Digital Wavefront - Integrated Marketing Model and Approach


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Characteristics of the one-way marketing model of the late 1800's and most of 1900's and how it has evolved to a new 2-way integrated multi-channel approach that includes the web, social, local and mobile. Includes social media stats on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

Digital Wavefront is a Boston-based Marketing Services Provider that offers performance-focused technology solutions to empower digital marketing initiatives.

We design, build and deliver multi-channel integrated marketing campaigns and programs.

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Digital Wavefront - Integrated Marketing Model and Approach

  1. 1. New Rules of Engagement Marketing
  2. 2. The Ecosystem is Evolving…Fast Late 1800’s ’00s ’10s ’20s ’30s ’40s ’50s ’60s ’70s ’80s ’90s ’00s ’10s SoLoMo Rate of adoption has never been faster. Notice the compressed timelinescharacteristic of the late 90‟s and early „00s.
  3. 3. Marketing Technology Landscape Marketing Technology Direct Mail PCs Email Ads Browsers Print WWW Search Billboards Late 90‟s - „00s Video Games AI Television Mobile Platforms Video Coupons Radio Social Natural Language Infomercials Post-PC Devices Marketing and Technology as Silos
  4. 4. Marketing Technology Landscape Marketing NOW Technology PCs Direct Mail Email Ads Browsers Print WWW Search Television Video Games Video Coupons AI Mobile Platforms Social Infomercials Radio Natural Language Post-PC Devices INTEGRATED approach to Marketing and Technology
  5. 5. The Old… One-way messages (Ads, Print) Broadcast (TV, Radio) Secrecy (Don’t ask don’t tell) One-time Deals (Money-chasers) What‟s in it for me? (Inward thinking)
  6. 6. …gives Way to The New Engagement Personalization Collaboration Transparency & Trust Long-term Relationships Not about You or Me. It‟s about US.
  7. 7. What is Social Media?
  8. 8. Why Social Media?Twitter (launched: 2006)200 Million Users3 years, 2 months, 1 day to the first billion140 Million Tweets per Da25 Billion tweets in 2010 #stevejobsrip #beyonce99% of Top 200 Non-profits 8,868 TPS35 Global Heads of State “Akemashite omedetou gozaimasu” 6,939 TPS
  9. 9. Why Social Media?Facebook (launched: 2004)800 Million (and growing…)40% of the US Population is on Facebook250 Million photos are shared EVERY DAY1 TRILLION Minutes are spent on Facebook EACH MONTH!!350 Million Users access Facebook FROM MOBILE2 Billion likes/comments are posted EACH DAY
  10. 10. Why Social Media?YouTube (launched: 2004)500 Million Unique Visitors PER MONTH5.5 Hours per user PER MONTH3 Billion videos are viewed EACH DAY150 Years of videos are watched on Facebook EVERY DAY700 Billion playbacks in 201048 Hours of video is uploaded EACH MINUTE
  11. 11. Who is Digital Wavefront? Boston-based Marketing Services Provider thatoffers performance-focused technology solutions to empower digital marketing initiatives. We design, build and deliver multi-channelintegrated marketing campaigns and programs.
  12. 12. Our Values
  13. 13. We Believe In… Creating and nurturing long-term relationships through mutual trust Keeping things simple A performance-focused approach Creating solutions that are non-disruptive Going above and beyond Creating a delightful experience
  14. 14. Our DNA Non-disruptive Versatile Fast Problem solvers Accommodating Great Listeners! RespectfulTechnology Experts Team Player Performance-driven Goal-orientedDetail-oriented Fun-loving EfficientThought Leaders Creative Open Co-operative Easy to work with
  15. 15. What Defines Us Performance-focused Approach Best Practices Implementation Technical Versatility Customized Solutions Flawless Execution Agile Processes
  16. 16. Contact InformationSay Hello! 781-229-5842Share Ideas Us @BOSMarketerLike Us Visit 67 South Bedford Street Suite 400 West Burlington, MA 01803
  17. 17. Thank You.