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Native Advertising: Changing Digital Advertising Landscape


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Know about how Native Advertising is changing Digital Advertising landscape. Gain insights from the webinar led by Samir Tiwari, Co-Founder & CEO, Non Lineaar.

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Native Advertising: Changing Digital Advertising Landscape

  1. 1. What’s this Webinar about? ❖ Native Advertising – overview ❖ Examples – Mobile, Desktop and Tablet ❖ Types & Monetization Opportunities for Publishers ❖ User response - Native ads vs Banner ads ❖ Performance Tracking ❖ Advantages, Challenges and Threat ❖ What’s happening Globally? ❖ Top Players in Native Space
  2. 2. Confused? Check this…
  3. 3. Mobile Examples – Native Ads
  4. 4. Desktop Examples – Native Ads
  5. 5. Tablet Examples – Native Ads
  6. 6. Disclosure Language (Content Recommendation Widgets) ❖ “You might also like” ❖ “You might like” ❖ “Elsewhere from around the web” ❖ “From around the web” ❖ “You may have missed” ❖ “Sponsored by” ❖ “Recommended for you” ❖ “Recommended by Outbrain” – Technology Provider ❖ “Sponsored content by Taboola” – Technology Provider
  7. 7. Types of Native Ads Monetization Opportunities for Publishers
  8. 8. In Feed uses content usually written by or in partnership with the publisher team. It matches the surrounding stories, links to a page within the site like any editorial story. It is sold with a guaranteed placement so the buyer knows exactly what context will surround it, and is measured on brand metrics such as interaction and brand lift.

  9. 9. One common type of Paid Search ad will be found above the organic search results, look exactly like the surrounding results (with the exception of disclosure aspects), link to a page like the organic results, has been sold with a guaranteed placement so the agency knows exactly what context will surround it, and is measured on conversion metrics such as a purchase.

  10. 10. Promoted Listings are found on sites that typically do not have a traditional editorial content well, they are designed to fit seamlessly into the browsing experience, are presented to look identical to the products or services offered on a given site, link to a special brand/ product page, are typically bought on auction directly via the publisher, are hyper-contextually targeted, and are measured on direct response metrics.

  11. 11. This group includes examples that don’t neatly fit into one of the above groups, or, as in the case of custom playlists, are too platform-specific to warrant their own category

  12. 12. User Response Native Ads versus Banner Ads
  13. 13. Performance Tracking Metrics ❖ Time Spent ❖ Attention Minutes ❖ Social Shares ❖ Social Following ❖ Referral Traffic ❖ Comments ❖ Demographics ❖ Pageviews ❖ Click through Rate

  14. 14. What are Experts Tracking?
  15. 15. What are the Opportunities?
  16. 16. What are the Challenges?
  17. 17. Threats to be considered
  18. 18. Global Labeling Trends

  19. 19. The Global Reality! ❖ Almost half of consumers have no idea what native advertising is ❖ Of those consumers who do, 51% are skeptical ❖ Three out of four publishers offer some form of native advertising on their sites ❖ 90% of publishers either have or plan to launch native advertising campaigns ❖ 41% of brands are currently using native advertising as part of wider promotional efforts
  20. 20. Top Technology Platforms
  21. 21. Hope it got you thinking?