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Mobile Search Advertising in 2016


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Care about how to leverage 'Mobile Search Advertising in 2016'. You will find this deck presented by the industry expert Ruchi Sinha, Digital Marketing Consultant and SEM Expert during Webinar for Digital Vidya. Interested in attending similar Webinar Live? Register Now at

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Mobile Search Advertising in 2016

  1. 1. Mobile Search Advertising 2016 Ruchi Sinha, Digital Marketing Consultant and SEM Expert May 6, 2016
  2. 2. The Majority Shareholder H2 2013 H2 2015 50% “We do not disclose exact numbers (of mobile-desktop 25%split), but mobile is more than 50 percent.” The share of mobile and desktop search was equal last year, but this year, it had exceeded.” Share of Mobile Queries In Overall Search Queries Google India, 2015
  3. 3. Key Growth Drivers Search reaches 90% of the Internet population• 65% of the Internet population in India use accessing Internet. mobile for• About 80% of nearby devices searches happen on mobile• Affordable Smartphones Access to Internet • •
  4. 4. Some Recent Changes New Avenues Design Changes New Formats No Ads Here
  5. 5. Mobile Based Algorithm In 2015, Google changed its algorithm to favour websites that are mobile friendly Applies to searches on mobile devices
  6. 6. The Untapped Potential Voice Search Driverless Cars Wearables
  7. 7. Assessing the need for a mobile specific strategy Do you want to promote mobile asset? a Do you want to generate leads? Are you a local business? Questions to ask Does the consumer research online before buying your product? Do you sell online?
  8. 8. Page should load fast on mobile Create a mobile responsive website Do not overload information Keep the forms short Check the link below to see if your website is mobile friendly
  9. 9. Try bidding differently on mobile An increase in bid may sometimes lead to more conversions Adjust your bid for mobile What should be your deciding factor?
  10. 10. Creative Detail Cues to local business Optimize creatives for mobile Banner sizes for mobile
  11. 11. Highlight your brand Say more in less words Be precise and relevant
  12. 12. Use good visuals Highlight Offers Keep the consumer engaged
  13. 13. Key Best Practices Create a mobile responsive website Adjust your bid for mobile Monitor your ads performance on mobile Optimize creatives for mobile Be precise and relevant Keep the consumer engaged
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  16. 16. Assignment Suggest this. how would you advertise for a brand like• What do you think of the ad?• What do friendly? you think of the landing page? Is it mobile•