The Future Of Digital Marketing: Brand Communities


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The Future Of Digital Marketing: Brand Communities

  1. 1. Digital Marketing Webinar The Future Of Digital Marketing July 11, 2014 | Abhishek Rai (Founder, Shak Co.)
  2. 2. Abhishek Rai • 11 July 2014 The Future of Digital Marketing New Media & Research Firm
  3. 3. So, What’s the Future of Digital Marketing? Image source: nadinetarotreiki.files.wordpress
  4. 4. Image source: images4.fanpop Is it? BIG DATA? ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE? INTUITION?
  5. 5. The Answer Comes from Image source: blog.clicktale Digging the History of Web
  6. 6. No. Not your Browser History. Image source: lolsnaps #&@!$ Censored
  7. 7. Image source: blog.socialintent Web 1.0 - Web 3.0
  8. 8. Online Ads DIGITAL MARKETING Value of Users Fixed Formula: More Ads = More Revenue ALL ABOUT EYE BALLS
  9. 9. • DIGITAL BOMBIMG- Ads ( Display, Search, Social, Mobile) • CAMPAIGNS • CONTESTS • TARGET: 50,000 more likes on fan page A Typical Digital Marketer’s Agenda
  10. 10. Rented Audience & Inconsistent Digital Marketing WILL LIKE FOR CAMPAIGN ‘A’ WILL LIKE FOR CONTEST ‘B’ WILL LIKE FOR CAMPAIGN ‘F’
  11. 11. Situation: Scattered Presence You are here! A brand’s typical online presence Image source: boingboing
  12. 12. Aftermath: An Unmanaged Community Image source: easypreschoolcraft Two new likes Headcount measures marketing success Data goes down the drain
  13. 13. The Point of Stagnation in Growth Growth Time 1Mn Likes, 40K followers, 2L Impressions Affinity? Positioning? Insights? Loyalty & Advocacy? Online Brand Community
  14. 14. A Digital Ecosystem Grows Weak with: 1. Scattered Presence Success on one platform v/s abandoned presence on others 2. Disjointed Audience Rented or Unwanted 3. Low Engagement Driven solely by incentives BLOG Active: 2 hours ago Active: 7 days ago Active: 45 days ago 50% OFF Prizes $$ PAY & GET
  15. 15. E.g Premium Car Brands on Digital We followed 3 Brands for 3 months in 2012 No change in 2014 LET’S PLAY SPOT THE DIFFERENCE
  16. 16. So I ask again, What’s the Future of Digital Marketing? When is the state of a Digital Ecosystem not Weak?
  17. 17. A Healthy Digital Ecosystem is a group of engaged audience in constant touch with the brand and each other, which is also an Online Brand Community
  18. 18. 2 Things Build Brand Communities Organize, manage and grow them
  19. 19. Examples
  20. 20. Examples
  21. 21. Examples: India
  22. 22. Examples
  23. 23. A strong community takes the brand everywhere it goes. Not vice-versa. Brand/Cause Image source: freelists
  24. 24. Leveraging the Online Brand Community for Business Strategy BRAND PEOPLE CONTENT PLATFORM Step I: Plan to build on five pillars ENGAGEMENT + =
  25. 25. Structure
  26. 26. Structure
  27. 27. Brand’s ecosystem online Step 2: Manage all aspects of the community PEOPLE 1 COMMON IDENTITY PLATFORMS 2 3 CONVERSATIONS 4 ACTION 5 ANALYTICS
  28. 28. Customer Journey
  29. 29. Step 3: Monitor and get consumer insights Analytics Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr May Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr May 1 2 Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr May Consumer engagement Gauge consumer reaction and adjust tactics in real time Trend Mapping Identify new audience segments based on patterns and trends 4 Cross platform analysis in one place to optimize media mix 3 Track brand’s reconnect with consumers and the quality of engagement Consumer engagement across multiple platforms
  30. 30. Process to Build an Online Brand Community Identify and Collect Qualitative and Quantitative Data Build a Roadmap/Strategy and Execute Interpret and map for actionable insights Brand; Clear positioning People; Target user/ customer Common Identity; Emotional Connect Conversations; Great content Action; Conversions & participation
  31. 31. A Brand’s High-level Goals from the Online Community Build Brand— • Positioning: Choice of platforms/media • Affinity: Ownership • Loyalty: Support • Advocacy: Word-of-mouth promotion
  32. 32. Plan and Implement— • Digital Strategy • Campaigns • Paid Media via ads • Owned Media via Social • Mobile Applications How are these Goals met?
  33. 33. Quantity: • Number of fans, likes, comments • Hits, impressions and search-ability • Measure using different metrics for all • List charts and keywords What does Analytics Tell us?
  34. 34. Analytics: • Google analytics • Facebook Insights • Hootsuite/Sprout Social/Buffer • Moz Analytics • Salesforce and more… How is the Success of the Plan Measured?
  35. 35. Plain numbers tell an incomplete story unless broken down and compared with brand objectives Data v/s Story
  36. 36. Platform FacebookBefore After No. of Fans8K 10K Evaluation 85 % 10 % 5% Source of Likes Facebook Ads Newsletter Referral Website Likes v/s Unlikes For every 5 likes, 3 Unlikes recorded 1200 unlikes in total Attrition rate needs to be reduced Profiled New Fans. Sample Size: 100 8% are employees, 32% are contest hunters Desired Audience needs to be tapped ! ! Data v/s Story Analytics
  37. 37. Audience + Presence + Engagement Standardise and Structure Data Across Zoomedinpreview Brand Community Framework: Our proprietary method to audit and build brand communities Our Method
  38. 38. Steps How-to Audit Collect Relevant Data Checklists help in using data from analytics for contextual analysis Assess Draw Actionable Insights Compare goals, objectives/benchmarks with the actual data Find gaps and opportunities Plan Digital Marketing Strategy Use insights to craft concepts/messaging Plan Campaigns / content or Engagement strategy
  39. 39. For a demo of the tool tweet @vbuildcommunity Thank you for Joining the Session Q&A
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