Solutions for Digital Marketing Digital Wavefront
    2. 2. Nirmal Parikh, Founder
    3. 3. Our Digital Journey… 2002 Web 3,087 Miles and a Red-Eye Flight Later! + Email 2005 2009 + Social 2008 + Mobile
    4. 4. Marketing Intelligence + Technology Expertise + Multi-channel Approach + Our Amazing Crew! Our Secret Sauce
    5. 5. Your Digital Wavefront Technology Partner Your Technology Partner for multi-channel marketing for multi-channel marketing.
    6. 6. Our Success Stories Your Technology Partner for multi-channel marketing SEWEWEW EWEW MWEW SW M
    7. 7.  Domain expertise – web, email, mobile, social  Applied knowledge of best practices  Platform-independent – blend easily  Highly-scalable – strategy to implementation  Adapt with the changing digital landscape  Outstanding experiences Our Value Drivers Your Technology Partner for multi-channel marketing
    8. 8. We Believe In… Bringing Your Ideas to Life
    9. 9. Our Commitment Build technology solutions that deliver unified customer experiences across all digital channels and devices Your Technology Partner for multi-channel marketing
    10. 10. How can we bring YOUR ideas to life > Call us for a FREE assessment of your digital marketing initiatives. Thanks! 781-229-5842