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SEM Trends 2018


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Explore the Search Engine Marketing SEO Trends foreseen by the industry experts for the year 2018. Find detailed trends in Search Engine Marketing SEM:

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SEM Trends 2018

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  2. 2. HIMANSHU ARORA Co-Founder “The rise of voice search & digital assistant is driving this wave of customer-focused content & it is only possible through machine learning & artificial intelligence.”
  3. 3. RAVI SONI Co-Founder “Google shopping is really starting to dominate and will continue to grow well into 2018. Showcase Shopping ads have been designed to meet the needs of today’s mobile shoppers while giving businesses the opportunity to sell more products.”
  4. 4. GAURAV ARORA Co-Founder “The search will not be limited to Google or Yahoo, with Amazon gearing up with its AMS.The SEM will get the whole new definition of search within big e-commerce giants and video streaming websites.”
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