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Top 3 Digital Marketing Trends Industry Experts Expect In 2016


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Digital marketing industry is evolving at a fast pace. Read this post to know the Top 3 Digital Marketing Trends Industry Experts Expect In 2016. Care about learning digital marketing? Learn more about Digital Vidya at

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Top 3 Digital Marketing Trends Industry Experts Expect In 2016

  1. 1. Digital Marketing Trends Industry Experts Expect In 2016
  2. 2. “Death of WAP and 100% growth of mobile app.” Tushar Bakaya, Marketing Analytics Head, AskMe
  3. 3. “Video Marketing. This is happening now and will grow in good numbers in 2016.” Karanam Srikanth, Digital Marketing Head, Spectraforce Technologies
  4. 4. “Video content will surely rule the roost in the online marketing world.” Vikrrant Bhola - Senior Manager Digital Marketing, Iffco Tokio General Insurance
  5. 5. “Content Marketing, Mobile Marketing and more of data driven marketing.” Afzal Khan - Regional Head Asia Pacific (Digital Marketing), StarOfService
  6. 6. “2016 will see a bigger pie of media ad spends and a continued shift towards mobile internet usage.” Ajay Anand - Head of SEO &Digital Advertising, Times Internet Limited
  7. 7. “Mobile marketing, mobile commerce, digitization of events & emergence of more stronger data-driven marketing with lot of intelligence predictive analytics tools being available.” Soumyajit Dey - Digital Lead Cloud Performance Marketing, IBM
  8. 8. “Content Marketing, Native Advertising and Intrusive Advertising” Rahul Tripuraneni - COO and Co-Founder at
  9. 9. “Mobile Marketing, Content Marketing and Performance Marketing” Akshat Mathur, Digital Marketing Specialist/Expert
  10. 10. “Personalization (Content and Context), Virtual reality and wearables / IOT” Amit Duggal - AVP, Digital & Mobility at Omnicom Media Group
  11. 11. “Content is King, Context will be God ” Nilotpal Roy - Product Marketing Manager At Sokrati
  12. 12. “Digital Media would be device agnostic but would still be platform dependent” Dr. Vikram Venkateswaran, Marketing Leader and Digital Evangelist
  13. 13. “Video ads will start dominating” Apurva Chamaria, Head Of Global Brand & Digital Marketing, HCL Tech
  14. 14. “Importance of Building of Optin Audinence will increase.” Shivkant Singh, Head Digital Marketing At Bajaj Capital Ltd.
  15. 15. “We will see lot of improvement in personalized search, mobile and wearable devices and IOT (internet of things).” Jignesh Gohel, Founder & Marketing Head - OLBUZ
  16. 16. “In 2016, I think businesses and marketers will be putting more effort on Marketing Automation, Creating Meaningful and Useful Content, and Mobile Marketing.” Malak Karajah, Digital Marketing Head,
  17. 17. “Convergence of communication, technology and media” Shreya Shivangi, e-business Consultant, Caterpillar
  18. 18. “Top trends for 2016 must be based on qualitative as well as quantitative data.” Nishant Choudhary, AVP, Marketing,
  19. 19. “Cross Channel Marketing will increase in demand (including demand for skillful marketers)” Muhammad Talha, Head of Digital Media, DalGroup
  20. 20. “The trends we will see emerging in 2016 will be Video Ads and Video Marketing” Archana Dhankar, Digital Marketing Head, Dynasties
  21. 21. “Increase in sales for smartphones compared to desktops.” Prashant Kumar Pracheta, Head of Analytics, CarDekho
  22. 22. “With the onslaught of messaging this seems to project, what will become increasingly important is the relevance of the communication” Paroma Sen, Head Marketing, NDTV Ethnic (
  23. 23. “Personally I am waiting to see some innovation around IoT, omni channel retail and personalization at scale, in 2016. These are yet to take off in a big way in India.” Mohit Doda– Senior Manager, Digital Marketing, Reliance Trends
  24. 24. “Social listening and derived intelligence will play a larger role in what we do.” Sidharth Shukla, Head Digital Strategy And Social Media, Cheil India
  25. 25. “Mobile, or to be more accurate, portable devices, will continue to see exponential growth especially in the developing countries.” Dikdyuti Sen, Head of Marketing, Delivery Hero Middle East
  26. 26. “Video ads will start dominating.” Bhaskar Anand, Digital Marketing Head, MavenClickZ Media Pvt Ltd.
  27. 27. “Content will rule and change the digital marketing is done in 2016” Braj Mohan Chaturvedi, Digital Evangelist
  28. 28. “Content will be 'kinger’. ” Ajay Jain, Author, Photographer, Journalist, Traveller
  29. 29. “Marketers to embrace video content.” Swati Bhargava, Co-Founder,
  30. 30. “Every business small or big will engage with Videos & eventually have their own production houses so they can produce one better than the other.” Avijit Arya, Chief Mogul at Internet Moguls
  31. 31. “Rise in Customer Service on Social Media” Deep Sherchan, CMO, Simplify360
  32. 32. “Mobile will subjugate Desktop” Swati Mehta, Enterprise Marketing Lead, Octane Marketing Pvt. Ltd.
  33. 33. “Rise of the Mobile. Mobile: Installs are passé” Himanshu Arora, Co-founder, Social Panga
  34. 34. “2015 was more of a reach. 2016 will more be of an active e-commerce n transacting users.” Chirag Shah, Co-founder, Seventynine
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